It has not been made clear who came up with the idea that the UK economy was a zero hours economy but we have heard that talk rather frequently; I mean even in the US and in Africa where the climate is such that people can sleep in a car or an open park bench in their three piece until morning without a health issue they do not have zero hours economy in those parts of the world no matter how greedy and financially stupid and abusive people are. For the Politicians I like to think it is their fault because if they could definitively tell employers how many people they have in the work force they would be able to tell exactly how many people were paying National insurance and what the shortfall on the NHS was and then they will be alright on all fronts and we wouldn’t have to solve their problems for them while they take up the government jobs and think only about getting elected up to this stage where it seems to have become a developed culture. The part that beats me the most being when we see them mess up the civil service in such ways too – whereas normal people know it is the biggest political employer and the way it works is liberal democrat manager has to take orders from conservative government despite the fact that the civil service is a very politicised environment, creating wonder why they simply cannot let it be as independent as it should be in the first place or indeed why they are not concerned about efficiency issues while they play their games, hence the zero hours contracts it’s just a bonus problem and the UK is not a zero hours economy. I understand they say top city employers are on zero hours but we all know it’s a matter of three rooms in a building, one is where you take care of yourself and the other contained 5000 items that need to be in the next room in 62 hours which number of hours is your zero hours contract limit – so once they have created their financial buffer zone, they can delegate these tasks and will hardly have been doing anymore zero hours.  We hear the Politicians do these things because the Labour Party started it but I wonder how many clever people they find in that party anyway but most of all wonder if they have failed to realise still that until the 1900-1950 when the wave of Nazism spread around the world militant socialism was the old hate in Europe and will continue to be as well. In their defence they say my disposition winds them up especially the part where I get satisfaction from doing things to them and getting away with it when everybody knows they are the ones that have the capability of behaving towards me in such ways; so I am obliged to spell it out for them here as such that what they are really angry about is the fact that I have finished with them and now that they know that they can get off to whatever they feel they have a capability for – I mean it is important everybody watches you fail at what you are doing, so somebody really enjoys getting on media to get involved with you which is rather destructive as well and he enjoys doing that every day because his job is boring never mind how much he enjoys reporting you instead of the news – now after a decade and a half of putting up with it they feel my position is provocative and that is why I need them to understand exactly what they are provoked about so they can see they are predisposed to start another if they wanted. And of course constantly being seen around my books will blow up in their faces all together and they do say they will get the Politicians too and I do understand what they mean for I have not made plans for such an eventuality as well. So I am done with them as in properly done when I say done; done to a point where it seems all the paranoia exists in my mind, so I can easily shut it down and call it a day and things continue to get worse the more I continue to think it is not over when it actually is after all it appears as though there will always be a question mark on every single thing that I do especially when it comes to earning a living – question mark as to whether women are happy with it, question mark as to whether somebody else is sharing too, question mark as to whether I can at all aka if I am cursed by women or not which needs to be enforced. So I am done with them at this point and they are predisposed to start another if they wanted; I know they say it is a series of limitations I cannot deal with but I am an Arch Prince and did not become one by magic, so this is an example of how easily I can.

They do ask what I mean when I say people need stay off my public life and stay off my books but the situation is that they cannot be reasoned with; I mean I can manage when people spend all their time playing a game of a personal life they want to confiscate for instance right up to the part about giving them the royal estate because they need the money more which they have all explained away with my work to create this sense people think they do not know what they are doing and need to be educated about the effect but I have not had a holiday from their stupidities in a decade and  a half and the frustration of wrecking my book sales to make that possible is building up too. So in terms of getting off my books and public life specifically the reality is that they do nothing with their time except cause so much disruption I have to get about doing the job of the advertisers for them and doing the job of the customers for them and then mine as well because if I don’t, in the course f using the products they will do my job and yet if I do the revenue will bottom out and this is something they do need to take responsibility for because I am reaching a state where it is setting in as a good idea to take that responsibility for them; I mean we are not dealing with incompetence or market problem here we are dealing with specific individuals who make it their preoccupation whenever you ask them not to do a particular thing they have done before with your possessions and the level of disrespect is unprecedented. The Politics and perspective is nothing unusual; they will kill off my faith and do fame and fortune popular culture which becomes the way I am forced to live in a world where and when they can enforce it, otherwise it is much the same with the culture story where they are now the victims as it were before five years ago before their victim status opened up nobody could detach them from getting help at Politics to rip up peoples culture and make out others were being discriminative; hence what the bloody idiots do not know is a question I am asking is that of how it is that people kill themselves when they are not allowed to be homosexual but others are happy to live with having their culture taken from them and if I am remembering correctly these fools are making it so much better by taking the livelihood too but we have now been made to believe they are the victims just as religion is the evil that is destroying the world and I am a discriminative Christian whose biggest problem is the teachings on humility that means people can be sure when they attack him they will come to no harm so they can have their wicked fun. So unless these idiots are addressing their popular culture big wigs and telling them to keep off my public life then the whole disposition where they are so influenced by individuals like Simon Cowel and other Pop idiots maybe they wouldn’t dare should mean their boldness at addressing me becomes a situation that needs to change fast as well. I understand they claim they love to see me fight for opportunity as well which is utter nonsense; I am a National treasure and have a special environment where I am supposed to liaise with government and chase academic work that should help me get that done; I can manage all these issues but have not had a break from their daily onslaught in a decade and a half and the pressure is building up and they need to stay off my books since that is the ticket to recharging and sparing them the trouble I can make as well – nobody is really that patient.

At this point there is that question about my inability to get along with media big wigs but it depends; until the involvement of these idiots it was as simple as rounding up a Court system, industrial and all the others save Royal Court which is actually something else all together, and sitting down to provide updates and writing books for those who want to buy into it as well – their involvement has changed all that and I don’t like them at all especially so because it is being forced on me from high positions of authority, that when they are done smoking and drinking and gambling they can get involved with me and clean their stupid lives here then claim it is their freedom as well and it cannot be ascertained which is more insulting; thus the American sex Industry has always been very bad news for British small businesses and that is why they also know the last place I want people to mess with is the work Court of female journalists that aid me with stability and management but it becomes the one thing they have to get involved with everyday – so I am well aware that the bit where I don’t like them especially around the sexual impropriety issue will cause attraction for media big wigs but there are other small details like these which can easily mean I may not want to get around with anybody.

Like the story of how what I say falls into the wrong hands which causes problems for everybody but what we have is reality like a Labour party that stands up in public to tell people to work with them to ensure the conservatives do not get into power and when asked about it claim it is a bad thing like a taboo and people expect either myself or the general public to handle that stupid party of theirs on either end and rip up for those that are affected as it were hence when what I say falls into their hands it becomes the problem. So they do say I offend the Politicians who now have a need to see me fix their problems which is utter nonsense – reality rather says when Labour will run their careers in no other way save representing those that were forced to lash out and stab people and shoot people and end up in prison and I need to be silent while they confiscate my Royal Estate and literary empire the conservatives will support their Policy because it will make them unpopular besides which if I did anything about that they could get into parliament and pull me in all directions, hence when I had taken steps to ensure they are all burned by it especially the bit where Labour has a need to wreck peoples finances to ensure they end up in areas of society where they are next door to those that were pushed into lashing out, they do not get to pull anything in either direction. It is not true that I hate the Labour party either they love to play these games and assume others have the time for it and that it is the best way for me to engage in a process where people have formed political parties and I have to chose which has the best Policy for the next stage of what leadership for the entire Nation requires being that socialism will take away that choice if they don’t make that time available and then it’s all democratic and really evil in the context of lawlessness and insecurity that is above the laws of the land to bring about equality but it’s when they tell me that voting for another party is taboo so they can chase my anus and penis and insult me in sexual context to ruin my life and claim I am being cursed that it becomes real and serious. The blacks do say I am one of those things white people like to pick up to shame the black race of course but I don’t like them in anyway either especially the insults of sexual context which mean I cannot concentrate on anything around here and they are getting to a point where they love it way too much for their own good too and like to claim its Britishness – it’s always important to live up to a reputation of cutting up that culture each time it gets involved. Again not a question of whether I hate them or not but a question of no other means by which people can divide themselves into groups countrywide and ask the rest of us to send the group that has the Policy we like best into government except by Political parties that they established which becomes institutions of the Country; so when people say we must work with them to prevent one group from getting in because it is taboo, I will cut up the culture if I see it and they still need to explain themselves; even now I cannot have a life with my own family as if they were born or raised by me while they talk nonsense about the plight of poor and working people looking for trouble all the time; I am finished with them at this point and they are predisposed to start a new one to find out what people feel about that stupid culture and society.