For the media ones and the Political connection I do not think most of their activities are a serious matter, unlike the idea they make out all the time they are my biggest problem. I wish to be able to control their movements on a global stage because they will not leave alone my work and I am aware they have connections with top members of the royal family for their actions and like to tell me I will have been damaged in the head to try but I do wonder what it means anyway when they are still here and like to pretend I am one of their journalists or pop stars and that they manage my life like one of those as well. Whereas they have done so much damage to my finances and reputation that they are now complaining when it comes to manipulating people the media is at the receiving end of me and that I am a creature in another league entirely but before then they will make sure every statesman listens to the things I say when I am hurt by them until I become a frustrated philosophy for peace that nobody wants to listen to and it reached a point where George Bush will collect my career for them to boost American power. Now I have decided they will take up the job and do it until I build back my reputation and finances, they have decided I am manipulative and they need to be free of me but of course are still hanging around pretending they control my personal life and can give to anybody who asks them anything that people want to get from me – so the part where they are connected with top members of the royal family is just really annoying by the way. It is not a purposeless manipulation of people, it’s just that there would be no problems if they left the work the mess they have made it the way it is but leaving it alone is something they cannot do and therefore every one of my movements happens to be their intensely personal business and by the way, they are still here and I am not so busy with other things which will afford a process of ignoring them anymore. In any case of which these top members of the royal family they get around with must be showing me the underside of their single persons vanities and like to make out I must never sell my books to make me keep to paying for the cost of the deals I make with the royal family as well, so of course most of what I do and the way their politicians end up at the receiving end as well clearly isn’t a single persons vanity as it were and for their insults and challenges we will find out as well; like that old stuff of how I am hated by modern and decadent people due to the way I act which is not in keeping with how they want things but the same idiots do damage to my finances first and then wonder why I never care, not to mention the things I must keep up for the pleasures they derive from my life with a big mouth of how I am not ready for them and like I said of course, they are still here as it were thinking they have connections with royalty and will run my life and make me take off the market books I write which do not paint them in favourable light. Their Politicians never get it, they think they are my biggest problem when in actual fact tribalism giving them unfair advantages in the UK and cultures in the UK giving them unfair advantages in Africa is their biggest problem all together and they on the other hand have simply gone from thinking they need to get involved with me through Pornography because they cannot like new anchors do only to find there are people doing that already and have never really acknowledged damaging my work and income in order to be able to manipulate me to take things off my office and do riches and fame with it, like all that noise they make thereafter.  Quangos and red tape is to the UK what Embezzlement is to African countries (for example) and they know it but think they have scapegoats whenever they yap off multiculturalism to make out changes that confuse people and those that should be held responsible for providing leadership that lays the powers that be to rest. As for the attitude of handling my work and my profit margins, they will live up to those stupid threats one of these days.

I hear of the story around the issue of those I think I can handle but really cannot but there is nothing here said about those I can handle or the idea of it and those I cannot. Reality however is that everybody can kill everybody else and I have made it clear they need to stop threatening me so I don’t end up being the one to fire the first shot. I mean nobody really has to tolerate the evils of their societies and culture and there must be a way to share an office space with them without having to put up with it – for me personally, I don’t want to see it getting away from those it is nice to and turning up around my concerns because if I do I will cut it up again. So there is nothing new about building a company and an office which exists in a condition whereby it appears you are sharing with peoples societies and cultures while they talk nonsense about inequality and poverty and civil rights because they feel there are things that give or take they can get from your office if they should resort to violent means and it will not be the first time they have a problem with the authorities for coming between them and those they feel they have the right to bully because of a sitting duck status; so in a manner of compliance their socialist idiots have always had a habit of playing it up for them too and now feel thereof they will run government on the basis of who can beat up who and chase the possessions of a kid with it which activity they find really funny and my position has always been that they are free to continue so we can find out how it ends too as we are all too aware of the kinds of consequences those sort of bad behaviour can brew. For my part however I really have no plans to sit somewhere like I exist so things can happen to me at their hands and as a result of which I do not intend to tolerate any sense that when this happens they will do this and that happens they will do that and so in context I don’t want to see their culture and society around here or they will be impulsively angry yet again and they need to stop threatening me so I don’t end up being the one to fire the first shot, to see how comfortable they have made the day of their death and how uncomfortable they have made that of the coward they used to fear but are not afraid of anymore with that big mouth that means their very nature suggests they like to provoke people. So the matter does immediately move onto the other issue of the claim I have been cleansed of my Christianity on one hand while on the other is the threat of what will eventually happen to me for messing around their organised crime businesses; how these two go together is I suppose something their socialist Politicians will be able to explain but for my part we all know that the activities of their Politicians which means academics and government and society and economy will be run on the basis of who can beat up whom is built around the great old story of what they have cleansed and what they have not and a typical example of what they have cleansed recently can be Islamic State for instance but in this occasion, the reality is that they don’t seem to pay attention to the fact what annoys others about the way they drive on the roads and the way they are commuters on the streets and that their entire persona is developed around creating others a bad history to foster the power of what little salary they have that will ensure they enjoy the same power over others as their more successful counterparts in government do and they continue to boast as they ride of the goodness of well raised young people who do not see a plan to make them a laughing stock for others especially those in government yet, so that the deficit reduction can be slowed down for instance, those stupidities we have to put up with all the time but in terms of their organised crime businesses however, they don’t want to do any work for the management of their businesses because the whole process of evading the law is so complicated and labour intensive that managing the business does not pay, so they want to steal property from somewhere to ensure they can make and get away with their quick organised crime millions and this is what I will not allow at my expense – so those I think I can beat up but really cannot take on story; this is how it is done. I say little about it because of what people seeking an easy life may chose to do considering the disillusion that they have caused along with their Politicians. So that for the Industry trouble makers as such the reality is that daughter will not get a Ferrari this month and if I see them around my book sales and public work next month, this will be a repeat process as well; my agenda is that I am after people who think earning money involves music CD empires that have pipelines plugged into me, so they can keep threatening me to peddle my personal life, books and public work for it too as it were.