I am now told that I am very unhappy about something and that ensures when I express unhappiness it goes on and on which is utter nonsense; I don’t spend any part of the time I have in any 24 hours, thinking about what I can be unhappy with, what really happens is that after nine years of blocking my Book sales to play up abusive insults that develop into homosexual relationships, a bunch of idiots that are always a plaything for women because they spend most of their time on such nonsense have not yet thought that enough fun has been extricated from doing it and I may mention it repeatedly if I wanted, see if they would be deterred. So it has now reached that stage where I must do something about it where I must consider those insults that make them feel important and how they may get around to stopping it due to the way it affects my health and my ability to do the best work for my career, to consider the way they think media gives them unfettered power but all it does is play with criminals at UK backyard, the USA and South America talking nonsense about socialism as a backdrop at other peoples expense, but if I wanted to do something really bad, I would allow the opportunity for homosexual activity with me to exist and then hurt them seriously enough to ensure it became a life they had abandoned which would also damage them as human beings as well – it has been this way with that rubbish about being more important that was born from a process of passing exams at school because they had no variables to think about since women were doing all the chores at home. Recently we have heard that people are dying from sepsis and that my activities had played a part but it has always been about balance as it were – it is what the body does, where if it runs into trouble it always wants to get back to the point at which it felt the most healthy because the brain does not age, the problem being that you grow older and your physical capabilities had changed. They need shut down their foolish comments around my concerns, especially the one where if I had perhaps picked up every little issue that besets them and then set about resolving it, maybe my Books might be worth their attention, otherwise my public life will be ruined by their stupidities telling me how to write Books if I wanted a writing career – they need shut it down or I will continue to do their own as well, they can could never stop washing up and dying of sepsis.

The Celebrities are pretty much the crux of this problem, it started out digging holes around me because I was interested in Church matters while at University, hoping I will respond to them in a certain way to become a character that they pick on whenever they wanted to access fame, I ended up dropping out as such and it went to hell thereafter as well – 9 years later they have really gone to town taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image to hands in as products that the culture and society trouble makers they get into a logger heads with until they had to kill themselves could distribute at the corner shops and now want a future where they did not get to look back but came up with a plan to ensure that I was stuck somewhere solving this problem for them. It thus becomes clear that the main problem we face goes beyond the idea there is nothing I can do about it while the reality was a matter of some stupid women hanging around somewhere preserving themselves in order to build a crowd that gets me into a fight with trouble makers all the time and the men were talking assuming a disposition of being their mouth piece because they hadn’t a foggiest clue what they were talking about even though they really hated my leadership. It has not become both a matter of the fact that the kinds of conditions that get them taking their lives is insufficient and I need to start taking some direct action that first involved finding out if they will stop it their way, including those insults that make them feel important, talking nonsense of the ways through which I get about recovering careers that had been taken from me or I am going to stop it the way that I want to stop it.

We have even heard that there is huge Political crisis and I am one of the main contributors especially at the Monarchy, while the only crisis we face in the Country is the one at Parliament where HM does not want people interfering with anything associated with getting the Politicians to get the job done and they are always sending out their trouble makers to drag me into it, about which I simply want to get back to the time before they had started claiming I walked around the streets grabbing personality that should rightfully belong to people who worked at Parliament, as it does feed into everything that has gone wrong. Even Internet trolls show up to abuse me and impose homosexuality on me picking it up as means that allows them to feel relaxed while I hoped they would change a behaviour if I talked and everything I had done meant that when people protected me at the Monarchy by chasing their bums and that of their Celebrities until there was balance for every abusive insult they channelled at me, when they clashed with Celebrities as well as culture and society trouble makers, the outcome was always that the rest of us suffered because of their activities but for the business of playing their practical jokes with my Bookshop they suffered more than everybody else and since it is the internet I got away with it every time too. There are other issues still like the idea I have become completely uncontrollable, about which people are likely to get something nasty about the Monarchy said by me to them as a secret we can share, every time they think they ought to be picking up my work as a tool that helps them get around playing very messy games that allow them exhibit all sorts of nonsense they perform when they want to grab jobs from Top business executives – they are now complaining of the mess more than I do, claiming the UK set itself out as an enterprise which encouraged them, while what happens is working with their friends in both the Republican and Democrat Party in the UK to hit the value of the British Pound and then the Russians to hit it some more, facing a bit of difficulty with China, thus the Monarch came up with decisions to draft people that got to look into the matter and I just hang around somewhere writing Books with my Intellectual Property Administration Equity service which allows some real world access to what happens when Celebrities rip up our lives with wealth equality gimmicks, make money to dodge taxes and acquire overseas accounts, where they buy organised crim products and foster the interests of silent mid-range millionaire terrorism, of which we are getting the lowest form here in the UK when they rip up careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, so as to ensure they were able to drive their insolent cars around expressing hatred for women.  

I do get told I have no way of getting myself around these issues which is utter nonsense – the part where they said I am stuck with the local communities would be the part where I usually engage them with information on my activities to ensure that handling me was a full time job and they always tend to find it too heavy to carry around and thereby disperse where I want them to disperse it the most, then they may corrupt my state provided security alongside their Muslim friends as much as they liked on that if they wanted. The rest is a matter of really stupid women who never give it a rest hanging around somewhere to preserve themselves and build a fight that a crowd will get me involved with, while the men become their mouth piece due to a need for telling me how to exist, while cutting them off suckling me is one of those issues I would do to leave the poorer ones with a sense of absolute destitution and the Celebrities with a sense that suicide was the right thing to do. As I mentioned earlier, I am starting as well, as it seems the clash between them and the culture society trouble makers is so insignificant that they have the time to make a mess of my Bookshop everyday for 12 years, because it was amusing. I mean they do make those excuses that I used them to fix my problems, while we know that if a film was made to solve criminal problems that the Police could not for instance and they had to decide the way that playing a part in such a movie added up with their need to spend money on organised crime products, I clearly am the one doing something very wrong. I am rather very well aware their friends at the Monarchy claim to be protecting me the entire time which is utter nonsense as we all know they have gone so far with their activities that the real problem of Celebrities and their last chance heroes is what they are unable to handle if my whole life depended on it and it’s the same as the story that they now own the Arch Princes Office which is possible supposing the activities of stupid abusively insulting black men getting on again such nonsense about a kid on whom their future depends were facilitated to play up their stupidities at my expense in the Monarchy, so they do own it that way anyway. I do get asked if I really can handle these people in a jiffy but I cannot and am not planning to – the only thing which creates the idea that I am on both stages are the degree of abusive behaviour and shove piggy shove coming from the Monarchy; they are a bunch of cowards that will never defend themselves if there wasn’t an incentive to and would find a million and one reasons to attack somebody they knew had done nothing wrong and should not be if there was one, I am not planning to handle them by violent means at any point. I have been told people complain that I had no reasons for the behaviour I have been seen to put up but its not necessarily true, what is true is that the justification for ripping up my academic work and career, spending all day distracting me from what I am doing very abusively, through a process of picking up work roles here to build a stage that involved me alongside members of the public in order to engage in a discourse on how important and beyond my league people were, is that they are famous and I am not and it fed into the disrespect issues they complain about all the time which started around 2003 when they began making statements about a multicultural society not taking nonsense from a little black boy that has been given a royal Commission and now expects respect from his Fathers, without bothering to find out what the Commission was and hence have always been something that can be easily resolved but I would prefer they kept their distance, much the same as the Prince of Wales making out the quasi criminals who are his fans are more important than every public directive which the Queen had to clear out in terms of him having taken sides with respect to the world of the sexes while we knew that a Country of men will expect everybody else to serve them and a Country of women would hang around somewhere building a fight for everybody 24/7, whereby they hurt his bottom and I drop out of school which was the part I needed to be done with or indeed the nasty things I say about the Monarchy to really spice up relationship business with Industry trouble makers seeking Mobility alongside their Celebrities in it.