So progress report of a decade of unemployment and cash flow crisis so that their community idiots can continue to keep an eye on me, nurse hopes of having sex with me and get violent over it daily which painful effects for me, while they move into my life and have a problem with my faith but go after my money, seek sex but go for everything else I have is a catchy fact, then where and when it began will blow your mind i.e. if they barge into my life and find out I am a Christian then if God is a man women are the means by which they will get anything they want in life from me. Now they complain whenever they give Political speeches that I am intrusive. As I said, I wonder how the claim of doing me up really badly tallies with complains I stifle peoples sex lives because I want to be the only one fulfilling mine. I will kill off those their sex industries as well and sexual activities too. After all with it around there is no way to tolerate them and concentrate on my studies like I don’t have the right to exist with a big mouth.

The business army are the ones that are perpetually on a campaign of wrecking my finances because it is the only way to ensure what I do to get it going again ends up being claimed by them on media. It is the physical pain with which they do these things and the audacity by which it is inflicted on me that causes me to act because there is no other means of tolerating them to concentrate on my academic work. So whenever that happens they kiss goodbye to anything that makes them twitchy, I am already putting up with it and that is enough. I mean they have never had any respect for anything in their stupid lives especially the Politicians and I don’t get it anyway.

When people hurt you, you cannot move away from them until they have made enough money at your expense to be in the place which will ensure they can reach you anywhere you go in the world to get away from them; hear their Politicians talk about respect, hear them talk about democratic reform. Telling me where I am supposed to be of course it must be mentioned means war, although they can continue to suffer the consequences to find out. My job has never been a plaything for anybody like they claim it has been, the fact about it is that whenever those media idiots spin violent attacks at me on media that is supposed to be spun off with racism and always ends with violence they win and get away with to be powerful, the prime issue is always the question of risking everything to harm them for it since it tends to happen everyday and with every report but that is always the angry option the option on the ground remains this process where I solve every single little problem there is and crops up at any time whatsoever because it means I can ensure they are getting to school and passing exams there, when I don’t want that anymore I will shut it down and the source of their cleverness will be gone and they will return to being stupid and will start their racism in no time, discrimination as well, favouritism no body cares anymore but it does not mean I do not feel like going off to that media where they attack me every single second every day to hit them and really hard. Getting good feeling they name it, I couldn’t make it out anyway; from whom? The girls on the other hand cannot get off the thing about my friends and my enemies because they are trying to be rich and are trying to be famous, being an inhumane as possible until they start being less human too. So generally it is always all about control, that is before they then claim it is a matter of Politics which is just as well with all their bribery and corruption. Politicians do not feel confident to bribe us or spend public funds on us to advance our cause when they do not have something to gain from it. so rather than the easy route of getting a job it is a case of job or not we must have a scapegoat that will suffer to create the effect that we can use on everybody so Politicians can spend on us to advance our cause and our bribery and corruption might work. I have no idea since it is a no result case where we end up with this condition where I too build up their perversions for them to the point where I must solve every and any problem for them to pass exams in school and when I am through with how much of it the economy needs of which I will shut it down so they can go back to their discrimination and racism and all that rubbish they get up to but as I said it is about media and lies and spin and the strength I must have to keep up with it which is perfectly alright they will do well not to cross the wrong lines too otherwise I will visit on them the same suffering and the same pain they inflict on me. as for claims it is because I get their leaders from behind all the time, I wonder what they expect when they have other names but intimidation for a process where their leaders unleash their hunch men on others to grab beauties for them, which they continues to get worse and worse and worse with no respect for other peoples humanities and the challenges they face in life too, so idiots can turn up here to have a scapegoat to get revenge for injustice that happened to generations so ancient it was not recorded in books with a big mouth.

My books are not difficult to sell in anyway, like they claim it is. It is the biggest load of rubbish that goes on Public TV all the time. I try to make it easy by telling people I wrote it from my desk and packeted in in the form of books which people ought to buy and stay out of my privacy if they want things from me. the reality is that I create equities and securities which I sell through books thereby narrowing them to the most basic form and if that is difficult to sell then they might want to explain what is difficult about it to sell. The truth is that every stupid women wants to have a safe haven where they can grab my work and toss it so they can use it to get rich without any consequences and if I continually have businesses and establishments that support and fund this then I have to be as I have become viciously selfish like they are viciously destructive. There is nothing difficult to sell about the books. I mean I broke equities with people for example it is no business of theirs what my identity is, they are supposed to go off and buy those products and piss somewhere else but if I said that it would have been obnoxious on my part since it is their money they spend and if they force me to I have a way of doing it so well the only way out will be protests and actions against consumerism to get out of it. I mean I know they have come to this point where that peoples property is public property seems to have paid off for them, which shows all over that stupid music industry where some girl might make a song about me for example and with it her music career goes off from there, which they barge into take over and make those music about me all the time and every day to make sales, so now my books are difficult to sell as well, while they spend their time doing nothing but ripping the history I have with enterprises and with people to pieces all the time hoping to become rich someday in order to control the enterprises which will help them control my life and fulfill that stupid evil desire of theirs to see me form a gang that will serve them from the underworld; the businesses and establishments that support them of which will soon see me get ready with my legal skills to take them on as there is only one sound they will listen to. There is nothing difficult to sell about my books worse case scenario and they are sitting with some woman in whose interest it is to help me sell my books because she has something to gain in doing so-if they are asking her to steal it is not clear why they claim my books are difficult to sell as well when they neither have the expense nor are willing to clean up such a mess around here. Worse case for me I will take the books off the market and shut down that aspect of my venture and find another job, that is the way it is supposed to be and so if I want to get revenge out of them for the suffering I can always do that while everybody else is free to have a normal life, no such thing as any stupid racism. I mean these things have been going on for years and years now, what do they suppose they are looking for anyway world war 3? The next time I get such things I will burn peoples Political and businesses alliances. For their insolent fame freaks I am still grabbing all the attention and so it is still the old story; you grab all the attention and we feel like shit and you are the shit, and of course with it we always make progress unless they are making up feelings at my expense with media which means it will wind me up. What possesses people to find out the identity of somebody who brokers equities with businesses so that they can wreck any history he has with anybody and any good reputation he has built for himself in order to get rich and famous; the fact they are married to such people or are their kids; how many of their parents business partners do they attack in such ways anyway? Or is it just that when it looks like it is possible to take something over they ought to give it a try? As for the gang aspect of things I don’t know what I will build those gangs with anyway , maybe the nations security services, since they are stupid. I am not a government chief of staff because they are better or more clever than I am there is no such world and there is no government chief of staff anywhere that writes books that are impossible to sell. No body would successfully build an empire that they cannot run; it is impossible. When next it happens I will get my hands on their own business and Political alliances and connections and they will not make them like that anymore. There is no such thing anywhere as things I do to others, they think their daughters and sons and wives should be able to insult and abuse anybody because they have money no body has been interfering with while they interfere with the one that belongs to others mainly because they think they will come to their defence if anything happens with a big mouth. On the contrary things are not as bad as they want everybody to think it is, all we have is cligues and cligues of Politicians that have connections with businesses and businesses that have connections with Politicians getting together to use the apparatus of government to gather the funds of the world into their barn and so at some point the centrals banks will print new money into the world economy and when they realise they will have become obsolete they will make connections with each here and there to dispatch the money they gathered unto themselves to be relevant rich and powerful none of which will make a difference except a process where we begin to recover economically; point being they wanted to be rich and now they are and are supposed to do what people do with money not think they have become royalty because they are idiots.

It is not that I am not interested in all the Politics on offer. I am interested in Politics, the issue is that Politicians are Politically immoral and have worked it all out before I was invited. With respect to Politically immoral they no longer say things like, I want to get into office and do all the great stuff-they get away with saying things like I would like to get into office and do all the great stuff but if people wind me up I will do the bad stuff instead because I don’t like being told what to do and in terms of working it all out before I was invited, it is only after my heart has been bared open to the world that I must now climb the Political ropes while they have old men who have still realizing things at their age at the forefront of Political affairs, so they might as well gobble it up if they want. With respect to what I have done to them; I have gone around doing everything for them and then making them so incredibly excited about it, so that when they turn up before the electorate they want it so badly the chances of getting it is virtually nil and so there is no love lost. It is not how it began, the way it began was that they make a mess here and they clean it up even if they are presidents of the world, since there is no point making a mess here if their job depends on being famous at government office. Of course they always have television and fame goons that will back them up but clearly the fact they do shows how it became what it has become today.