The idea I treat people like rubbish is in itself the biggest load of rubbish there is. I mean when I tell people I am a Royal Prince they know who is one and who is not and thereby set out to sell my books for me like a celebrity that they manage. I mean first of all which I would have a bullet at the back of my head, if I set off to claim I am a Royal Prince in somebody else’s duchy without being given one for example but this does not do anything for them so, despite the fact I am not a Law but a morality Prince and also a black Prince as too, of which our lives as black princes largely always have to do with crime and the under world, somebody still thinks that he will determine who gets to be royalty and who does not so they can manage a celebrity to have lots of money and pay them peanuts even if the peanuts come in millions.

So the issue will normally always revert to the duty of the media to do something about those who get away with things and pretend to be what they are not. The idea being that it is largely about helping me sell my work is another collection of nonsense too. I don’t want them helping me to sell my work, I want them to be doing what I tell them to do and what I told them to do is stay out of my personal life. The result of not complying with this of course is the issue we have today which has more to do with using their personal life to do the job and preserving mine for personal happiness, they have also made this worse with their familiarity based insults and so I want to use their history of their personal lives as a means of getting by, while they manipulate me using the history of my life and connections with my parents too. Of course if people touch their culture such people would be dead but I am not because I am protected by the state but as far as they are concerned people are making out they are something they are not.

So yes the original intention of my books were to cut them off; cut them off in the sense of making sure that while I have done my job, I have done it in such a way that perceptions created around me that people can tap into, to pretend they secure my consent before stealing things from my property which I will then always run after but never actually get to stop anyway was temporary, based on limiting their access to my privacy and thereby creating a point at which I am no longer their object of attention but this has not worked because they had become more violent and of course my prognosis that it is a democratic society just winds them up all together because I presume to take up peoples problems and fix it for them (is what they say it means). So tyrant games they play and it has not gotten horribly wrong yet so far.

It is true that my books and the attitude people have towards them is admissible as evidence in court as well and to this coupled with the fact I am protected by the state and so if people touch peoples culture they get hurt but if I do nothing happens, while people like to vandalise my income, that I have been doing over kill. It is not over kill in my view because the way it works is that I might need to be somewhere to do something for some people who have fallen within my responsibility but because what falls within my responsibility must be managed by a get rich quick freak and an insolent father figure who abuses their children because they brought them into the world and thinks he should be abusing me as well to give their children reprieve on account he can claim to be my father when I hand such things to actors and producers, if I have financial constraints and cannot move around to get to where I should be and they make some film or act a part in a film which does the job, on account that people are share holders in film companies they can vandlaise my intellectual property and manage me and what they do with my property on media because they are the only ones that like money is beyond human comprehension, so that if I do anything about it they are the power and I am civil rights, after taking the money and I am fed up with them taking my money, sharing it with some fame freak and boo boys who then turn up to insult me in Public all the time as well. This was the secondary intention, I did not actually plan to use because it is really tough running around court rooms while you work for a government but am being forced to; the plan was that this was meant to draw a line and ensure whatever money people gut from my work without respect for patents to get rich and famous on their own creations, that will be protected by patents at the same time, is entirely a factor of money people are willing to pay for those products they create and so when people tell me the problem has to do with the fact I have not been presenting an argument on my part to tell people it is wrong, I get to put up a blog or a website and so on to tell them it is, besides which are hundreds of people who work on media telling people it is wrong everyday but it seems that when a stupid Pop star goes off to take advantage of me like that to get rich at the hands of these idiots, he or she turns up with insults as well after taking my money which purpose is to ensure they are the only ones that have got it and I am kept poor, then talk rubbish at me whenever they appear on Public Television which I guess the purpose is to wind me up. Then they probably tell me as well that they have something to say to what I think about it, which is generally to me a matter of the fact they cannot recognize they are leach Pop stars who make millions that is actually my income not millions that should have been mine with those their stupid bubbles of fantasy and I have had enough of them, especially the famous ones. This is not the first secondary step I have taken, the first one was the information overload in their communities but that simply resulted in community and society idiots making alliances with media to keep me poor and discriminate against me to feel powerful and rich.