Some speak of these threats from city people that I face and attacks from them which are relentless and without reason which of course I am myself aware of. The truth is that with every act of attacking people is always a revelation of what they are thinking and how they go about it; they may do it to the point where they talk rubbish like not knowing why the person they abuse is so good to them but the fact remains that they reveal so much about themselves by it, which means that their stupid attacks make no sense whatsoever and this is where media come in because when they want one to make sense and the other not to then that is what they want and no body knows what the purpose of that stupid media is anymore or what their problem with it is. It is not something that concerns me much as such, just a matter to taking a look at the things they say such as claims life is good when you are ahead with such nonsense; I mean it begs the question of who exactly they are ahead of when they say those things. They are not ahead of me, they are not a threat to me and they are not one of the things I worry about for the most part, only that no body knows what their problem with a correct sense of wrong is, not that it is my problem anyway but now it involves me, with the fact that cannot get by unless they are doing things to hurt people and there are reasons to justify it which is what my problem with that stupid media is because they are the ones that make fame and fortune for them out of it and then tell me it is good for people to hurt me because good things come forth from a process where they do so, as well as tell me it is my fault they did with a big mouth.

As for the process of one day getting into a fight with them anyway; I suppose it is those kind of fights that will make them better off without consideration for the fact that it is not everybody that will want that kind of outcome. The problem with them is that they are always right; they can stand there and make up stupid stories to wreck your finances and business and personal life and even health but every time they do there is always some story or excuse which says they are right in doing so and this is what brings out the worst in people and therefore gets to make it so violent. I mean no body knows why they do not set out to hurt their own family members and themselves instead of me anyway from my point of view, bearing in mind they cannot get through a second without hurting somebody.


For claim I am stealing their beauties and like to think I am very beautiful man when I am not, the issue still remains that when you are given a royal commission, they wish to decide which part of the world that should apply, so you cannot sell any of your books yet until you stop that completely and when you tell them never to peddle your royal estate because they have got products and media to do so with it becomes a threat about people you are meant to be scared of in the fame industry, while it continues. The parents never achieve the minimum standard for anything they are meant to do and the kids just pick up from where they stopped, a living wage is not enough for them because they are the children of the fathers of the boys and girls and notwithstanding which they have a problem with the idea that money is something people work for and of course when people attack me and make abusive music CDs about it others buy it but when I write books about the things  find out about them, people want to know the contents and make me do things without buying the books. So it will come a point where I write books about all the criminal things they come round here to tell me about the things that happened to them in the Court rooms and how much they now know about the law and then there will be trouble when these idiots that buy those stupid music CDs fail to buy it when we know they can buy anything. I am not giving back that stupid left and they can come and get it or leave me alone to get their stupid freedom; I don’t care any which one they have decided to do.

To clarify on the beauties thing in any case the fact remains that getting involved with media ad celebrity culture is violent for me and so I can only do with people within diplomatic circles and of course it depends on who I do with, lest it means I like to have sex with staff and that becomes violent as well. It has nothing to do with all that threats over beauties and beauties stolen and abuses around how I am ugly fame industry rubbish, which of course they take my time off my academic work and job to do to make themselves feel better, such powerful deviance. Running an IP admin firm has got nothing to do with hurting them but I think the warning I have no friends or family in their company ought to inform them I know nothing about immoral celebrity culture and the fact when they steal my work and pass it off as their own to enrich the lives of their idiots I do not interrupt what they say but they like to barge into my property to interrupt what I say every single time. Of course there is always the claim I get involved with them which is utter nonsense; the truth is a work in progress going on about the fact they still get paid when asked to report the news and they get on My TV screen to change stance, detract completely from the news and bully me instead, each time they find out I am watching and of course I own my TV screen and there really needs to be a public case about the person that is paying them.

Bearing in mind the process of damaging other peoples livelihoods which is a very wicked things to do but instead of a fair sense of what they have done, what happens is media being used to create some means of making money that people will damage if they defend themselves to cover the tracks and keep it that way with a big mouth. When asked why they do it, talk so much rubbish about being better than their victims as a person beauties and otherwise and that the person gets to ignore them hence. These activities do not make them any less terrified of either what American Politicians might get up to, in fact they become more terrified of it and live their lives in more fear and apprehension as well as they become of racism the more they attack me and show it for trophy without reason but it is when you actually get off to consider it that the entire point of their wickedness becomes an obvious idea.