The products are displayed for sale on the "Autographed Books" Page  (more info and equities Description of Public figures in them may fly above the head, I have written them in this way because any body who has no interest in their contents of personal and Business Equities and Securities have no business with any of these Books; so fools do not waste my time claiming I have written them from circumstantial conditions which existed as a result of being spiritually beaten by them like Muslims who largely want to live off insolence are fond off for instance but before they do of which its all about year and years of frustration because idiots want to ensure a hero cannot move until he is fighting for them which Civil Rights idiots who believe themselves to be true men especially when of the Negro Race are fond of, where their problems and desperation becomes power that defeats others and that it is all about Civil and human rights to barge into peoples lives with , hence there is no known justifiable argument against why they should not have their trophy victories of wickedness with things people do to serve their religion and their God and to enjoy the blessings of it in their own privacy like Caucasians are fond of. 


They can see like everybody else that  my books are published with errors, this means they can never be sold except for the purpose they were intended. These errors were meant to help me get a job done and it is the things I have done  to ensure that they are tolerated by the customer that they love to strip my work and spend to get rich and have lifestyle doing so. I know that the only thing stopping me from earning a living with my work is the fact Politicians want to be the ones that go down in history for doing the things I have done and they will never respect the fact this is somebody else’s career. Let those who want economic recovery after they pick on me wreck my life so they can control me and wreck their economies to create those problems, which they normally have so they can pretend to be really privileged, claiming they do not deserve to go through life with their own problems because of what I have got with a big mouth, go back and tell their Politicians it is okay for them to know about insults that can wreck the finances of another statesman because they like to encourage extremism but if people do not leave alone my books sales they will not be free of me and this also means they will not be free economically. This has always been the message on my property, now I have been forced to spell it out as well.

there is this talk they love so much of how I am getting about because people do not actually know how I am doing what I am doing to them and that I will get into trouble when they find out which is just a matter of time. It has always been the story with these idiots finding out and if not civil rights idiots that are more men than I am such that once done with difficult culture and society matters they must turn out with a bad crowd to get a sensation of convenience that facilitates their future and issue threats at me on Media for more and if not them then its public transport operatives and if not these main two groups of idiots, then the two groups of idiots and all the others do have children but it is the Media where they feel they have an unbridled range through which they can start the party over my finances every blessed day. They have been finding out how I do things for the last 14 years and I have not gotten into any trouble once as it were and it will lead to an outcome whereby I shut them up permanently before it stops too. It seems the Media routine is important because they cannot cope if they do not get people to listen to them explaining their problems away with my public life and property – so the reason they have been finding out for years while I have not gotten into any trouble must be that they had lost their fucking nerves. They say I have blood on my hands of course and it is usually a reason for this kind of punishment because they are also convinced that what they tell us all about the way mortal violence works is actually the truth about it – whereas what happens is a Police officer pointing a gun at somebody and when the person implores him not to shoot he asks the person about the part where they were about to hurt somebody will a skill they invented which had always been an inner strength and the Police Office will kill that day if the person responds that it is how the Police do their own as well for instance, not the stupidities we have to put up with on that insane Media where they share salaries with poor people in Africa and the East and turn up to tell me they are mini Kings in certain parts of the world and can get what they like to do what they like with me, which has proven to be a big mouth at work only and they have been finding out how I do it for decades now but still regularly turn up on their stupid media to boast all the time. The other complain is that they tend to end up looking after me and it is of course the result of the fact that if the establishments they work for have branches and is popular in areas of the world where people have the same skin colour as I do, there is a certain level of respect they deserve from me as an extra with their insults that they can never keep where those who take it from them live etc; the result of this was not just the shutdown of their ability to threaten me with goons that can beat me up to make them feel like women but also trouble makers and criminals turning up where their families are to steal personality but it has not deterred them because they rely on those who listen to their stupidities whenever they express themselves; for me personally however it was always okay to step out of my door and lose the job I created for myself because another fool has a saloon car etc but the Books have now been Published and they are walking in uncharted territory; I mean if I did tell them it will end with them looking after me they would have doubted it in every way as it were.  It still comes down to the same old matter where they claim I have everything but I only have a Royal Commission to manage and there is no tag on it saying it is everything; they are not famous and the person who told them they are is just as insane; they are the kill people because somebody stole my idea and my dream goons, the traders who know nothing but rely on recruiting sales operatives to run around and make them millions  so they can think themselves equals with Royal Princes, they are the Media idiots who get off their lives of neighbourhood crimes and history with the Police to get on public places to sell music CDs and all worth not on other peoples public lives and they will never ever let my Books grow, while I intend to find out what they are going to do by selling their cultures and societies for a living and every noise made at me will make me worse and worse over the need to use the money to get a life by hiding them away from the rest of the world ; it does get to a point and from current evidence based facts, no matter what they have taken, it will never be enough. The Politician ones were the inventors of spin – ever so happy to hold down 22 year olds that are not being provided for by their parents so these fools can dominate them first before they can do academic work, knowing he will resist having his personal life and public life peddled by them; now we have the wonderment everywhere of what will happen when I do go through hell to finish academic work and above all now that they know how to attack peoples mental well being to make them understand that the only products they should buy are those peddled by fat boy capitalist idiots that the US normally leads on and foolish African socialist idiots and Eastern Fools that cannot keep their hands off other people’s private parts, there is a sense I am supposed to fold my arms and watch them, if not give up my Books all together; all those lies they used to tell in the 70s and 80s etc – what a chance, what an opportunity. Apparently Business is their Bees knees but they have a problem with those who beat them over their vandalism, too stupid to cope with the process where you use your life and possessions to get something done so others can get a service, if they can do sales men and their parents and grandparents abuse me in sexual context to steal fame for them while they maintain the fact they are fucking famous on media and I need to cook it beyond recognition as well for my part; so it might make sense to think about being equals with peoples Royalty only when you have succeeded in such areas first of all, never mind the part where they can just leave me alone and go off to trade or concentrate on their jobs so they might cease to turn up around my Books to earn extra money.

The talk of what The Prince of Wales and his Sons think of me does not apply; it is not relevant – the reality is that everything his Royal Highness does whatever he is told and advised comes back down to his vision and that always leads down to interference with Politics and general Political vandalism in high places by the creation of society in which men get what they want and stupid women save themselves from a Queen so they can dedicate their foolish lives to serve of power for a King; I don’t care what the feelings applicable here really are. So it is always said that people like me foster social disobedience of incredible magnitude but the reality and truth has always been as simple as the fact that if I am a Christian and every other method especially that of undercutting me at the basic of my instincts such as feeding fails to deprive me of the Faith – then those who are more deserving of it will have it through a process of making sure they rip up my finances since having money is the only way to protect a faith and having a protected faith is guaranteed to ensure when you die you get to the Kingdom of God and not to Hell – so nobody knows how they explain the other part where they damage my finances and there is always a civil right idiot with problems that mean they are more deserving of all I say and do than I am, if I am the one fostering disobedience anyway. It then all comes down to the sometimes amusing but serious ‘my anus oh my anus, I cannot look after my anus because I am a Man and not a Woman’ story and when they use it to rip up your academic work and turn up in government office to talk nonsense about National Interest and what you are supposed to do while they lead you, you feel like your chest is about to explode.

I. Uno