The media has these days projected its vandalism of my office especially on the diplomatic front for the purpose of provocation, when they speak of witchcraft murders and the idea of something I am supposed to do about it, it is not something that makes sense to me , since after all if a politicians does not make noise about how inferior I am and the fact that when it comes to taking away from me anything I own any risk is worth taking because no body will care what happens to me and then sets it out as government Policy which operates as Political pedophilia, then somewhere at the lower levels of society no lunatic will murder some child because he is practicing the same thing. Of course they are aware this is what is happening but have no intentions to change their attitude; what they tell people instead is first of all that I write about witchcraft in my books of which they read only through cyber crime which of course is a good activity for MPs to indulge these days and more so because I am a writer and inferior so any price is worth paying, which again they have no idea what the price is and will pay anyway. I write about witchcraft in my work just like I ensure that these incredibly stupid black people are stuck in a fight with racists and that racists are also winning the fight as well. Secondly of which their other prime preoccupation is with the fact I used to do exorcisms at the early stage of my Christian activities, which is an abuse that I must be taught a lesson for now that I live in a developed country; of which the answer is that I used to do exorcisms alright but the only reason I do not do it in the UK contrary to the fact I am scared when I have been given the privilege of seeing the face of God in my life time and therefore know he exists while these trouble makers hear of him only even though they also know the devil exists as much as I do but do not want people to know what he is like, is because I have over the years become good enough to create a society where the only damage they can do is that abuse they do along the lines of sex and love which can never be a bad thing to on lookers and anybody who observes with the natural point of view. So if they hurt people financially no body will ever get into trouble because there is a welfare state for them to provide their basic needs with and I am not therefore doing any exorcism to help them with anything, the main reason being that they lie a lot and people lie too much in this country and because of this I have also decided the evil stays where it is. I mean they understand freedom and I will give it but the wickedness they say is something they will keep, so we will see too. So the big problem now is that I will never sell my books and will never get a job because I have the keys to the freedoms of peoples heart and they will get it from me, not have me sit in front on them asking for a job or book sales while I refuse them freedom and this wickedness is bred by the media at National level and fermented daily too. It is not a huge problem for me, the real thing these days is the really evil and devious white trash that have ideas about things I do which does not apply to them endlessly and those are the main issue these days with their plans to be famous and rich again or famous and rich for those of them that have not been before not the blacks I took care of a long time ago.

I always get told stupid evil devious white trash is very foul language but that is because people do not understand the true nature of what is happening in the spiritual side of things here i.e. they know because they have those demons inside of them which are staying where they are that I get protection and service from God, all they do in Public places especially is to make out they are the ones that own these protection and service and this is only after the process of forcing me to fight racists for them while they serve the devil and I die for their service of the devil had failed too, which is where I learnt to trap them in a fight in which I was making sure racists were winning too. I cannot understand what would make them think I will suffer for exorcising demons during the early years of my Christian activities now that I live in a developed country when people were always free to take the demons back in. When I say devious evil white trash I mean every word and sound of it, there is nothing good going on inside of them and I am not exorcising anything too; let them understand freedom, seek to get it and do while keeping the wickedness if they want. In the same way they continue to challenge me by telling me all I am doing is futile and will end me up in a bad place; first of all which the fact remains this country used to be a place where people commit crimes of passion against those who have beauties that they are not making available to them to be rich and famous with until I came along and now they want freedom while they are keeping their wickedness, then there is also the fact that there are other physical ways of settling their problem which I never mention because I am in no position to move around and control the difficult and violent issues that evil seeds will sow around it, like when a 14 year old boy sees his insolent mother gesture me to her left violently so she can be free in her heart while I am not because I am inferior, it does not necessarily apply that he has to do it as well and so the only way to settle it will be to beat the hell out of him so he can go get his parents; who of course like to get into a fight with me which will wreck my life because if they loose their children will take the fight up as well.

So in the end the way it works is that they ask me those questions about witchcraft killings when I am the evil man who writes about witchcrafts in my books because they think no body knows that they give money to these idiots who help them to ensure that people cannot get on with their lives unless they have renounced their faith to look after themselves with, when they spend all their time doing it and as such of which 18th birthday is around the corner and they have done nothing to provide for themselves-the issue being that this money is not mine but the language they have used while they gave it to them means I am a target again hence MPs must be stopped which is how we find ourselves where we are today.

The darker side of things is that of the intensity of the process they deploy for bullying me; it involves wrecking my finances to control and twist me until they have the beauty, then get off to create charities with which they make money to provide to starving Children with these beauties and the money these charities get comes from the music industry where they abuse me because a starving child somewhere deserves to be beautiful and then take their revenge on the Law for the things it has done to them to make them poor, to get tax payers money from Politicians they vote into government office for doing so and set up an idiot to sing it all over me at the industry. Where it shows that they would not be so good at it if all their time was not dedicated to doing this is where I write my books and it turns out they have rounded me up like an animal again and so when they bully me for the purpose of the above so intensely I cannot eat because I feel like vomiting all the time and I do anything about it, they go after my books and get more self improvements by which the music CDs are sold and made to get on the charts because they are getting a good feeling from hurting me and so people want to buy it. This is what I mean the darker side, the only way this can be dealt with is if all I was doing with my time was to be wrecking charities and any other means by which they get money for starving children in Africa. Some ask of course how I will do this when I am like a soldier without arms and this is precisely the point; what I said was that it is impossible to be as good as they at doing these things to me if it is not what they are doing with every single iota of their time therefore all my time must be spent on this as well, which I am already beginning to do anyway because it is a vital part and item needed for social cohesion in the UK and there is no such thing as their Politicians stealing my fame because I mentioned it, I mean it is one of those impossible things they like to say without considering the way it works or its facts of which there is no need to mention. For those of them in the UK it seems these things result in lots of racist idiots and evil devious white trash telling me I hold the key to the freedoms of their hearts and for this reason the freedom thing whatever it must have become will never be given or taken and the blacks might want to lay off my market place bearing in mind the racial implications of not doing so. So this is how witchcraft murders work; for others it is not surprising when I talk about it considering a half priest half chief of staff office but for them they simply think when they ask such questions it is another process by which a Christian will be poor before they change or agree to change their ways.

It’s all like that old things about how I am an extremist murderer or am a Liberal and therefore weak all at the same time. The fact being that just because I shot harder and argue harder and faster and win arguments harder than extremist murderers and Liberal idiots, it should never get to mean I am any either of the two. It has never really been about getting into arguments with or doing debates with them. it has always been about the things they love to do to harm the Christian against whom their powers have no effect and idiots will refuse to respect how their tax payers money is spent on this instead and when they are done voting for it talk rubbish all over the place which is just as well it is done from Public TV. The most important things is of course always to hurt the Politicians because when people spend all their time working out what it means for people to look a certain way which then suggests something violent must be done against them, which is some twist that some evil fools put into the scheme of things in their worthless lives because you refused to have sex with her and she will make you suffer for refusing that incestuous and pervaded rubbish because it is a developed country. Besides which no body knows what they might want next. You know things like the fact no body can justify the destruction of other peoples civil rights even if they are fighting for his own before he was born to wind him enough to get his bands on it but they have supplied me with the license, no body can justify doing something about charities that look after starving children in Africa but they have supplied me the license as well and this is how it continues because I am so inferior any price is worth paying, which they will most definitely pay as well. I mean they must be expecting a new world created by me as well because the fact they walk around as if they will have me beaten up necessarily means that they will (ironically of which what create these ideas is the insults of their women in the first place). There will be no new world the real issue with respect to that is how they split my life because I am a Christian and then tell me the moderate and wealthy side is theirs while the conservative and extremist side is mine of which they only successfully do with those who let them in my opinion as it were. Nothing like that; it’s my life and they can already see I think beating up the Politicians is the best Policy. There is no new world of that sort. These things are a carefully organised process of harming people with this a kind of organised attacks and destruction not something they do because it is how they are; it is planned there are threat made and implemented without a process where I am allowed to respond to the threats, I am only saying that it is impossible to sell books with them messing around with things and then mocking me as well when they do.