Now they do say what I complain of myself is a process whereby people are toughening me up but of course the reality of that in a specific answer to that question is that I like to fast and pray so the huge matter if whether they are helping me or hurting me when they toughen me up during my fasting etc. The reality of course is that they own expensive cars while I walk up to look more glorious than them and hence am a problem that must be tamed and cut down to size and some of these idiots are way younger than I am, so it does make you think that their Father figure either came down to hard on them or was not there for them at all and hence you might want to act as one but that will provoke them further, so what you want to make clear is that the pain they have caused you will be avenged one way or another not in the left life but this one and live up to all your promises as well. They love that story of attending lots of clubbing and lots of partying and looking like they are a danger to me but of course we all know they do that because they believe they have learnt all my strategy at this stage, more so of which it is not hurting badly enough yet the things I dot to limit the development of churchless and Godless communities that do not attend church or believe in God or the Bible who feel like touching me all the time. In the end the big issue is always that when I look at them I want to be like them; athletic and so on but of course the reality is that a Christian enjoys fasting because he does not want to do anything to his body that allows vanities which means that if he wants to beat people up he will find it considerably easy to do so, hence I may want to get fit and healthy and happy but look like them I doubt. The case remains that every time I am done with a fast, the first thing that happens when I eat is think about how angry I am and they are not complaining about me enough time as a result of that yet as it were and those stupid insults along with it too. My thoughts are still impure and they are that way because the impure thoughts are bullied into my mind and those are responsible complain because they think they will have backing and back up so it is a little known fact to them that everybody understands I am with respect to them dealing with a power and all that noise making will not help them in anyway. I mean angry every time you finish a fast, sex put into your head when you get out of bed every day and so on and these things as possible when they make me cash strapped in order to ensure I pay attention to them which is such a worthy use of my time and resources bearing in mind nobody knows what their own time is meant for anyway, so we will get those complains again they think they evil and play football as well which then means I have a real problem, something I must be terrified of. The other ones who claim to be the people that run the means by which they operate their lives always tell me I would never get a look in of course but I suppose so have I been clear they need to zip it each time they had made money at my expense not turn out somewhere to sip expensive drinks and call me names because I will find out as we know they cannot keep their mouths to themselves too. Of course I am never going to get to the violence, in terms of that there is always something that makes them such a pain and you can chase it until they die in the process and then it will never stop too. I mean lets say I raise some funds somewhere and then buy shares in the various companies I have equities with to secure my holdings, now they have a real problem so to speak but as it stands I will never run my business in peace either with a big mouth. There is that talk of course of how I have created a condition where an offensive word is no longer offensive if people did not intend an offence but the reality is that they all gamble their civil rights and tell me they wish to turn tables to ensure I am the one that needs the civil rights more than they do. So you have black people who attack me claiming my size of my nose and lips allows me to become friendly with white people and that it is the reason I provoke them by robbing it in their faces all the time, which means they complain about the racism alright but actually like it, the other side of the story of course where the matter becomes a major issue is that the whites then decide to become their friends: so while the blacks will say they don’t care if the entire world bears witness to a process whereby they handle my property and get everybody to conspire against me and make it their own on media instead which does wonders for their civil rights but I need not worry because they intend to ensure I need it more,  the whites will then set me out as the person to hurt each time anything black people do hurt them because what black people are doing is something the equality and diversity law supports and that is why they do not see it as a bad thing – hence the Policy is a simple case of both sides staying away from me and if not stop complaining. The reasons for these things is the bigger conspiracy to make themselves a feared force of greed in the Country and so we already see it play out with popular culture where they cordon people and trap them and round them up and manage communities tightly in order to sell things to them and get rich and I had never given permission to anybody to handle my book sales in order to secure these people who are clearly fans of my work for their own ends, never mind the never ending nonsense of expanding it all the time but while they do it they have excuses and reasons which are that they are my brothers who share skin colour with me and so the law does not apply as such unless it is to apply to them that is I guess. So I always hold my horses and settle on the fact if I market my books properly and engage with customers properly I will not have this as a problem and this is where they intend to ensure there are zero profit margins for my business but it does not help either with that stupid golliwog mouth since I am a Royal Prince and a lot more special as a person than they are and know it perfectly hence nothing they do is likely to affect me in a personal way so as to affect what I do to earn a living or turn a profit. Hence it comes back down to that need to touch, touch, touch me all the time with that golliwog mouth and that is where the ripping up of that stupid civil rights and those communities they think they control to sell things to and get rich comes into force, since no normal person who realises I can do that would get around handling my property and earnings and provoking me in such ways in order to find ways of talking nonsense at world powers over stories they have to tell which are not definite and have no certainty of anything attached to them – just like Adolph Hitler used to do with the Russians by the way, this is just their own violent thieving beggar version of it like we all know it will be anyway. My point is that they need stay away from me and all I own and especially from the derivatives of my books to allow a profit margin that shuts down that their nonsense around me by setting what I do out as a legitimate business and then there will be nothing to complain about – i.e. I am not one of those who are unaware that they are really criminals at the bottom line because they think they can threaten and intimidate and blackmail others to give them what they want while they enjoy life and do holidays with girls when they are bad and when they are good listen to a criticism which means the only direction their lives are moving is up and it is that criticism they feel they have worked for over this Office as well which is utter nonsense because it can only lead to complains over what I will do to their Popular culture and those stupid communities, in order to find out who they will sell anything to as it were.