It was all calm for the day today until the story festered all over about how I am done for but will not play to the tune of my masters; the ones who decide what Popular culture does and also decide if I am to do something about it at the same time; the reality of which is rather that popular culture and celebrity culture and prostitution are all things that very laziest in our society engage themselves except when there is a very small amount of income involved in it – so this theory of being masters of me is never going to end very well just like the first time they ended up in my history being the need to control their stupidities and finish an academic pursuit which the Politicians then left the state provided security that was given them at parliament to chase me around the streets and ensure that they got and that the academic work was damaged, only to show up and complain later about the consequences too. Hence todays business has yet again created another 24 hours where completing the academic work is out of the question because I a mess and my Books have not been getting sold, by a group of people who are stuck chasing me around of which I do not mind them spending their attention on me on account they believe they are working class people who are superior to somebody that had attained Office at the highest levels of British government while still a student, whose academic work they like to destroy because their stupid Politicians want them to. I hear that I myself too need to stop going too far all together but I do not need to stop anything; this nonsense has gone on for the best part of 15 years, right up to the stage where what must be done with me and what lives under my skin is a matter of decisions that they have made and jobs they have which have made decisions that have affected the lives of criminals. I mean one drops out of University for it and we are now in a place where nothing gets done around here due to their involvement and the academics are still not completed – so I suppose that one of these 24 hours will be the one where it is really difficult for them to a point of no return as well, never mind the Politicians tackling whose popularity culture is a magic bullet and an answer for all problems all together.

I do get asked if I think Celebrities are lazy but then again it is usually a matter of who has done which work, since I am aware that if somebody rips up another persons life because he wants to share what the person owns and bring about social equality and people have bought music CDs off it, every complication that they have had to deal with to create the sense it is a legitimate form of employment is made up and they have never worked for a penny in their lives – never the less of which I believe I have been clear about the fact they need to start seeking stories of their films and music from their celebrity neighbourhoods and not me before I raid it myself all together. I mean I get told it is the prognosis that its all about evil and wickedness that causes the difficulty of how to get around with people but how on earth do you preach the gospel to people who set you out to abuse you and take positions on your personal space for conveniences, while others wants to be the biggest beneficiaries among those who do and therefore become famous in that way – what happens with such gospel is that they listen when they listen and they do whatever they like with it, what happens here instead however is that they are to do to others as they would have it done onto them; it is how it works.

They are not my masters, all a handful of fantasists playing stupid games and over the last decade and a half its been one obfuscate after another, full of their stupidities showing up here all the way to Industry and its like some bank they have that lets them plan a life at my expense and plan a spending on my wallet; they show up on my concerns they make statements that means nothing and the end product is that they destroy Books that they have refused to buy so others do not buy it in order to own me like they want to own everything else that does not legally belong to them and yet it was always so easy after all that mess to get cleaned up on whatever they have built from it as an atmosphere to make money and feel good about life with but what happens instead is a sense run by their stupid Politicians in the Houses of Government that I listen to and make sense of it. Over time we have as such ended up with this business where we all know if they do not have the popular culture they smell like their loo, so in order to rip up the lives of those they want to make it by the targets such as myself must be made to smell like my loo about which I do not mind them spending their time on me, only a case where there is talk of war with a big mouth because they are stuck with it and the number of things that make them smell like their loo are no longer within their control. It has happened before, where I spend my time on an Arch Prince’s concerns and they show up for involvement, then soon enough I am dealing with violence from all angles because I have changed their lives in ways they do not want without knowing it, this is just the part where they got off building one that was big enough for government and National civil service and Media all together.

So usually we find them explain this nonsense on grounds that the Monarchy is outdated and this is why people like me have a feel of the world around us in such ways but if we went back to the 1990s it would have been a lot easier then to see them insanity at work and take pictures of it that can be framed as a reminder they do nothing else with their time apart from absurdities they wish to determine what happens to other peoples existence by later on blabbing about revolution, which only involved picking up rocks many times their size and rolling it off a cliff while the consequences are blamed on others – Today its all high tech but the insults and absurdities at the High Streets and shops have not really diminished as such. The part where they claim they fought for my freedoms in such ways is what beats my imagination all together; these are a group of goons who live in a world where anal sex cannot just be something that women do like it usually is, if the entire world has to contend with an ecosystem of homosexuality which the government has to approve instead, winning my freedom; then again it does happen each time they tackle people at the basic level, it does become a matter of the fact they will not be having the freedom and the popularity madness like they usually do and their brain dead Politicians will be spending all the days of tax payer funded time on bear-baiting, reactionary nonsense thereafter. It goes without saying that the Popularity of the Politicians then is what I am about to handle next if I see any of them express their stupidities around my concerns one more time, as we are not mates and they have their own to spend their time with. I take great joy handling it in this way because either way the popularity and celebrity madness, when they pay taxes The Queen wins; all I have to do is decide when it hurts me too much - never once have I understood anything they have said to me in the past 15 years which they say everyday but each time especially for the work place and Industry fools among them, it is my income that disappears and my well being that has to face some form of accusation that have been made or another and I am fed up with it wrecking the academics and the career - blabbing about being my masters will definitely make me far more pragmatic than they would fancy - I do not wish to tolerate anymore of their involvement around my concerns. Imagine working an an intelligence Officer while a Government spends its time on the needs of such popularity nonsense all day long and yet knowing if you shut down the popularity they will smell like their loo which is why they make you smell like yours in advance but will not keep off undercutting you at the basics and making out it is amusing, stifling your income all day long and blabbing stupid threats over their foolish needs that will likely create those outcomes where they have to give you their best and you had to give them your best as well because all you had can be taken from you by the lowest in society as a matter of people having a need to feel safe and buying some private security Industry crap thereof.