The case of hate for Politicians is utter nonsense; their idea of what the right behaviour is, is that when they hurt others their temper as compared to those they have harmed should matter more. I do not have a problem with it either and fail to see what the importance of the conversation about it really is; in the end they claim what provokes them is the fact for instance that there are stupid people in society whose thought pattern is one of finding out what they ate by finding out how they smell for instance but have no wish to discuss ripping up my finances and academic work and chasing me around for years to make me think like them , except that they also expect me to think like them in  a condition where the Politicians are spared it, which is the problem we have i.e. they are not being spared it anyway. They love to say people behave like that because others are always trying to take advantage of them at Industry and they are not necessarily nice people either but I fail to see what it has to do with my Book sales and why that is always getting damaged it; hence I understand I cannot stop attacking people whose stupidities Politicians preserve for the sake of the Country but set about making me react to by ripping up everything to create violence that will make me think like them alright but then again which the fact it is about the Country does not make it any less insulting.

Hence it makes sense when I m told that I have answers for every body image related problem which I don’t; I am Royalty and they are not – I have mentioned it before, that the fact my life is not in my own service tends to mean that I am handled in ways that makes me behave like women do, which also means that I am unlikely to get into conversations about how much money or possessions people have when they wind me up, which is because it is always more normal to think about whether or not their wives have become a responsibility of mine and they are grinding away society at me with that stupid money of theirs; hence what it is used for.

The other story about women making me behave is a regular one of course but never seldom makes any sense; the reality is that most of them are too happy with their marriages to be in my Court i.e. if it is not at risk of domestic and public violence as a result of career, it has no reason to get involved with an Arch Prince and those who do not want a partner at all I did not actually make plans for but am starting to think over the set up all together.  They do say I push women that are not happy with their partners away and then talk but the reality is that if it is the one that need to stop ripping up my finances and telling me to be a real Man, then it needs to deal with popularity little Men in little gangs that are the reason it is famous and important too – this is the thing they run away from by getting involved with my Court and although there is no opposition to it, we see that everything is damaged here and my bottom and tummy hurts all the time alongside my whole body while they discover more self improvements and mock me to find out if I can throw them off every day. They do say I do nothing about my own responsibilities too but then again of which is an old story that they can like their male counterparts continue to complain about terrorism or behave, for the bits I am not able to control yet but soon will I open them up so everybody can find out how they are doing their own too and then their insults will have a worthy place. It is precisely the point I am making; they need to keep off my work and property, stay off my Court and deal with their problems – be real women too (I do not have business with them, I am not a Celebrity, I do not do 'show business' and they are not Royalty). I hear I am rather good at losing my temper obviously but I do not know if not losing my temper or indeed losing it as it were, would have changed anything about the fact letting them snoop around the back doors of Industry with my Public image was always going to lead to problems - results whereby they rip up my finances and get Politicians to keep it that way with the new ways they want to spend tax payer funds, get around the world on it to see and enjoy the worlds best holiday resorts and mock me doing so evading taxes and ripping up my empire to make parties, then return to organise their families and extra marital relationships as tools with which to steal my income and spend the money on Celebrities who turn out to bully and abuse me and cannot change photographers if they do not want to be used as tools for splashing State property in this Estate everywhere in order to get rich and famous and there are those of them who will soon tell me I have wrecked their business and need to know good it was and then it will really kick off; as it is obvious how my Candle ought to be burned on both ends if it has to be i.e. the controversial image they have created for me and how uncomfortable the Queen is about it at the Monarchy, while they and their Politicians keep screwing around with it in Public. They do speak of a need for new Politics which has always been the disobedience of building their evil decadence on other peoples religion; if they move into my right hand that would be a case of their madness being sufficient for it and if they fail to clear my space soon on the left we will continue to hear the media based complains; I understand is obviously not Monarchy but self service in their view but it is also a matter of their idea of what the wrong thing to do is and how we work out where it was right on some occasions. I understand we will never make progress as a Country with people like me around and that is good too because Money should not just vanish off the stock markets, besides which if we do not, then when Politicians pump more cash into the money markets and inflation takes hold, it will actually make real world sense and we can have a problem instead of a situation which has no name; I hear a black person that does not actually care about the Country should not have been allowed means to do these things of course but then again if they want to suffer for these idiots to produce only about 35% of what the value of the Country is while ripping up the rest of set out sensations of convenience, they are welcome to maintain peace in that way; otherwise its wealth and war or poverty and peace and somebody doing something to find balance because there is no way people will not spend money on weapons if they have money to spend and are provoked by these idiots to such a extent as these (They have already got it planned and picture built up; where them Women and certain people were meant to work out matters of security and the kind of Country we should live in and they are going to take it over because they are better at it and it reminds me all the time that they could avoid spending my health in such ways just by being nice in fucking suits.).