It has been a matter of uttermost importance to me, to set out on this website like many other websites I run and oversee, the activities created by Political miscreants, Industry goons and other processes on Media which are devised to make the lives of the general Public incredibly uncomfortable. I have had some approaches on this, the statement made being that there must be a price for any change which is to make me comfortable. The reality we live in that I am a Public service operative, so I have put these activities up for public consumption, to ensure each time they moved away from it, they did properly, so any conveniences and prices from moving away from it, will have to be stolen.

By far the biggest problem we have here is that of Journalists and Celebrities picking up my work as something which helps to support their own, instead of buying Books at the Shop and I really cannot tell how hard it is for them to stop doing this and to acquire Books I have written each time they showed up near the shop anyway. The consequences in question being that they start their day making comments about my concerns and end their day the same way, trashing the market to improve their lives, if I had managed to move them on during the day, they perform routines that trashed client interests, most popular of those routines being the claim I simply cannot handle the fact they were financially better off than I am. So I am rather done with it – needs stop picking up my work and ensure it did not leave without a paid for copy of my Book for every involvement with my concerns and needed to stop making comments on my Public image to pursue its concerns in safety after the stupid personal decisions it had made which is incredibly rude thereof too.


Welcome to my Office – mainly for Royal State Business but also Property deployed to facilitate the Estate Celebrity Court is Administrated here to facilitate necessary Royal Civil rights Admin. I have done it this was not just because there are some who enjoy taking property and job roles out of my Estate using Popularity Publicity which is really designed for profitable laziness. The newer versions of these behaviour have been born not only of evil and persecution of moral people but also of a process of setting out demonisation of those considered most worthy of work so as to ensure a means of escape regarding work place leadership quip is possible or as they put it, those who have the body type to withstand work place bullying which may also be handed in as tool for extremism when such a time had arrived.

(Please excuse my language on some occasion – it would have been inconclusive and disingenuous that while my Books are so  rudimentary to speak in another form and term bearing in mind what Civil rights based, organised and petty criminalities become when their main support systems have been taken away from them.)

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.


 The working Man's Equity Dossiers & Publications



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The bigger picture expresses itself at the terrorism issues the best - the bit where we must assess the various forms of disobedient wickedness that men want to engage in and link with some form of money making or the other in order to obtain victims they can practice on. The media ones for instance just want to get involved with me each time they are pricked by my work and wish to provide a leadership at local communities where everybody follows this queue - and these are the ones that need to tell lies all of the time as it were, about how good and moral a people they are, a power to decide which people think is truth with information naturally.

I have however been clear about how I wish to get about my concerns before I begin to resort to measures that can ensure none of the plans, they have come up with operates around me in a way that as much as causes distraction. It is how I get told I do nothing about it save complain like it is the end of the world, which is not actually true - this is a matter of the modern people and at school having those groups where very stupid things can make the psychology business into a multimillion pound venture, when done they are fundamentally out of the league of everybody they meet and become powerful low lives that want money off other people's estates and invent powerful and abusive ways of getting it too.

Mostly they assume they know much about the British but tend to find that is not true when they meet people such as myself and their get all blank and wonder where I am coming from but are still out of my league while wanting money off my estate with a big mouth. The British ones are the reasons we are here because they are always helping me out with royal work as well as spend most of their time making sure I am getting into an altercation with the Americans who have the biggest military in the world thing every time they wish to steal an income from my estate and business; hence politicians do not fancy them so much anymore now that it is obvious and clear that people should be getting into government buildings to spend a decade and a half of my time making sure these fools have habits that can allow them round me up where I am engaged with important things, so as to make me fight for them while they put the feet up and acquire lifestyles scandalously and quickly - everybody is complaining about hurting bottoms these days. They always say I never make use of my own culture and prefer to deploy other people's culture all the time and it is utter rubbish too - the first time such things failed it concerned politics being a condition where people stand in queues so the idiots can decide who gets to the front of it, it failed woefully and the politicians had to intervene, so we are set to see where the one about making use of people's culture will lead, considering we already know that the reason it is happening is that the media ones and idiots with journalist jobs never give it a rest.

They do say I am arguably the rudest thing that ever lived but we all know asking me to share some of the privilege is boring and they are some of the godless things that ever lived too. They do say that antagonising politicians is the reason for all these which is utter nonsense - apart from the need these fools have to boss people around and ensure they suckle on people's personal security while living out a really useless existence which is very queer and usually reflected by the lives that street squatters think they have a right to live for instance but as a whole it's all lies and tales told to ensure people ask questions while I have books to sell, detracting from the main book selling bit every day and we all know that when tackled will lead to that outcome where as they say, fighting politicians really is the answer for everything.

Just like they say I am of the opinion the contraptions I have put together are actually books, while reality is that 90% of it actually are books i.e. the remaining 10% is a matter of opinion about the contents, I am not writing the fact I am a celebrity and I had three children and it was not easy on other people's public image and royal estate and books business altogether, so whatever the contents may be, they are actually real books and the comments will be shut down or they will lead to trouble - it does by the way go beyond the simple nuisance of celebrity politicians and trade writers obviously and that is usually when the storms that to kick off; I mean they will write their life story on my own literary empire due to their laziness and abusive insults and when I write my intellectual property administration then there is a small war - so books do look like this without a doubt; I mean, it is generally more frustrating when it's impossible to go from writer that does a job for which he is not paid and writes a book to spread the job around, to finding a publisher that is actually interested in a writer and not the trade writing bits since the business is already a trade which is impossible to find - when you self-publish and do your own, then there is a small war and people cannot shut down their stupid comments as a result. I do not think it complicated, just think they need to stop being too stupid i.e. it is supposed to be a couple of books to start out with since a best seller would normally pay the writer and then the grandchildren after and one person can only have so many and somewhere at the middle will be the series to keep fans up to date and at the end will be your last hoorah before you had retired - it does go beyond trade writer nuisance and they needed to learn that painfully too, it is not their literary business to extract money from besides the fact I do not need their opinion if they need by books but do not wish to give me the satisfaction of getting a copy of their own.


I get told by Industry trouble makers from God knows where, that I am joking if I think I will just put up my products and people will find and buy them but that is precisely what I intend to do. There is no point selling products from a difficult job that involves dealing with a recession and unemployment if I either have to beg people or bully them to buy the books. There is no point in selling these kinds of securities if people are dishonest because they are dishonest, it is either they want economic recovery or they don't. I for my part am a writer which is the point anyway-i.e. if people want to buy books they buy books and keep their feminism and sexual revolution out of my life.Not tell me after they have wasted years of my time and vast amounts of my resources, that I seriously do not expect to put up books and sell them without marketing them as if they did leave any funds behind for the marketing. As far as I know of which it is always them and the process of showing me everybody knows them around here and then also know what they can do to people such as hold people down in places and whip-up community goons on people at the precise time when they should be having their daily basics of life. I too intend to beat sales for this books out of them because my job and the mission of getting the economy going was already difficult enough before they got themselves involved as well.In the end, it is a recession and we are trying to recover. If people want to buy books, they just buy books; most of that rubbish they get up to is not victimless and I am not babying them to buy anything, just like any idiot that tells me I should have heard of him is bluffing when he also thinks he will make a living from that. These kinds of people are never going to buy my books anyway, so it is never clear what they always seek at my market place on a daily basis; besides which telling them to stay out of my business fills them with resolve to tell me what to do even more.

It is a free market system, if I was serving a Communist Government, I would maybe have worked along a different parameter but in this one people buy something because they need it because they want it and because they have the money to buy it, not because something else is influencing them, that is the ethos behind my job and the basis on which the books are to be sold, this is what my books are, which is precisely why Media and Commercials industry idiots need to stay out of it too: things work around here by the forces of Demand and Supply: period. And if people think they can need my books, have the purchasing power for them and aid themselves with alternative arguments, I already have a reputation and they should be rest assured I will get my lost income and earnings out of them one way or the other; none of it is victimless. The errors of diction during the drafting of these books have been published with them, as they carried the experiences and security based authentication on which the securities are rooted (they have all occurred at the point where sexual bullying by evil women happens to instigate violent familiarity based bullying by men, which is intent on causing mental illness and financial Failures or preferably for those that have always known better to be able to buy them and make the corrections themselves).

I will show my face as they continue to call for when my book sales are running smoothly-I do not consider myself to be tentacled.This is the only thing that will paint a clear picture that will help me understand that Mr A buys something he sees at the market place because he wants to, not because of the way the market has been arranged or organised and that the price of the product has operated along the same parameters as well. So the males can stay off my intellectual property and stop thinking they will wind me up until I am angry enough to get involved with a gang, while the females issue insults like claims I love to flatter and get generous with women because they think they can deploy commercials and media to savage my books intellectual property and finances with their stupid show off arrogance, which have no respect for products created with my Securities on account they buy them with a 'buy products and replace the equities that went into creating them, incredibly abusive Policy' which they first think means something, before they think means they are being discriminative and more so with their big mouth means they are being powerful, based on trust on the so called men that do violent things for them, which of course has no limits; to take whatever they want and make sure no rules in the Laws of the land apply to them as long as they can control me, which is incredibly infuriating and they know it is because of access they have to me and my work, while planning to cover their tracks and protect themselves from me by having a boy of their own as my Rival (especially from the US, where they have no respect for anything in their stupid lives). Their capacity and thirst of wickedness always sees that they are obsessively initiating scrambles into anything new that happens even if they are worse off and I have had enough of it on my earnings too

Now the talk of how much of a dunce I am is one that has now borne fruits as well; on the matter we are dealing with a collection of people whose involvement with others feels like truancy which you have never done in your life because they understand they have media to create reputation with and get famous with your earnings and property when they want if Politicians wish to cooperate, provoke you and talk their own collection on nonsense. The reality is that I have before made it clear to these fools and their Godlessness and Popular culture that the personal dairies are full here and when I stop them and enforce a process where they stop it will cost them their stupid society and community but we are here talking about how much of a dunce I am and it has something to do with the Royal Family as well because they think their stupid children are and can be the world’s biggest bullies with impunity if they wish and that they don’t have to listen to what others are saying to them especially because they have stupid famous civil rights leaders that I don’t even know by the way. So at this point the biggest problem seems to be Nelson Mandela that I don’t even know and I don’t know him or who the fuck he is and I don’t care and they need to burn in hell; now there is a real reason to hate and provoke and beat up as an excuse to take a literary empire away from the owner and make it their own with a big mouth and lots of media nonsense. The state of affairs presently is that they are in a corner because of what the Christian thinks about them and that is just the beginning; as I said they feel they can be the world’s biggest bully with impunity and that big mouth and never listen to what others are saying to them and always expect to get away with crimes committed over possessions. All anybody really needs do is act decisively and relentlessly over this issue and I am tired of simply giving it to them with that sense at the back of my Christian mind that their stupid leaders deserve some kind of respect or decorum and this of course is just the beginning.

Its the same old story of those stupid insults and the result that there isn't pornography that is not happening that happens without my involvement and yet they feel they can keep their civil rights after and also tell me I cannot watch it as well; punishing people for their own shortcomings and spending so much time to round people they cannot handle so that they can do it, so it is always one story after another of I get into trouble all the time because I was told you are stupid when you are the clever one and now I will be punished by a bigger penis if I say so hence the whole process leads to a sex video and I wonder what the fucking idiots do think they can do when I watch it anyway. We all know that after provocation that will make me launch into a fight and get beaten up on account they want to get rid of Monarchy while people like me encourage it to stay does run its course with that big mouth and stupid media, the issue will shift to the sex trade and how I feel it is not a trade and this is the sort of vandalism that can created the condition we find ourselves in today and that big mouth noise making we hear all the time too. 

The claim I am being abused by businesses will never go away as far as I know anyway; that is largely something to do with a process where I build myself a literary empire and sit down to sell my books but it turns out that others have an idea about what my property should be used for on the basis of how they feel and the fact they never act contrary to the way they feel or somebody will get hurt and that stupid city identity they have is a large factor contributively factor to it as well that needs to be seen as collateral damage; that is how we ended up where we are now with the Christian on one hand and they on the other and a global stage for it while they are convinced they will be famous either way. I mean you do not necessarily have to explain yourself to big businesses under which shadow you grew up in when you have something of your own to run but now I am having to deal with those who make money on claims all I own was stolen from them and the reason none of their activities will ever be a crime is because I cannot chase it up or protect my patents since that would have been too much work and cost too much money and take too much time while all I need to do is survive and hence going into an office to do a job has become their taboo and we shall see too; it is quite impossible to work out what they complain about while they do these things since we all know they are making money on account there are those who will not buy products unless they are sold in this way, talking nonsense about controlling me and what it is worth to them financially as well; as I mentioned before it is about their women and children being convinced they can make themselves the worlds biggest bullies and bully anybody with impunity, so that I have now been bullied by them to a point where I am a thing they love to attack all the time whereas nothing has changed about how the Christian is something like them and ought to understand he should not be getting involved with violent people lest it affects their homes and family on the basis of the fact there is nothing he can do about violent people but it gets better because whether or not I am involved with violent people is something they manufacture and those of them that end up in Church want to be able to keep their temper when people mock them and attack me into doing something about it right the way down to an issue about the size of their penis, which means their bahviour get more and more obscene all the time in a bid to confiscate my earnings - I am not being dominated by anything or shown anything about how difficult it is to be successful by a collection of consumerism idiots who wish things all of the time.


 Its largely a matter of whether my livelihood can become a plaything to such an extent as the media will bully me out of everything I own using what people think about subtle messages they send with what they do with their camera; get off the road my camera is pointed at and off my conversation with politicians and off markets for your products and off your own equities and securities and off the cars and businesses I am pointing my camera at and off the fact I know where your books are and can handle them as I want etc – they speak of businesses that have got it in for me because they consider themselves masters of consumerism but of course they are making money by creating a link between attacking me and getting rich on account there are people who will not buy products that are otherwise displayed on account they are bullies and believe they can bully any, besides which if the whole purpose of serving consumerism idiots was that of creating an environment around your products which they can get involved with as something special to be a part of why would you want to make such money with the environment that another person built right by his royal Estate and in such insolent and abusive manner. The blacks say they share skin colour with me and I am famous for being the guy that people can squander generously and we will get to the bottom of that as well.  The idea they are a problem and I am delusional with a notion that I can handle them is wrong; I don’t think they are a problem, only the most notorious of the lot is a country in the Southern Hemisphere of Africa that thinks it wants to become the most powerful bully laden tourist economy in the world and when done then it will explore what resources it has and dominate everybody else; hence I don’t know a Nelson Mandela and have never met him and they can blow my top if they want, after all the worst they can do is pretend this is the 1990s and turn up with weapons to tell me some foolish woman that wants to get rich wants me dead; for now they believe they will do that with HM and I cannot seem to put an end to this process where she will say I am going down and then say alright you are okay, carry on etc; it happens too often and they never listen to what others are saying to them, think they can covered the tracks of their stubbornness where what you don’t like becomes their major preoccupation if they believe they get a fix from bullying you and then complaining about an oppression they have masterminded on account anything that is in the list of the deadly sins must be practiced by them and imposed on others globally. There is not a shred of truth or evidence to that claim I am on some kind of hate campaign, it is a process where they think their homosexual nonsense can be applied on anybody and since they say they are not interested in the number of times I want them off my book sales and off my earnings on account they are happy people and I should learn to live like them, I have no idea what they are complaining about for my part (it may sound unusual but this giant global vandalism and destruction of my property and finances over a game of catch the Christian out is something I perceive to be a challenge that is getting more and more violent and full of respect I must accord their stupid self harming leaders but it will never have been a new issue anyway).



 It is usually said I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together

 There is no truth to that claim I am a victim of internet abuse; what happens most of the time is that they wait for me to build up a history and then set off to deploy it to their own ends and so I have to deal with market damage and property damage but because every one of their actions are followed up with violence that will make me see why I should allow them do whatever they like I suffer the health effects – it does not actually mean they are taking advantage of me as such and of course the one that will take a stand one day is the one I will make an example of as well so we can find out how much the social networking site owners will protect them from me instead. I have never thought it an issue – they will say they know all about me right down to my personal life but then again there are socialist idiots buying shares in other peoples company who want their community croons all over my anus and penis and so on because that is how their narcissistic happiness that makes advertisement and popular culture fame and fortune works, so they have these idiots they have started to describe as socialites, the history I have with those as well, so seem to have an issue about being successful by making sure others had failed and regularly cannot leave people alone if they appear on tabloids and glossy magazines to talk nonsense instead about how the fact they are famous and rich is other peoples fault for paying attention to or talking about them but then again I suppose the warnings here are very clear as it were: so that when they are done telling fortunes of celebrities and abusing them with that great intensely intimate sense of insult that answers all their problems in life, they set me out and make their own publicity for me, get rejected by celebrities and now have their new celebrities for the future; people like Kim Kardashian, people like Taylor Swift and my personal favourite Justin Bieber but generally the new name for these kinds of individuals, the history I have with them as well is 'socialite' who clearly cannot keep their stupid hands and their curators their stupid pens and cameras off other peoples public work, royal estate and possessions, now my personal life is in trouble all the together they say with a big mouth; so do I think they are vulnerable? Of course not; these individuals want my personal life and like to take pictures of themselves on my property equity and extract millions from the perks of my office for two reasons and one of those is that if they are women they are having their orgies with rackety middle range fat cats to assume when you issue a warning you are referring to back stage media which is why they seem to have this need to show up naked in public all the time seeking other peoples personal lives that can give anything and the other is that there is nothing I can do about them yet - so it is possible that I could be bluffing. I mean we do hear they are breaking down a British Empire of course and it will never be clear how that means when people are prevented from peddling other people religiously sacred positions and Royal Renaissance they can involve their stupidities and damage finances and get married on the fact they are single and yet that part was always started either by their need especially the Americans to be taught sex by a preacher boy which I am notorious already for the things I do when people provoke me in that way especially around finding girlfriends and wives at my expense, never mind the fact I have women Loyal to me who regularly ask their husbands to fuck them like I would, so it is still impossible to work out what it is exactly they want from me as well although I am stuck on finding out too - after all we all know it cannot be any more than that old issue of girls enjoying the kind of feeling they should not be denied before their time in the world is spent and that it is never a new prognosis: we hear them speak of their Neo-Liberalists achievements and powers which is supposed to have gone beyond the celebration of pushing others into corners from where they can no longer recover, for the fun of what they claim is an association with culture and society and we all know they have achieved no such thing and that it would take me only a few second to build myself up to a point of pushing them into a brick wall as well, especially if I chose popular culture celebrity awards and the shows and meetings they do that fosters those as the tool I need on the matter - speaking of which they are still hard it, hard at the old question of how much money is enough money to become more important than a Royal Prince and put him in a place where he is complaining others are deploying his possessions to get rich with when that is not actually true - so it is a fair advice to remind that we all try to live in a world that is tolerable for everybody as it were and for their need to turn up in public to destroy my personality to a point where they are damaging career and public life does mean I have had enough of them around here and will not tolerate any neo-liberalist powers and achievements as well.



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