Now it is said that I am putting myself through hell to make the Monarchy comfortable and I could never make sense of it anyway – the only thing I am putting myself through hell for in this place is tolerance for a group of really stupid people who have come up with ideas on how I should be used rather than read literary work at the Hermitage. Their activities are wholly developed, fostered and propelled by Politicians, so it is becoming something of a when I begin to attack the Politicians and no longer a matter of if I did it. I do get asked why the Politicians do it naturally but it’s an old story about the thrill of revolution and a process of getting rid of the Monarchy which is something as serious as a process where The Queen walked into Parliament to hand them the Crown Jewels and the Throne, the problems the Country would face and what even their stupidities would have had to do to survive the emerging circumstances. It really enjoys working this conundrum on my income margins naturally, so it has become something I must consider in terms of their stupidities being explained on the basis of what I have done with myself or achieved, giving them this resulting sense that they had doctorate degrees in bullying or something. Parliamentary authorities have always wanted to intervene, saying that my actions have been used as a tool to control Politicians and yes they have, since it’s a process of doing your bit to be free from the breathlessness of blackmail associated with being pawned over their dreams of financial corruption with the Parliamentary Financial system – so we find that every day passes with a clash between them and the Parliamentary authorities over their need to work this financial corruption and ends with a process where they savaged my earnings, no longer a question if but when I attack them at this stage. So I have been told that mostly it works when you use respectful ways to tackle and handle them but I don’t think so from here either – they are good at insulting me while using my work to make their stupid selves better off like it’s a thing, which is counterproductive in the sense that should it be used as a tool for reprimand, I end up feeling ill and losing my career for it, so the next thing I will likely be expected to do is end up where those who think about, plan or take part in criminals activity have ended up. I too have a method of pushing them into such complication positions as they really don’t know exactly when they will end up smelling while chasing their concerns as well, thereby losing the careers and ending up in the same situation, so we appear to have been made for each other. So some have said it’s better to consider the underlying issues than to take direct action like this but we know the underlying issues is the same as ever i.e. the personal decisions of immoral society and those that will be caused a lot of suffering to allow them avoid the consequences of It – the Politicians always take it to a whole new level where they get their immoral society idiots putting up stupid behaviour that is woven into every aspect of my concerns, then hang around somewhere seeking my earnings  and I am never going to do their own as well, since it cannot stop when it is most convenient for me that they did – the crisis that Parliamentary authorities are talking about is not a real one as such, it’s just that this behaviour has been developed with a single plan and no exists i.e. build up the personal decisions of immoral society and when enough trouble had been made, seek an exit by blaming the consequences on moral people in order to be eloquent at civil rights, so they don’t have a plan B and have gone so far with it that there is now no point of return all together – so we can see that there is no single new blood that can come into the system and make it all go away, if they want to avoid the crisis they complain about, they will have to change it by themselves and we know this had nothing to do with me or the Monarchy, just like everything else. We see their idiots at it endlessly; Military people hurt people to make you feel safe and we hurt people to make you feel safe and the coward that you are should be happy with what you get, the big mouth endlessly, never stops and it grows into a matter of International security.

They do say I am powerless to do anything naturally but its utter nonsense as we can see it will be utter carnage if my behaviour towards their careers changed from one that complains about them refraining from wrecking my Book sales if they were keeping their salaries, to one that picks up their political career history as a tool to make sense of them by in order to build his own fame, public profile and career publicity every day, especially when there were elections on going, garnished with the stupidities learned from their immoral society gits weaving their personal decisions into aspects of my concerns so they might churn my tummy – as I said, I am done with the insults and nausea of financial complications at this point, it’s now a matter of when not if I did it. They speak of wealth and social inequality all the time but whilst expecting to make sense of my achievements in terms of whom I will share it with, the bloody idiots cannot share money if they had more than they needed and couldn’t account for how they made it because of their obsession with other people’s income margins – we see they have no wish to get a job, only gimmicks like these and a process where throngs of people want to learn how to get rich from their stupidities. I am done with it; they need keep their distance from my Bookshop sales if they can no longer afford the State welfare. I have been told I grasp the issues better than most and would probably want to share but it’s nothing I have grasped as such, these are a handful of very stupid characters that are convinced Government Office was a place you could go to carry through any corruption you wanted without being resisted, at this stage which it is now properly dead beat and can never stop targeting me.

They claim where I have ended up for the little responses to a process where I was set out as the one character people could work oppression on in order to feel good and had to be forgotten by the world according to these scum, is testament to what will befall any person who ends up with an attitude like mine and we know their families are not yet fully informed of this nonsense like they love to make out they have seen everything that could come of it with the big mouth naturally – there is no attitude here save what has come from the point at which I took up residence in a terrible neighbourhood to keep up with facts associated with Books I am writing and they came up with an ambitious plan, involving utter idiots who controlled young people and decided when they performed riots and social upheaveals gathering up on the streets to make sense of my bedroom, where my bed is located and what they want to do with the point that my bum ends up in all the time; as ever, another grand personal decision of immoral society but it is fair to point out that when it was just a case of claims the Law allows the weak to pick on the strong and get away with it in my case, the Politicians had to intervene on their behalf because the ego for being a Politicval fool was quite incredible at the time, now I suppose it is even bigger when they have lost all idea what they are doing with the Country at a National stage because of their friendship with these twats.

As for the attitude thing, we are where we are simply because I took out a bad neighbourhood where I can keep updated on public facts associated with Books I was writing and they had an ambition with respect to my Royal Office and Public image which was applicable to the fact they controlled local hoodlums and could work insults associated with knowing where my bedroom was, how my bed was located and getting their violent imagination near the part where my bottom will be located at all times, all day and all night in order to get what they wanted – it is producing an outcome when they blab like that whereby I am becoming aware ignoring their stupidities is not really a way to get about a problem, while their insults are creating circumstances in which there was my career on one corner and their stupidities on the other and both were destroying each other all the way to the shipping yards. I have no idea what they hope to accomplish by it and do not know of a way to respond to it satisfactorily, so it goes without saying normal people would think I am issued a warning here. I mean I see them at it all the time – where there will be Children in the neighbourhoods, they will drive by and tackle those children in a way that is counterproductive even if the Children were doing something wrong and if I did get to the bottom of it, we find the reason to be that they are clearly out dirty children to allow rich people the opportunity to move into the area and this is the sort of thing that is hoped to be achieved by these insults, whereby mentioning it like so means that their stupid reality relied on when I had created one as such as it were, which is just as annoying as their abuses. We know that when every incentive that can facilitate this nonsense is eliminated, the Politicians will say they are unlikely to harm other people if they didn’t have it while people like me are likely to harm people regardless which makes me more dangerous – restore it and we find they were a handful of cowards who could never stop and go on like this every day all day long – where we find them say they will likely go off to fight my battles again which I am in agreement with their stupidities doing so naturally. They have continued to point out that I am not a progressive looking person but they really have no way of stopping me from taking them on over this business of ripping up all I have done with myself since I took my SATs exams, over their money issues and to hang around somewhere thereafter finding out what it is their stupidities will do about my Books one more time if they had the guts for it, so it goes without saying normal people would think I had issued a warning here as it were; what happens is that I set out an investment and it is not a cash intensive investment, so they show up to make a mess of it every day and whip my bottom to get confident at bread winner insults that rich idiots will reward, now clear to hang about somewhere blabbing about business and market I have built which I ought to give up because their idiocy was the one with money. The civil and criminal disobedience are good but one more time it targets me, and I will want them to make a case of themselves and bring the money along if they had the guts for it. here they will say the authorities understand them but I am the threat they cannot make sense of and we know what happens is that white people follow me around to make a mess over my personality as a matter of what I know and how I behave showing they would want to know what I know too, then when I write a Book, they started a mini war because I was never worthy – this made me some white friends I could get around with, so black people got involved and destroyed everything to hang around at the behest of stupid American Politicians saying they wanted a world in which they were my Bosses – so their question appears to me the one of whether I am on the side of Communism or on the side of Democracy and I want to know what next their stupidities that will not get medical help and see a shrink instead of keeping their stupid attention on my body and body parts has in store next. It is fast becoming a case for the benefit of the Industry twats and the Media gits and the Fashion goons and the Celebrities who have never gotten involved with other people’s concerns in a legitimate way their whole lives – the more people chose to follow these at my expense, is the more I will have to categorise them into Politicians, General Public a, professionals etc who spend most of their time pillaging my livelihood and my income and had added up to an issue that needed to be administrated in the various groups.