The trouble I have gotten myself into for today therefore is one of those ones where those things you see at the underbelly of cities concerning the way people get by has been given a position of dominance over my Literary work to ensure they enjoyed sensations of freedom that gets them out of the problems they got themselves into due to the stupid decisions they have made over their lives and its been done by the Media – so it answers the question of why there is a sense that it is Me versus the Citizens of the world all the time, concerning which they are always right and I am an insolent child but we can see that unlike the way I do not play about with their salaries, I will not be selling any Books for the next 24 Hours because of it. So it calls for a need to set out the facts so that they understand exactly how I am going to get into trouble over those stupid threats and the self-expressions from it that show up on social media to cause more damage as such; so it all started not because they were not doing such things as striking the bum of that young person because he claimed his career was taken from him and built a crowd on the daddies which ensures that not every one of their stupid disputes ends up in a Law Court as such, it also goes beyond the fact I always end up making out they were bad people while I get taught lessons on what happened to them to make them that way for the rest of my life for obvious reasons – it started when I attended University and there has since been a parallel version of a part of them that wants to be more important than I am built up alongside everything I do, now we can see why it is in the interest of fellow idiots who get up carried away by the fact they wear suits and appear on Media to help them dominate me for sensations of freedom that has wrecked any customer interest in my Bookshop for today, talking nonsense concerning threats and other things that happened to it, which means it is now deploying those things it does to defend its right which mean not all disputes ends up in the law Court to attack me because it is convinced that not only can people understand or its stupidities especially on violence make sense to a crowd over my Books and public image but also that it can make money doing it; all of which I do not have the imagination to convince it that such money will never come. So like the reason they complain about me, we can see I do not play around with their salary in such ways, we can see that they address or make references to me all the time as they are in charge wherefore we will all burn if they were and we can see that I have to contend endlessly with idiots being told off performing activities such as going off to Industry to blab about how nobody knows who the hell I am while having sex on my public image, we can see that while it is important to understand what happened to them and their civil rights to make them bad and immoral people they are which picks on those who have no offended them as far as they are concerned, it is impossible to tell them off especially because of that stupid media about which an idiot has a job on it to get into league with them by. So since I am about to get into trouble, these stupidities are going to start the very beginnings of a process where it stops; hence here is another 24 hours wasted, no Book sales and if it was down to my incompetence that cannot be certain anymore and it is apt these scum get to feel me at the end of this day as well as we can see that if the things that support a process where they drive around those insulting saloon cars and trucks and vans and Buses is not attacked, they will continue to feel as though they do not have to pay attention, do not have to be deterred and these abuses and corruption of involvement with continue to develop its own excuses because it thinks that its finances and the power of stupidities that comes through it will never be disturbed in the process, while its media thinks it’s a worthy practical joke that gets me fighting for the Public (its all very well relying on the tummy problems I have caused myself due to early years of impetuousness but it will still serve an an example of what will justify any actions I take to rip up those stupid civil rights so they can never stand up for themselves when attacked with those corruption of involvement that will not stop targeting me because it can make profitable excuses on doing so for my part. They like to say that my behaviour generally means that Celebrities will be able to pick on me a lot more which is utter nonsense; its a matter of being picked up at random to have your finances torn up and yourself pushed into a difficult corner because the idiots want to win some notoriety based competition with you - I have reached a point where I need determine that they got their ideas to be famous where their property is located and the savings and mortgages attached to it, not here; I regularly get told I cannot achieve such a thing while reality is that this is the only form of property to extract equity from that actually belongs to them and all those years of abuses and tummy churning was always designed to ensure that when you get employment they would know they have been doing things to churn your tummy and make you smell like your loo, therefore anybody who employs you will not be producing goods and services they will want to consume because they will be consuming your shit. Its not the first time either; the original one was when I was chased put and pushed out of University studies because they needed my personality and did not want some academic qualification shutting it down, once I dropped out, I got targeted for playing around with personality I am not successful enough to have; so the first stage of this business with Celebrities is now over i.e. they have gone off to get money from people who spend their own fighting others, get it off the popular culture canopies of narcissism that such people build at Industry, next aspects will be determined by their big mouth and I will be winning some fame and notoriety on social media for it as well.). In retrospect, they are in no position to determine what I am capable of if they are out of their depth because it is not worth smelling like my look every time I appear in Public places on account they are busy exerting a constant pressure on my tummy and bottom which ensures that they can make me get into a fight with gangs and other young people if they wanted, like some social provision that ageists always get as a matter of right with that big mouth; about which they say I have disrespected them which is utter rubbish as technically I can disrespect anything I like because if I wished to ensure stepping out of my door means reckoning with the world of men either at society or the Media and professional insults showing up on my Public image I can and they know it - what they are learning however is that dropping out of University changes people, they are learning to love the University drop out version of me, with those intrusive and life changing abuses that their future is built on - it is one of the benefits of spending 15 years of my time explaining what I am doing to study or write my Books as such along the lines of what makes them uncomfortable about society and explaining their stupidities along the lines of a public image I have which they do not on account they had bad experiences all over Media. I do get asked what I would think if I were a compassionate person that cared about the problems that made them the way they are but I am unlikely to be compassionate when it starts making use of my public image and then personal life and wants to drive around the streets beating me down and acknowledging me for all the wrong reasons which is something they did constantly when I attended University until I dropped out of which I dropped out a decade ago and they had since gone to Town with the business of me being stuck with them while they enjoy my reaction to their abusiveness that they find exhilarating, except when they do not, another group of idiots who want to make use of me as well, have media jobs to place at their disposal: so it is the problems that have been specifically tailored to make use of me since last they realised that having problems and making decisions that get them into difficult situations then wanting to feel safe again on other peoples lives was very rewarding. They say it does not prove I can handle the Celebrities but the Celebrities are on borrowed time: every time we see these society idiots have need of my personal life to feel safe from the stupid decisions they have made with themselves or a professional idiot get into a habit of making statements at me about how I pick up jobs daddies should be doing and need to stop complaining if I am flustered at the end of a days work, we find that I could sort out an reckoning with them  over their need to show up on the Public image every time I step outside of my door, but for some reason a Media idiot and  Celebrity fools has got a job to put at their disposal, not really taking advantage of me, just wrecking my finances everyday to keep up very stupid appearances it finds amusing and then deploying proceeds of my career on a place where it thinks it is glorifying itself at a later date, leaving me to wonder if Human beings really can be so stupid, to wonder what is really wrong with them. Talk of me provoking people is nothing unusual; when the Americans said I have written Books which cause nostalgia I really thought they were joking but that need to respond to their feelings without knowing what they were talking about that causes people to lose an income, making their temper more important than mine, won the day and idiots with no future at Industry because they have planned not to follow the production and service routes and have instead planned to confiscate my Literary empire by ripping up my sales and customer interests and clinging to my market with media and Celebrity insults instead, have now got a plan for the future and all they have to do is persist; so what they are learning is that I may want that market back and the processes will not be pretty, while they have been warned enough time to stay away from the Books as I do have some Royal Bills to pay (what people have to do to make others pick up two jobs which involve working for a business that is not going anywhere but living depend on working on, so others might steal the markets is to be a Celebrity or narcissistic popular culture canopy goon at Industry especially when led by stupid Liberal America or a Media fool; I have cleared it up and they can sell the disposition too if they wanted). Their point it seems is to tell me they have needs and I am engaged in some intellectual property administration but cannot administrate my own property; makes me think they were trying to tell me their whole stupid lives was a joke. They do say that I am making enemies which is utter nonsense; their understanding of how to get about with people is violent and brutal and abusive never mind that stupid tribalism they have not got money to support as well - so I am looking at what it is exactly they can do when I have an intellectual property administration business held back by their insults through which they figure out other stories to tell such as how I am not able to administrate my own property, from countries of federated stupidities, society scum, showing up here to seek service from an Arch Prince for nothing in order to feel good about the fact their whole lives is a joke.