I am not paranoid about how anybody that moves is trying to be famous. The reality is that I do not consider these people to be famous; famous people or celebrities always have two lives, one has to do with something they do which means people know who they are and the other has to do with their real lives. These guys do not have two lives what they have is a culture and a means of getting in touch with idiot in a certain industry which provides them with a lot of money giving them leverage on other peoples income with things like media and the music industry, when they could always earn that money with those kinds of things without causing any body any harm, thereby explaining why they are celebrities – looking for trouble. After which they get off threatening me as well bearing in mind that the only way I would have been getting involved with them would have been if I were competing with them over those things they say about drugs and gangs, which they attack me because they are not saying such things to be famous anymore when they can attack me to be and their biggest leverage on that is wealth distribution and social equality which I will kill stone dead as well.

So as it stands, the reality is that on one hand of my concerns is a country and the people in it and on the other is a writing career that I have got; because they exist and because they have media there is always a mix between the two on a daily basis; country in my writing career, book sales in country, so that every idiot out there can have some alternative arguments besides the truth for the evil things they do to hurt people and my response to this is what I am doing at the moment; when somebody appears on TV to read the news, he is likely to get himself into trouble if he considers himself or herself to be a celebrity – what they do for a living is appear on public TV to read the news, they are not famous. The same with Popular music industry – what they do for a living is sing songs, they are not celebrities. If people do not like this way, the whole thing will becomes a completely different story and outcome entirely.

This is the only answer as it stands, the other alternative is up to them i.e. where they get themselves off my books and my book sales and my market place. As it is rather interesting to see how they will change history by doing these things here before the entire world, to make themselves notorious in order to be famous. The trouble with them is that they are always right in everything they do to me and like to make out the result effect this has on me is rather a process where I save my strengths so that I can beat up those that are bigger than I am, to them I have no other purpose for my time and perhaps my life as well, other than the daily re-enactment of reality, where they can get around my work, job, property and market place to do whatever they like, starting and stopping in their own time.

The main reason for some of these really evil things that people do because they hope I will have suffered to much that I get to forget that the reason the process and prognosis of wickedness around me escalated was that it became increasingly impossible for me to personally or involuntarily give up my faith and in order to ensure that the process of making me do so continues, the argument for it has brached into claims I have peace that is big enough to carry the sufferings of everybody or happiness and contentment that is enough to bear the dispair of others and it carries on through every possible emotion there is that human beings can feel and get violent with each opportunity where there is enough hidden facts for it to be, every single one of it. The reasons they always therefore make up that they feel is an invincible standpoint is that I have come to a country where people have fought hard to ensure others cannot commit racial crimes against people and get away with it, to show somuch disrespect for people and then try to make good with it as well and I always maintain the reasons they say such things is that they do not really understand me even though they like to make so much noise about knowing people inside and out for their stupid purposes. Where I stand is as simple as the fact that while they are their forefathers were busy making sure society is not a place where people can commit racial crimes against others and get away with it, there were people getting by without having to do so; people whose existence they still refuse to acknowledge like some modern form of social cleansing that they have never won as a fight except they are creeping behind people to murder them and then getting rich and famous at the other end. I mean imagine going to a country to suppose that there are no people in it that are intolerant of foriegners; this is what they do and the reason for it is both their stupidities coupled with their violent laziness and their greed and so of course once they desire freedom, which they always do in their own way and for their own purposes, they suppose and propose again that others must make sacrifices; what I mean by this is that at the heart of making sure there is a society where people cannot commit racial crimes against others and get away with it, is the fact that it is all about them and the conveniences of their families - not the kind of situation people ought to get involved with but the kind of situation that people ought to be kind enough to sympathise with, on grounds that people do not necessarily voluntarily make themselves bad parents.