The problem these days is that I have a problem growing up so kids can exist and it is where I don’t want any rubbish from them too with their insolent grown up scallywag rubbish as a population, with the drugs and drinks and excesses and so on, not the slightest bit; I couldn’t care less if they thought it was important to speak to people with clarity and no body language insult. At all times they see me I must always be made to be bubbly and out going out there knowing the importance of social activity and then my party piece growing up so kids can exist-when they surround themselves with gangs of men after the Political pedophilia it really shows they are not stupid all together and can recognize danger.

 Otherwise for what moving on from the things people say about you to get rich wrecking your life and preaching their perversions to have followers is worth, I can only tell them I am a Christian and this is what we look like when we have as much experience and contact with God as I do. They on the other hand do not believe in God anyway which is good for them. As for vandalisms Politicians conducts at my market place, they always think it is invincible but bearing in mind they are not giving me jobs and are destroying the ones I create for myself clearly is. The truth is that the middle class do nothing with their time but steal peoples money and the lower class nothing with their time but damage people’s children. So for them, there is the question of how well their slavery history looks recently? The Politicians just need to be made to understand stories about how it is other peoples business will never work, except they know other peoples jobs better than those who own those jobs do. It is not other peoples business, it is my property and I cannot tell them enough times about telling me what I must look like to respect them with those their filthy cultural oppression-I have work here which involves selling intellectual property I create from and to manage my royal estate and the other which involves my legal profession; so when people are making me tough it is not clear what makes them think they are tougher than me etc.

Their American friends on the other hand are nothing to be concerned about. Its as though I travelled to the US to get involved with friends and fans which to this day people do not seem to realise if they understand and respect will happen to be the only way to stay out of trouble not hurt me and expect injustice from somebody bigger and then got told it is not in the interest of the President that I visit the Country and when I ask how he got to know I was visiting the country, it becomes clear word had gone out about the guy people love to abuse to get rich-one of the biggest which will be enough for everybody in fact and so I don’t want any rubbish from them. So far the whole process of hating those who sit at the pinnacle of Church and State arrangements has paid off so much that they are actually going to destroy an Arch Prince whose office is split between those two fields of government work altogether and the result is where they have found themselves today. Next it will definitely have to be the business part where they will wreck mine and use it to get rich, telling me to start my books all over again like they have gotten used to doing whenever I do anything to get my work going, as if I am their mate and when it is time for economic cycle I will first ask them what they have done to ensure they have an Asset before they deploy the Liabilities, so they can tell me with that their usual big mouth, that they don’t have to worry since they will get it from my property and for this I will disappoint them badly at the most dire hour of their need, so they can talk such rubbish else where and it will not have been the first time.

So I speak of democracy and freedom and it tends to mean I am stuck; I am not stuck, they are. If the writing is not on the wall I will like to spell it out here; this Global Intellectual space, this Royal Estate, this Empire, this career is my baby and I intend to wreck those their religion pervading violently greedy lives, the way they think they have gotten used to wrecking it and if they do not fix the vandalism of their stupid celebrities soon enough I will fix it for them (I do not suppose I have ever made out or indeed mentioned for these confidence they seem to have with those stupid music industry rubbish and media, that they do not know their acts are wicked things to do and or that they do not know that they are doing it to somebody-a human being, which then means I am telling them how to live their lives for their own good for good measure and I do not think I have ever made out that that when it is directed at me which what it is all the time, it is something that must be settled because of misunderstanding not something destructive and wicked because they are famous and want people to feel like being in their company all the time, more so especially when they had directed it at evil people like them who happen to plague them as well as they do everybody else in order to create necessary spin. It is not actually clear what they hope to gain by making up such notions about me when they know that they enjoy attacking my health especially to satisfy their spiritual wickedness.). 

As for those that wish me dead, it may even be worth mentioning I will not be until I have effectively Nationalised every evil and or badly managed Business in the UK and any and or everywhere else in the world where the renaissance of my office is relevant.