They imagine I am spending my time thinking about what they make of me all the time and its so annoying to wake up to such realities at the frequent rate that I am currently; these are supposed to be a collection of fools who do not know what I know but are rather convinced my leadership was irrelevant but bullying me was not – these are people who see my Books in Public places and decide to get around torturing me over it because it is a good thing for them but they are not very certain that I had written it to serve them exclusively, so it does add up to that sense that unless big brothers and big sisters are dealing with such complications of living that they have to chase me around and make out I am the key to a good night sleep after 3 decades or so, do pornography that I would feel I am doing a really bad thing for watching as it would add up to being a peeping tom, nothing about these sorts of stupidities tends to improve and those hands up my bum are never going to ensure this problem become far bigger than their stupidities had imagined all together as it were. The circumstances in which I am meant to sit around considering what they think of me is that between 2001 and 2005 it was all about death for me because I am Christian who wants to die over people’s problems and it’s a matter of what problems I am made to die for – it had since developed into incredible forms of abuse that eventually ended in a link between making me smell like my loo and being famous because they never work for a thing seeking promotion where they do not deserve it all the days of their foolish lives – now what they do is run off shopping channels every morning and every night in terms of the happy and excited and joyous environment that has existed with respect to the prospects of me losing my career which then adds to the business of me setting out my Book shop and drawing attention to some Clients that broker equities with me, giving way to stories about some character that I am whose career had been taken from him by better and cleverer people and now wants others to work for money with which my books are bought to help me get it back for being lazy and cowardly; these are the circumstances in which these brainless fools had decided I spend my day being concerned with what they are probably thinking of me. They always say they get the better of me at the Monarchy and people like to ask why that was the case but we know it’s a matter of The Prince of Wales being adamant that he will get along with popularity culture people, so he does not know what it is about at this stage all together and there are those times I am asked to explain why I think it’s a no go area at the Monarchy – whereas it was rather obvious such nonsense as me spending my time getting concerned with what these fools think of me is meant to have been what is left of a condition in which I separated their purely evil characters from mainstream living, such that they could not control other peoples finances to get rich by being stupid and then have storm in a teacup far right groups solving problems for those who do not need their help over an issue of public stupidities that are better contained than acted upon, making people smell all the time, it never gets better, only worse and I do have a tone that suggests being positive about every situation but this is incredibly dire; we can see an example where it has chased me around to secure its good night sleep from a temperament I have cultivated in a hermitage and after which it is now making sure it gets local neighbourhood idiots having fantasies about my bedroom window all day so I do not get the good night sleep myself and cannot leave my home because I smell, which appears to be the only way the bloody idiots wear suits and get a Public life as it were. I never spend my time being concerned with what they think of me; what really happens is that I have something for everybody basically – the Celebrities for their vandalism of my property always look like I need that revenge where they are stuck with narcotics and organised criminals that will help them secure their fix, Politicians are always better when I ensure society trouble makers find out how their jobs work, Industry goons always stop ripping up my finances to confiscate my literary empire and spread it around to make people happy so as to get out of recession while employing criminals in my neighbourhood, if I get them stuck with those criminals. I am not actually interested in their problems, I am interested in them buying my Books and me having a legal obligation to provide a service for it and certainly not idiots who think they are famous getting off to manipulate me by knowing where my Books are, handling it to make themselves criminals and getting up on media to wonder what I must suppose they were thinking about me since they consider their stupid selves to be incredibly important people. The real view I have of these goons is that of a group of fools who have seen me write Equity into Books, want to invest those equities but build a crowd that will help them invest my faith, public image and personal life, claiming they were very important; so it has not get gotten seriously hurt and when it is American has a bigger Military than the one that exists in my Country talking nonsense all the time – if I matter to them they would read the Books and this is all there is, the rest add up[ to investors insults that I am no longer able to tolerate at this point and I am not half as afraid of them as they make out, when I am building a campaign that ensures people do not deploy a certain body type to help them deal with smelling like their loo for it; I believe everything that wears suits and handles my personal life, Books, Public image and Royal Hermitage arrangements have now reached a point where they need shut it down, so I might step out of my door in peace not spend time talking nonsense about me deploying a Royal Office to suck up to stupidities that handle my Books to make themselves criminals and hence stuck somewhere wondering what their opinion of me was. As for the Celebrities, the same way they would die to be famous and I do not want to see them show up around my concerns to shoot up my stress levels and manipulate my finances is the same way they will only get off it if I hurt them seriously for it but the business of people wanting to extract money from my concerns which they think I should be afraid of was always only a matter of daddy characters who are engineers and architects and financiers walking into the city to chase their dreams, which rather fundamentally involves causing a boy that is me a lot of pain – so when done giving money to stupid people and making my life toxic, I guess it will realise it is wasting or has wasted enough of its time, so it need to create a product and set off selling it to the idiots it gave money to in order to get its stupid money back, threatening me is going to lead to much bigger problem than its stupid daddy big mouth can handle all together; ever since I got my Books Published and my distributors built me a market place to work with, Liberal America has been the very centre piece of this shit, the same way the Celebrity fans at the Monarchy claim I am shamed for my sexual habits so they might slip into my right hand and rely on me to do nothing about the mess made of my Public work trying to be me in terms of the power and Public stability bits as insultingly as possible but we are all rather aware it has been making the mess around here for years, seeking security for well off villains, it now thinks it has found an exit while it is out of its depth, talking nonsense at society about having confiscated an Arch Prince's Office from a Boy and cannot understand I am becoming less tolerant of it assuming a position on my right hand side all together, to talk through to me on Media, like a secret a share with the spawn of Satan (in the same way they claim everybody are squandering all I have, we find that I got some security guarding job for a while some time three years ago and everything I did then has now formed the basis by which they make a mess of my Public work and claim they have confiscated my Royal Office and I could never make sense of how people would do this and then expect me to do something nice in order to facilitate popularity and Celebrity culture anyway - we all know during the security guarding job, it was hell because they never stopped violently and abusively showing up all over it to obtain security for well off villains that have now become too big a problem for their stupidities to handle, hence think what they want to spend their stupid time on obviously has become part of reality - we see the same when I beat it down seriously at the society for getting the hand up my bum and building a crowd on it, where it sets off making out there is a life I should be living which I am not hence showing up at society to bother it after it followed me around at University to wreck the academic work and get Celebrities all over the Public image, which life I should be living is now in the hands of Celebrities and Media from where I could never get it back and then most disturbing being the fact that another group of fools who are most in need of security from their stupidities are now their most active allies on grounds of having a Media job that can offer up all kinds of opportunities). What happens in a fair sense is that they sit in an Office and make plans for how they want to fulfil their dreams and it always abusively has something to do with causing me distress to get attention - whilst nobody interferes with its ability to do what it wants in the Office and nobody interferes with its ability to get home when done with the days concerns, I smell like my loo in my own home and it cannot stop passing abusive insults at me on Media because it wants to be important and love to make out its foolish position as a daddy is inseparable from me, which is starting to annoy me in a big way - then they tell me my Books are unreadable and that they along with the Public would have read it if it weren't, as stupidly as possible.