Today’s Government business was largely concerned with whether or not my work is ready for public use; at this stage it is, hence the reasons I speak of Film Equities as it would be rather difficult to look after brokerages with large Firms all over the world from other Countries if I am unable to secure the Film Equities. So do I hear that I am supposed to have been doing these things in Africa, which I don’t mind; after all in the last 15 years, the need people have to show much hostile the world can be for a moral person, especially a waste of time and space such as myself who travels off to the UK to spend time being a Christian and not making money to help people in distress, has now given way to an Arch Prince who holds a Royal Office without being rich first; so if this is not annoying them or creating them yet enough setbacks, I implore them to continue and even tell me which ones they believe or recognise too. of course they say there are reasons it happens and I agree; top of the list is when a Tyrant buys an Aston Martin and cannot understand why it costs so much to put a distance between himself and the low lives he oppresses every day, therefore sends his people to the UK to claw back his money in some way; the rest is when they come round to look after stocks and shares they have bought. At the moment they are the reasons every fool things I have a Royal Estate others can take away from me on account they mess with my Book sales and I am as such renting a roof over my head instead of owning one – which when coupled with that story they like to tell of how I have stolen all I have and all I know and all I am from a culture and society they were saving for the future, it really does get on the nerves – so that at the moment the reasons they are the biggest problem in the land is that I am renting a roof from one of them as such and it goes without saying that when I am out of it now that they know what it would have been like if I was doing those things they speak off when they tell their popularity lies and they happen to follow me around still, there will be trouble without a doubt as it were. I hear as such that I apparently behave as though I need a big brother but I wouldn’t know anyway, I suppose if I do, then it is a behaviour which needs to change; however I do not think that I have in ways that suggest it, same as I don’t want their popular culture peddling my public life done as it were, in the end if it kicks off it will be a fight and then it will kick off again and then I will be famous.

They do say there is something about the way I fight which needs to be the property of the government and it will never make sense; the reality is that Terrorism is mixed with Military these days and there are too many Politicians with personal and personality vanities talking nonsense which means I can do whatever I like and when I say so they claim nothing I say is clear and that I am insane; what I really mean of course is that the Military is an academically proficient environment not every method by which to save your life and kill your enemy will be the right one, however for militants, every single means by which their objectives can be attained is the right one which always makes them wrong at all times – so what happens is that you let a militant talk and he speaks of those he blames for his problems not because he thinks those people are responsible but because he is creating everybody as a whole a conundrum and the scenario is usually that his sense of creating that will eventually develop to a point where he murders somebody and that is where the question becomes whether he will live as well after that; what I cannot let go off is Political idiots getting into government office to play up the bubble between their Offices and prisons to rehabilitate me and own my personal life by moving into my right hand to dwell there permanently for glory, then rip up my finances in the process and set out reasons for it, like they cannot practice their stupidities on their foolish Children instead. When we pay careful attention to it we see that this kind of behaviour is now endemic – the ones on the left have a habit of pretending I am homosexual when I have made it clear that I am not for instance and then their girlfriends will have children on my public life especially when they think they are famous which I do not think they are and when I ask about the reasons, what I find is that another group of idiots with the same skin colour as me make trouble for them claiming they are being discriminatory about how fame is being dealt in society, so it is apparent as such that they know they should be having anal sex with their wives lest I do it for them each time they are crazy about such things like they are at the moment – which is why they like to make out I think I will get away with my sexual habits, sexual habits they have no evidence to prove as they have never seen me have sex with anybody or even seen me with a girlfriend, hence know nothing whatsoever about my sexual habits thereof. The society ones on the right however like to think that the problems they create for others for the same premise of moving into people’s right hand to glorify themselves permanently amounts to s series of controversies that actually make the person famous and hence is a favour and I have warned them all to stop playing with me in such ways if they are likely to complain and react violently should I play with them as well – so far we are here because what happens is that I grab their society and cut it up and then they chase me around and sexually distract me from everything, academic work to finances, while the Politicians abate it and spend tax payer funds on them to teach me a lesson for not letting them have the same things. The Media ones are just the ones concerning whom the space I share only with my Court is something they can get involved with and so the other three groups are things I can decide to get involved with but they are the daily problem, getting involved with my Court for various sensations; publicly claiming it is democracy and I cannot exclude anybody from anything, privately I should know they say that if I asked their wives I would find out they always get what they want with that big mouth. So the rule is that nothing gets involved with me without a copy of my Books in hand and maybe what they are saying is that I cannot enforce it and as for the Politicians, we do not yet have a category of incivility for a process where the top levels of government make use of peoples Books to deny them sales at the end every blessed day all together, the sales that are not demanded of them in the first place by the way for it was their lives and so are the Books their own too – so let them deal with goons who want to kill people in order to grab fame and government position like they are at present and can better play up a bubble that exists between their Offices and Prison service with it too, in that way they can get about rehabilitating peoples children like that. They do sometimes say they want to make me lowest of the low which is what I really am on one hand and on the other keep a more comprehensive hold on the person of an individual who is actually National treasure – in terms of the latter, something can be worked out but in terms of the former poverty is a line and all I have to do is make a decision to get off it, hence I actually do not care and they need to recognise damage is not competition when they start. I hear I have a tendency to make myself very frustrated and angry but that is not actually the case – what these people do is get involved with my Books to make use of it without buying it and tell people there has been a reason for their behaviour but in the end build up more and more problems that the Books solve for its readers and create the sense it is what I have failed to do for them which constitutes the problem of the world – not unusual as we are talking about civil rights idiots who squat in people’s homes and wreck it and leave their remains behind etc, just the ones that wear suits and turn up on our Television thereof but all I want is my Career back – the vanishing Author life style and the Books in the spotlight, without any scumbag making sure the Public life is messing up what people want to talk about when they read the Books and then all will be well otherwise they can expect carnage and need to stop complaining about it. I am tired of trying to do it by myself while they get involved, fail to keep their mouths shut over my projects and generally have all the irresponsibility to gain from. These matters are all not unusual I have to say to allay fears; it’s the way it works when bullies need to get stuck in absurdities that facilitate their history of sacrifices which is why I must make the Company what it was supposed to and fulfil a destiny, while self seeking selfish greedy goons are supposed to end up with the usual trouble and unhappy life that makes them repeat the cycle of behaviour which leads to it, so they might not lose the essence of themselves to other people’s right to exist – sometimes they do claim it’s all racism if they want to make it appear that way. I have to do these things, otherwise they will always be certain, particularly for the Politicians, that they can extricate everything they need to have from this behaviour because the time frame it takes to execute Justice at the Law Court will have allowed that advantage and its domination anyway.