In a real sense there are no threats that any Political party can be to my business; especially the conservative party contrary to notion it state of affairs excludes it. I already know that each time I do my work at my office, I set out intellectual property administration issues clearly for them but the reason that somebody is not deploying it to help people run their businesses and create jobs is because I am being insolent, with their stupid abusive deluded notion that they are more important than I am. The Labour party has its own style as well which involves wasting anything that comes from my office. The main question here is that of what exactly they suppose they can do to affect my job, simply because they think they have a lot of power spending more time on Television than they do in their Offices?

However the way things look at the moment considering worse case eventualities is that I have taken over that stupid media and they don’t have it like they used to anymore, not to mention taking over that stupid Politics as well, even when both are not my world and I will stop at nothing to completely pulverise it if they wind me up in a big way and this applies to every goon like them around the world too: you can say it is a job to job thing and talk about how impossible it would be if I wasn’t living in a free society does not take into account what it will be possible for me to explore about myself so they can find out things and want them, if I wasn’t – always completely deluded as well.

The way this applies is that it means that somebody who leaves everything he has to those that are vulnerable and goes off to take care of himself in a real world, only to become better at working the Royal estate he was given as though being successful in a city is a piece of cake, not to mention the fact he is royalty and we live in modern high tech times, would not do the things he is doing if he happened to have lived in a society that was not free or democratic; of course it is completely deluded and this is what we have been talking about all along i.e. Royal Prince leaves his property for those who are vulnerable on account people think they can use their democratic corruptions of involvement to get involved with him as they please and do whatever they like with him and then get off to take care of himself in a real world, so the same idiots in question set up the money they were born into this world first to work for and have somewhere and sit there to ensure that for everything he does they do one better and therefore become superior. Is this not what we talk about all the time, like living in a free society big mouth? I always like to say their biggest problem is that they cannot leave people alone and their girls cannot leave alone peoples income and we will find out what is wrong with their attitude as we go along too. They cannot get off that stupid Television vandalism that gets rewarded with money and I cannot sell books as a result. We have given it a waiting period since we begin to notice the recession was approaching; without the problems they have created, the main issues of the recession would have been administrative, which has its own cost but since the crisis began, they have gone out to gather all the money for themselves with phony products and other peoples property to facilitate market and now when asked to invest it, mark out people they must be allowed to oppress whom they have always wanted to oppress for pleasure before they do with a big mouth and so it is going down the direction they want anyway. The same attitude extends to my products of course; where people have companies that broke equities with me and take for example the manufacturing industry where it involves products, they create adverts and put them on public places as a statement of all the interests that were involved in making the product. How much is such a thing worth, that somebody should buy this product, before anybody else does, claim it is latest craze, put it in their homes as trophy and set out to oppress financially that same person he always wanted to oppress for pleasure blasting the equities to get some stupid girl rich while she gets famous and he gets paid as manager to become even richer. So this is what I have said before; their biggest problem is that they cannot leave alone other people; next they speak of how I left my property for the Queen because she is vulnerable and I therefore got a job as intellectual property administrator or they speak of the fact I moved into their territory to do what was actually theirs and now they have extracted the information from me to know what they should be doing, which is why I always keep it to myself to cheat them. when that fight they talk rubbish about starts obviously, in their minds it will have been something new clearly. They have already made me into something that their gangs will be happy to beat up on demand and this has created huge sums of money for them but it is not enough, it is the reason nothing can be done unless done on their turf to cutoff those stupid induced conversations. I had mentioned before that these days it is not the threats from them I have told them I have had enough of but the reasons that never run out and just keep on coming while they vandalise my earnings to get rich and famous, nothing improves about it of course, it simply gets worse and of course we still understand the way it starts is with the need to move into my right and when I resist, get gangs and far right friends to scare me and move in anyway, so when I try to recover shut it down, so if they cannot have it then I cannot have it either. I can only do such much to avoid sadomasochists, clearly I will not sell books because people work on media (powerful presenters; bearing in mind no body knows if they are presenting the front side or the backside).