Eventually they do say they await my marriage so they might do the same as I have done to peoples marriage naturally but it does make me wonder if they regard their insanity as marriage – two people in a Union which sole purpose is to ensure I do not live up to 60 years of age think that is matrimony all together and we are not talking about their stupid self-destructive nature that finds an exit for its madness of public image of others, that was the one where we were worried about one only but now there are two who sleep and eat with each other – so I can assure them such a thing will never happen, by the way of which they are not divorced yet so it’s all good blabbing like that all the time. It’s like the other case where they say I stirrup sectarian behaviour whereas setting out media to try and be more important than I am Arch Prince does not in their opinion, it is only my party piece of all their insanity, never mind setting out their own version of my public image because they are worried about being led by a kid. I do not think it’s an issue, what we have as the fall out is not the suffering I inflict because they take up my time when done with their own – it’s the fact organised criminals are telling me all about it these days i.e. I was good for erecting structures that allowed people they know to get involved with them and make money via popular culture, now look what is happening and they are going to go off and sell their drugs and if I cross them again there will be trouble; which makes me wonder for their case whether in a world where people might not necessarily do what you tell them to since you are older and know better, some human beings really can be so stupid. The one they are worried about is when I ensure schizophrenic community croons are chasing them and bearing down on them sexually so we can see what they wreck people’s finances to teach lessons on the evil that women are was really all about and I want to see them do something about it in a legitimate way. They love to claim it all happens as a result of the content of my Books of course, which is not actually true – it happens because I own an Intellectual property administration business and run it by putting my information to culture and society as I write the Books alongside; so their insolence have decided already, information ends up at culture and society, they have media ready to pick up anybody that wants to help flush my life down the loo whenever people have money and publicity and it hangs out there completely unnecessarily every day to complain of the kinds of gender equality I create, which causes them to want to use me like a piece of meat – whereby I write Books and they want to make use of me instead of the Books until it becomes a frenzy for their stupid media, where they think they are better men who know more about jobs and careers and money and looking after families and therefore have what they need in life to be as disrespectful towards other people as they possibly can; the gender equality being the part where women have to support them at gangs and crime, while sorting out own problems as well, only to have  careers where they are paid less for the same job at the same qualification as the Men and as for me, simply because I do not think they should be approached violently as well, I have my finances ripped up by idiots who are teaching me lessons about the evil that is women. So, I had to see to it that everybody had hurting bottoms due to the fact schizophrenic community croons were chasing people around for their private parts and bearing down on people sexually, so that they can support women career as well and know what it feels like if it were to exist by itself without confusion associated with women getting around every part to help and aid etc. and as for me personally, I am going to get silence from them over the concerns of this Office and my Books and my sales or there is going to be an ending through a fight with famous people and celebrities all together. I mean the whole process of being cash strapped and hungry and nauseated is easily avoidable when people get involved with your concerns and intend to go along with rules that may ensure you do not run into financial problems while they have their fun but not these goons; before long they will challenge me to the nasty lie I want to live off their wallets as well, with foolish women that think I should be made to behave on grounds they were better human beings showing it all over the place which tends to make me very angry indeed.

Following the 2017 Manchester attacks there have been these questions of how important I suppose what I say is on one hand and on the other how well I think the Government is managing the terrorism crisis; of which I should display here that I think the government is doing okay since it’s a matter of reviewing security considering unarmed people have been doing it by themselves and tens have been injured, scores killed – what we have therefore being that apart from the foolhardy process of handing National security to FBI and CIA, the main pressure point since the trade routes are well secured is the new Communities that have been created in the UK by the Politicians, fool of goons who hate living in Britain because there are too many rules but have decided to as a transit stage for them to get rich by making use of moral people, when they have enough acumen and support, move to the US where there are no rules to become super rich and are always showing up around my concerns to pass questions on everything I do, showing up at the shops to help the Politicians with power issues as well by working blame culture that helps to drive sales and so on, which I may be told has nothing to do with the terrorism as a whole but we all know it is foolhardy to assume that although this was a pressure point, the only place to look is the gimmicks we see at areas where there are large Muslim Communities; where it is a bit off, it speaks of how you open your heart to the world to assume you are leader of Men, if it is being nice you are fart guy who thinks he is better at handling vices and bad behaviour and when it is insane you have no idea what it is talking about but when it chases your private parts you want to know which part of Islam that was and get about disproving its theories of superiority, preserving the Islam for it, which it has to keep practicing or rather burn in hell instead. 



I have to suffer this case of people showing up in Public places to dream of me getting into trouble all the time but it is so annoying as such; I have never seen such a bunch of self-absorbed arrogant goons in my whole life – should they have Celebrity concerns, what we find is that it all depends on my Public image, should they have Industry concerns, we find it all depends on whether or not I have put out a Book and am sitting back in an Office to work the numbers. Then there is the Political part which involved a deluded mind I have making up ideas about what people really think of me while what is really happening is the familiar pattern of sexual assault showing up around here all the time i.e. they tell me I am not good enough to show up among some real people because I set foot in Church and by the time it stops years later it did because they got raped and the law was decided on the basis of fact which considered all the years of provocation, hence they stop telling others what to do in that way. I cannot believe I have come to this stage where my income margins are decided by their stupid civil rights practical jokes that dream of seeing me raise my voice on the streets to preach a gospel and live at the mercy of their generosity and it will show up here all the time to make a mess of my academic work and tell me I am restricting its right to get rich and famous because it thinks that when its case had become a major concern of mine, there was probability I will overlook the years of vandalism like we saw them give their own to the frugal, which made all this nonsense possible. Businesswise it will show up here and cling to my work and my Books for about 5 years making itself out to be a Client and thinks my whole life is done, I may become an example of people getting to oppress Royalty for a change as long as I am not making its stupid self show me if it is a Client or somebody that needs give me my space and stop looking as if we were relatives 24/7; the part that annoys me the most is that after all the waste of time and destruction of property, the reality is that they find the services which come alongside my Books disrespectful if at all they thought their Media had given the description placed on it, a chance to be noticed by the general Public, as stupidly as possible and yet they are unable to get past any 24 hours without trying to handle me.

It does not imply I think I have lost something from the 17 year old Royal Commission year date stage 2019 or its Hermitage as such in all this time, I just feel sore all over and cannot link it up with any physical activity, complicated academic pursuit or Book writing, which is what I am doing with myself - so those responsible have built themselves publicity about rights they have,none of which includes the fact they are already complaining but seek more of what they are complaining about still. Goes without saying if they follow me around at Academic institutions when I attend them, its all definitely going to be moved towards a point of no return on my part.


 I am aware that all threats to my career and book sales comes from older Authors and their stupid youths and Politicians and the Media. The idea I am finished and there is nothing beautiful about me to desire any more is a handful of nonsense for those who pick it up. the prognosis of who is finished can easily be settled along the lines of thoughts that there is something seriously wrong with them and their Politics and those stupid games they play all the time. It seems that they spend their time doing nothing but trying to make out they are part of any group of people with whom I am doing business to run my own affairs and it is always done with conviction based on some transferred aggression operated violence as if I am their equal or something and then they interfere with everything like my Publishers and even people I have published this website with to get more violent and make out ideas I do not know the difference between them and those people, so when I get through great expense to normalise peoples lives on most occasions they turn up to take things away from me with their insolence as well. The outcome as it stands is that when I stay indoors they are always doing something to create me a cash flow crisis and push me outside and except for them there is no difference between 12 noon, 12 pm and 6 am in their world, they do it all the too by the way. As a result of which when I suck into my shell they are out there making use of the fact I get protection from the Highest Authority in the land which is really provocative and true to nature because they have plans I cannot make friends because I have the protection of the highest authority in the land, I cannot sell books because of that, I have no right to earn money because men have plans looking for trouble and somebody really important to bully and it gets more and more intense too because they are really stupid and really love to seek attention that is doing damage to the finances of others due to their desire to be disrespectful when they want to bounce back and enjoy the high life and therefore see me as a tool for this with a big mouth. 

In retrospect, I would say no body knows what or why Women who are mad about money and the feminists theirs or not feel that the answer to everything is their insults; that because they have problems they have the right to do damage to other peoples property - however the only thing that is certain is that when you are a man vulnerable to them for these things because you do not do things to them that other men do, clearly when they do those things it sets a stage for a new imaginative way of mistreating women to solve a problem, which is what I am most concerned about because in actual fact there is really nothing that either they or their stupid children can actually do about me and of course we all know there has never been one such.

As for the part where it is said my activities have nothing to do with the Church however, I do wonder what people expected anyway - that I will not have planned for a process where they are off on a tangent where I will be stuck with community croons building a reputation for being sexually lose while their stupid children get on media to acquire a reputation for morality even when they do not believe in God? They speak of Church stuff and it is up to them as it were - all I know is that I am a Christian and the fact I talk about these things people do to wreck my life on account they want to have sex especially communities linked with their stupid fame and fortune popular culture is not to say I have forgotten how I live my life all together, unless that is they can enforce an otherwise situation which I do not see how they will on that stupid media as well. And the matter of serving women who are above my station that I get involved with like I should is of course an old matter of some women consistently making themselves a threat to my freedom and no body knows what they are complaining about with their foolish feminism as well while they are at it.

They are always about something that will see somebody bigger than I am have me beaten up, always about something that will see me in a difficult situation while I run out of money and it is entirely compatible with the wickedness community idiots are enabled by Politicians to channel at me on account they want to have sex as well and what I do to them in my view is always entirely deserved too. I have never seen the condition as one that will lead to major political or social crisis, they will do everything to get rid of the controls that are there in society to limit their behvaiour and they will play it off against the one I have created for my personal life all the time as well, this is a forgone conclusion. The realities of this question therefore will have reverted back to the matter of me changing my position on women which I have never done or said I have - these sort of women understand the reason I find women that are older than I am physically attractive is because they play with me all the time and there is something there they want to play with all the time as well, hence that case notion of he is just a kid is entirely wrong and dangerous; the men however are something else and have no sense of right and wrong and it is a simple case of making sure when you have enough, you are no longer punished by them for their own limitations and failings otherwise it will happen for the rest of your life; I have not changed my position on women nor do I feel punished, I simply think that considering what their intentions are and what they are trying to accomplish by their actions the reciprocate response from me has been the accurate one - they have no sense of right and wrong and if they have one it is flawed as well. 

At the bottom line it should be noted is the fact I have written books about these matters and nobody is buying them. It is largely suggested I try to tag along with Royalty when I am no where near their league but in actual fact everybody knows what the goons that set such nonsense up wish to do is get away with this destruction of my personality and then my Company and then every Royal Property that I had thereafter in order to make these things valid, however which they would have been successful if they did so in secret and controlled when it got out into the public domain which they have completely failed to do. The reality is that with respect to the generation my age I am arguably one of the safest pair of hands in the world and this is what my status entails for the most part, it is not a position of less importance and by the way this is what every One is talking about these days - that I continue to let poverty creep up on me by behaving a lot less important than I am and the whole situation is getting worse and worse, however which the vandalism that these goons have wrought on my work I will punish for it happens like they can give to the frugal if asked.

It goes too far all the time; where we see greedy evil fools who are American but must think the Australian ones are different or else on account they are not American and then must think the Japanese ones are different on account they are not Australian and must think African ones are different on account they are not Japanese etc and it seems the hatred for me is that I cannot think of them in that way and they therefore have no means of escape; so they can wreck everything down to my personality to make a point about trying to rob shoulders with royalty that are out of my league when reality is that I was there before they noticed I was there in the first place but do enjoy these games of causing others intense distress and making up excuses to enjoy the violent side of their stupidities. Apparently if they were to have succeeded in all these things they should have ensured they did it out of the glare of the entire world and then controlled when it got out which is something they cannot do, only a big mouth on media all of the time. 

The challenge forming the reasons I have allowed my finances to fall to ruin in that way was that the purpose of their stupidities was a familiarity with me that they did as a matter of entitlement which ruined everything and means the distress was a sign they were getting justice for oppression that sees them work hard for a living and that the end result was to be that of claims I make it easy for people to successful in other peoples country which is not what the countries really are and that being laden with such accusations mean I can never escape to achieve any form of financial success, enforced with media.


It is usually said that I do not have a quality of life as a result of dealing with fighting which is too much for me but I wouldn’t know about it anyway; my quality of life will be determined why the question of who runs the show when I am the one that is getting away with it all, looking into all my problems and that of the Female community as well to facilitate their Liberalisms and freedoms and Socialisms, that allows them make a mess and set it right with my public image in order to become the boss. They do say its all shit but so is the process of showing up on Media to bend the mind of the public into a corner where people think they are more important than those that are already more important than they are. As for the cost of building a Royal Alliance that facilitates this Office and its Royal Commission being done by them endlessly – I reserve that for when somebody will gather enough effrontery to tell me I have ruined his business as well and that he needs to show me what it was like before I turned up. I mean it is a business Empire and I broke it up to broker the equities and sell my Books to recover my money – what insanity causes people to get out of bed every day to spread news that I do not actually have a business empire anyway? On one hand it means they can sell my Royal brand instead of their products to get rich quick on the other hand they can stand around me and rip up 40% of anything that might have existed as a contribution to the world counting pennies until they make millions, which will be respectful towards the Fathers who do not like rich people that know everything.

So it is said that I am not qualified for anything I do and that it is one of the reasons the UK is such a stupid place but then again of which is the genius of it – I was chosen and given a Royal Commission with Global Royal and Political alliances and an environment to acquire tools and academics to get the work done while I was still a student, which they never got chosen for considering all their superiority and nobody in their families got chosen for it either. It is usually the point where they realise the way out is to tell me to spend time on charity work and leave leadership of other peoples lives to those that are qualified but it is an old story about what democracy means and what it gives people power to do and how they can decide I can never be seen as right over anything if they wanted and the game of how blackmailing me like that especially over matters of breaking up the UK with a referendum for instance is likely to lead to an outcome where I turn them over again and see what the other side is, thus I might be responsible for causing it as it were. I fail to see therefore what their part in the matter really is; especially the one about showing up in public to make an exhibition of themselves which progresses from the one that involves doing Politics and Media to stifle my academic work and finances all together, for which the period of being unqualified after I was given my Royal Office while I was still a student which showed how good I am at what I do, was not meant to have listed this long; I am referring therefore to the bit where matters of crime are settled and my House is settled and I need to spend some more time on problems and troubles brewing at National and Diplomatic level, only for them to take up the attention, show up on media and become Men that have found something they can take over to lead their fellow idiots with and then tell me I am unqualified too i.e. they always do it and speak of some great encurmberment of their civilisation and a process of being civil but whilst we live in a Metropolis, I find it impossible to locate what their problem with seeing the Police exactly is – never mind thee part where they can always make themselves civilian arseholes and show up around my concerns to make trouble for me if they want to show what they are made of too.

Its reality being set out obviously and I would really love it if they kept off my academics and my finances – in understanding of the fact that the next time I walk into an academic institution and they followed me around like they have done in the last three occasions, there is going to be trouble. They do say that there are ethnic minorities I will not be able to handle when we all know those are another group that are so stupid and stubborn, if you had dared lose your temper the fucking idiots will make you go all the way in a very short period of time. likewise the story of how none of these matters should surprise me; which it does not since the reality is that when I ask weapons companies not to make weapons on my property equity, they tend to listen but when I make it clear I do not want drugs sold on my public image and public life, that rather encourages people to  - unless I wrote equities, to earn these result whereby whenever I ask people to sell it for me, they become more concerned about other peoples depression instead – since it does not provide the same buzz as drugs, is not testified to me and the way I live and those who want to do something about me do not have to get out of drugs and gangs existence first in order to do it, which they cannot. In the end it is an old story of the fact I am an Arch Prince and have a concept of what evil is – either which way of the reality that these stupidities have a natural limit and people should let the natural limits take their course, so that others might be allowed to move on too. 

They say that black people are disillusioned about my activities but there is no need to be as consistently insisting on making people look like mankind otherwise they need to become vagabonds whose spirits can be ruled by communities that can invent society power to whip their private parts until they became schizophrenic has to stop since it clearly encourages racists to put people out of their misery. What they say I have done terribly wrong apparently is that the same structures have been applied on me due to a lack of co-operation with their need to make money which seems to consume peoples lives and for the destruction of everything that allows me carry on my concerns safely, I had decided they must do the difficult parts of the work that security services engage in and became so determined with it that I moved an entire government in order to get them stuck in – that this is the bad thing I have done beats my imagination, I mean the powerful people they are allied to, who encourage them to perform this nonsense is the very sensibility which puts them in a position of great fooling with the recruitment structures that Armed Forces institutions engage in, from which point on doing it is quite easy.

It is always said the main discrepancy is that people think they are right and I am wrong but most of the time they only need 20% of what I say and do, the lesson of learning something new from my work and person even when they have seen the item and gained from it in the past, simply sets the stage for more bullying but listening for the little they need is usually the main problem because of the size of their ego and the problem they had with the idea that doing so would mean I was an important person which I am really not but the biggest cause of problem is the constant corruption of involvement performed on my person and property.

Then we hear them claim I am starting to come round on the way people are feeling and experiencing discrimination and racism. It is usually so incredibly annoying not just because they are the ones complaining most about the way racists take advantage of situations in which people had set out impending punishment that was due to a person but when it comes to money their stupidities are blinded to all forms of reason, while they are also responsible for building a society where people tackle others to make money instead of work for it as well.

It will show up with societally developed power that it uses to keep an eye on women and young people in order to make money at market, talking nonsense like this all the time and its so difficult to tell what the problem with immoral society is each time but we know the part that gets removed from the story when they petition Politicians about my attitude like I am their mate is that on account of seeing me work my religion, they have since worked hard over 12 year to determine what is to happen with my academic work and finances thereafter as well, complete with features that suggest I am a threat to gay people – it gets removed completely from the picture while those bread winner insults run wild and make it ever more complicated to get the bills paid in this place, talking nonsense about me coming round all the time.

Then we find them play those games with money and security endlessly – money and security issues which do not come in where people give it as a good as they get because the finances are choppy, where people are organised because the finances are and or where people are rich and don’t worry about the finances – then first it gets me making sense of the stupidities that pass on its left hand side and right hand side, to hang around somewhere with its insanity deciding that I am supposed to end up on the left hand side of it – about which I have no idea what it is talking about, there is no need for this nonsense to show up where I have done the best work for my career and we are progressing towards the stage where it will have to make me or shut up. I really have no idea how you must communicate it to people that they needed to stop hurting you when they are causing me obvious pain and distress, in order for them to stop doing it but when it has now developed from the destruction of my academic work and career, starting from 2002 to 2005 when it was about following me around to make use of my personality for popular culture on claims that I came into this world to defeat their enemies, to the time beyond that after which I had dropped out of University which it had gotten a lot worse to extents where the business of having ended up in this condition where those who are thinking about or planning criminal activity usually end up while I had absolutely no reason to, giving rise to quasi criminal culture and society goons picking up my concerns to lay out somewhere in order to get into a position where they can tell me my life is over, which the idiots have now clung to for a global stage phenomenon, they followed me around to steal from the shops when I went there to buy my supplies, it clearly is looking for a real response blabbing about which part of its stupidities I have come round to all the time as a preferably way of engaging with my Bookshop.

I do get told I should get out of it and seek out another existence which is utter rubbish – I am working Intellectual Property administration and the first time their stupidities at my expense became an issue was when it was no longer possible for the personal diary to support me because there was too much bullying and it was being repeated. Bearing in mind I will need to expose myself to their stupidities during the course of the career, I do need to ensure the intense and abusive interest in me develops into an outcome where I worked a career that hurt them intensely as well. It’s the same thing we see at Industry; a person is paid 10 million pounds to run a Multinational company as a CEO, he has decided the only way to push the sales boundaries is to get involved with the local hoodlums, it is a disposition which provides an argument which he can make towards what rich people wish to do with the Company and how the local communities are being affected but has rather preferred to channel it at me as a sign of the privileges rich people deserve that I have no respect for even though I am hungry all day. These fools then come through as an item from that environment to blow off the big mouth about what I am coming round to on discrimination and racism as such all the time – the religion I practice which propelled them to trash my academic pursuits and career had nothing to do with this and the fact they had is left out each time they petition Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible – the first time they complained about me in a big way, the consequence of destroying everything that allows me pursue my concerns in safety while they were allied to bigger powers, resulted in me requiring them to get involved with the difficult aspect of work armed forces people have to do and became so determined that I moved aside an entire government to get them stuck in; they have only just recovered from this, blabbing about what I am coming round to on the fact I woke up to this nauseating financial complication associated with their insulting practical jokes which are linked to a business of putting money together to chase their fortunes in the City which has nothing whatsoever to do with me, the day before and I have woken up to it again and have been waking up to it while issuing warnings about them hurting me and developing a habit for it for years now.

People have said they were aware of some other big thing I had achieved before and yes there was, the one which fed into the fact if I followed on the nonsense mentioned before with a sense that each time the gits got involved with my concerns, not only was the process nasty, it also resulted in outcomes where my friends ran away and the cash flow issue got worse, then I will be on course to becoming as perverted and immoral as their stupidities are, not being able to handle the consequences of being seen in public looking for friendship all the time. It is the one about international relations with Germans at the top of it – the incessant need to rip up everything that allows me carry on my concerns in safety Germans have ended up with a character that wants to get them stuck with the difficult parts of work that Armed Forces operatives do owing to their stupidities doing so while being connected to higher powers and bigger military – it does appear that unless we had ended up with such situation the behaviour of the Germans and the others never improve. So I was thinking I had done enough to sit back, relax and look to other things before these other gits who appear to shoo off my friends each time they get involved with my concerns, started another blabbing about what I was coming round to, so I thought that was obvious a pressure state of affairs pushing up my stress levels and any other illnesses here and the threats that accompany their habit to hurt me kicked off from it – yet we had talked about it the day before, we have been talking about it the weeks before the day before too.

They do say my intellectual property administration career really is a process of interfering with careers that pay people enough to make people rich, while I had no idea what I was talking about but I suppose it is a good substitute for a process where rich people paid for the Books when they got involved with my Bookshop and we know the economic crisis started in 2007 and the block heads can easily tell I am writing this piece in 2020. No idea what I have to do to these idiots to stop them performing that habit of hurting me, no idea yet what I have to do to get rich people paying for the Books whenever they handle the Bookshop. I do not believe private equity intellectual property administration and a Book of equities to broker it, is really this complicated for rich people to understand as such. We can see what their view of my business is when the Germans link up their need to ensure Public leaders do not feel safe with a process of creating automobile and how destructive for my Assets and income this will be while there is really no reason for anything to be done in that way, so I do need to progress unto a stage where the primary mode of operation of hurting them and gathering up power to make sense of it; we all know the two things that allow them continue are when people feel flustered and are therefore said to be hollow, such that you can put problems into them or when I cannot be relived for instance of a personality which can facilitate popular culture. 

So its all a story of what happens when people get into Government buildings to spend time finding what happens to the self confidence of those who dare to own what they have not tasted if all the money was taken from their victims, contrary to claims its a case of social matters.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, February 9, 2015, In : Renaissance and Royals 

Of course there is nothing as distracting as worrying about the next move the tax man is supposed to make while trying to run a business - those who do are supposed to be incredibly incompetent not able to because they have enough energy since the level of distraction from this is only rivaled by Popular culture celebrities sharing your income; Now they do say there is a serious war on human rights going on around the world because of me, of which there is none as it were, only bullies puttin...

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The white people and black people conundrum is not a major issue, I don’t know why it seems all must hinge on a process where I speak of it anyway – so here we go i.e. people simply think they can mess about with me as much as they like especially when they are famous and so when the question of enough being enough comes up and I begin to chase them as well what we end up with is a condition where they band together as a community to deal with me and continue to speak of this their cult...

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 The story about how much civil rights people have done to harm me and therefore how powerful they are has become a really familiar issue in any case for the most part but the wonderment is still exactly what they have done to me anyway. We all know they are such a collection of bullies; they handle my property without my permission and get on media as the route by which to attack me and not a place where they can stand and be counted in the world which puts them in the same par as those who have counted themselves on it through crime and claim they have harmed me for the most part and of course I have before mentioned that there is not an excuse that is good enough for their bullying and if I do not have my revenge that is for me to think about and not them, not to matter of which I am not giving back those civil rights anyway and when next I walk around their city like I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size will certainly hit them harder than I have at present. The part where there is nothing I can do to civil rights people and more so at this stage is supposed to have been the bafflement in the matter all together; since we all know that the wealthiest of them have received a warning from me about snooping around Industry gatherings where they pretend to own my work and property and use it to get connected with whomsoever they please and return to talk nonsense all the time about facts people already know, mocking me endlessly each time Industry gatherings happen and they want friendship with rich people which is very expensive for me to deal with and since they handle my books in the process to make me angry enough to act for them all the time like I am being used as a tool, then the cost is astronomical but it has become something they do for attrition and a function of their evil love for their media powers; there has never really been an acceptable excuse for any of these things, now there is nothing I can do to them apparently. So the reality remains of course that it is not a serious crisis, I have put up with enough party life from their stupid children which they know the party life is meant to annoy me so intensely I cannot think properly and therefore unable to act but the behaviour will certainly continue of expecting me and indeed everybody else to make their business into something others can play around with to get rich by finding money and going off to sell things to a lot of people very quickly and if like in my case they are so vicious and these actions occur at a National level that my finances have bottomed out, we can see that there is no chance such a thing will happen in hell and therefore I will die of ill health because they exist. Hence there is nothing I can do to them as were. I find it extremely provocative when they get around Tech shows and Industry gathers and snoop all over my social networking sites, ripping and pillaging and talking nonsense about those who have known them but do not know me and that since it shows no signs of abating will soon have become the crucible in which this matter will be settled. For now I am not giving back that stupid civil rights because I want to explore that their stupid anger they think they can vent or express on or at me. All I want to do is get around with those that know me and those that like my work and yet when they do these things they think that rounding me up and trapping me is public television hilarious, I mean its incredible and more so when they blast off their big mouth about things I cannot do to them as well, never mind changing my subject for me whenever I mention it, especially the American ones.