There is the question raised as to what I would say if I wanted to end the crisis at the Monarchy but I am not aware of any crisis, just a condition where a bunch of gits who have been pandering a message of men’s lifestyle when there is a King on the British Throne, whilst sectioning some other people they would be able to take advantage of when that happens, had just become close friends with the King alongside a fantasy they nursed about coming into possession of what belonged to me – so I am going to get off and pretend I was never aware of their friendship with the King, to pretend that what the King does with them does not exist. It speaks of the previous Monarch’s reign being something I had not experienced in its entirety, what we know as a matter of certainty is that the early part of the Queens reign was a very difficult time for the UK and she had to make a lot of compromises to achieve what she did, unless they were going to say that she raised her sons in parental narcissism, which did not help to explain how a 50 year attempt to detach Royal sons from twats like this had completely failed. Eventually it will raise the point about a wonderment as to what I found hateful about male society whilst it was more a matter of the way that every method of involvement with me was abusive, there was the me up to a certain age and from the certain age I had my life and the life they fantasised I would have, so the one they fantasised about is now being enforced, especially from the abusive yanks who were already complaining about unfavourable societal conditions in their own country, this alone is enough to say that I would like to teach them lessons they will never forget, then there is also the part where everything they did to me was the same that the Police did to them, whereas the factors, conditions and the way people are affected by both livelihoods of me running a Bookshop and them having crime enterprises were different by a chasm, again another example of reasons to be motivated enough to hurt them as a matter of personal history and the list goes on endlessly. The other at the Local authority had become rather fed up paying the unemployment support but alongside its famous fools, does not wish to release my Bookshop back to me at the market place as well, if I hurt it the big words will be used to describe my actions but people are actually assisting with a role that a bunch of low lives that had nothing to lose and therefore a knack for getting involved with peoples personal spaces, wanted to play in the matter.

They do claim that there were aspects to my personality that made it unsavoury which there are, if we are talking about a daily abuse of a thought process which was designed to help its owner pass successfully a course programme of Law and Economics at University is subjected to abuses by those who want to use the personality for their beauty sleep among other gimmicks, up to a point where their stupidities claimed the victim was different, once finished which they then got involved with the mess they made every day, were they ever to deal with unsavoury illusions. I have not even mentioned another aspect of their male society that gets on my nerves because its own version of fame involved financial fraud and a need to trick the public into parting with Money by abusing other peoples assets, hence reasons it is always so insolent of them and they are always so reliant on media controversy but will not put their own stupid lives forward for it, like when I mentioned it is the last time they organised their stupid fame and media career at my expense in such ways as well. Eventually we hear that I was a conservative and they could see that I am but cannot make out the other non-compromising aspects of my character, which really does not exist as the crisis we have been facing for years is that the Conservative party was always being corrupt at Parliament, always the powerful and convenient option to seek the interest of the rich when talking about economic growth and none knows what they plan to seek when they talked of international trade – on the other hand the Labour party that works with the fact that we Conservatives understood economic growth was built on the back of bag logs of economic success that had not been explored, a willingness to live in a society where we did not spend everything we had, also decided that it wanted to be the healthier and wealthier persons among the public who could stand up to and represent the interests of the poor where the rich lived – 5 Prime Ministers in 7 years so far and nothing has convinced anybody that the gimmick had to end just yet. It becomes so amusing when they were done talking to the wealthy about bashing the poor and the wealthy would pay great attention, then end the meeting and go off to a board room to discuss ways in which they showed up to discuss lots of variables.

There is information apparently on the idea that there were now neighbourhoods I would not like to attend as doing so would pose a threat to my safety – I do not think that such neighbourhood existed anyway, it is all a product of a group of gits who needed to stay out of my work history, as we know their gimmicks to mainly involve years of hurling popularity insults at me, to arrive at a stage where some of the insults were so well felt that they needed to perform them everyday on account it gave them control of my personal and social life, as well as my financial wellbeing, we know that aspects of my work history that they claim to have been done in such an undignified way that I had ruined their popularity reputation was entirely due to these favourite insults being peddled whilst I am at the work place. My point is that it is always stupid enough to start and seems to have gotten accustomed to an abusive activity that makes somebody uncomfortable, as per in a scenario where it had to worry about what it had to do if the person became a threat, there is absolutely no way that showing up in their neighbourhoods would pose a threat to me, it is talking nonsense, if these facts are the underlying reasons that those threats would have existed. For my part is becomes a question of the stage and point where they felt it would have made sense for them to stop doing it and especially stop doing it in my direction if they knew I complained of it. I do not think the matter was a crisis as such, we are simply trying to make the most of a business of living in a world of financially successful home wreckers but it should be noted it has been getting on my nerves alongside its famous idiots, arriving at this stage where it had annoyed itself too – the premise being that if I spent the next five years of my time getting rid of something famous idiots spent 10 millions pounds to build as will make me very uncomfortable, at the end of my five year period, they would have reinvested another 10 million pounds building another one because they possessed a huge amount of finances that they could not account for, hence the financial well being of their celebrities was the threat to me, not where these big mouthed idiots lived. I do get asked the question of what I would say if I wanted to eliminate the problem completely but there is nothing much to it, just a version of me that I grew up to know being overshadowed by a version of me created by a bunch of famous gits, which I would fancy they got to shut down naturally but I am such a low life I dared not tell them what to do whilst they were at it, showing prospects that it will end badly, more so over their need to work parental narcissism on me on account they were financially comfortable – I mean I am told they had their purposes but it is never obvious how many time we found them fulfil such a purpose as people stated in these kinds of circumstances, we know that it there was a situation in which a corrupt Politician made policy that was dangerous, it was likely to be found that some teenage girl turned up on social media to make a statement about the ways such a policy would be enforceable when the politicians were the people doing the harm by themselves, we have never found celebrities do it, same in this case where it claims some neighbourhoods are set to be closed to me but if I arrived in one it would need to whip up a crowd and never got to do it by itself – it is a group of people who had no way to stand up for themselves save they made enough money to buy private security and the problem here is that they have made such money, having created me a 20 year career mess, found it a form of amusement to show up in my affairs and perform activities that will continue it for one more day because of its stupid ideas on how I should be used considering its needs, only to get off trying to decide how I ought to respond, still picking up my Books and my publishers business as a tool for red carpet self-reinvention if I had not killed it yet. In the end, access to private security was the domain of public figures but their existence was so desperate they had to have it, we now know their main problem with respect to my person goes beyond the fact they got on my nerves all of the time and had ended up annoying their stupid selves enough to issue threats at me too, the destruction of my wealth equity and crime control publicity to avail themselves to organised crime products was something they had to do but the fact it did not take too long as such for them to build a media presence for anything which looked as if I had been betrayed at the Monarchy was actually something that should have entitled them to befriend me – the reason we are doing this at all, needs to stop issuing threats at me.

They do claim that entertainment entrepreneurs are beginning to view me as a threat which is on the contrary progress from a process where every young woman that associated herself with me and my governmental affairs, got dragged into a Music studio to help people get rich on my public image, on account they were convinced of their entitlement to pick up other peoples assets at will – we now have a living, breathing Arch Prince whose life had been patented to the names of a bunch of entertainment idiots and he loves to get them doing the dirty parts of military jobs. It was all settled until the clever goons at the Monarchy who did not pay the fees at University and are not paying the bills now for the continued abusive interest in me, decided that when their need to move into my right hand side meant I loved to bury my problems in their comfort zone, I am the one doing the wrong thing, even when such activities assisted security services in crime control, runs it off until it built an abusive society for itself that could show up near me and rob me everyday, hence reasons we have ended up where we are – did security service jobs with the products of German influence, who run German local councils abusing others when white and were ethnic minority twats that were entitled to other peoples concerns when they were not and my whole life stopped because their stupidities and that of their famous idiots, whilst it gets off asking me the stupid questions and supplying opinions about my existence when none was actually asking in the first instance. The threat posed by the entertainment industry does not scare me as suggested, they are a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals that cannot stand up for themselves save they paid for private security and could afford it in the circumstances, now they have got the money, they have paid for it and its purpose is to bother, abuse and attack me, supported by a group of idiots at Local councils who have now become quite fed up paying up on the Universal Credit whilst it has been obvious for the better part of 15 years since I finished my Book, that people should show up near an authors place to read, not use his career publicity to fulfil their own dreams. It loves to hang about at parliament seeking help from Politicians for the enemy its stupidities had made here, damaging my finances and working me into a state of homelessness, lip flapping about difference between what I said and what is likely to happen, alongside its Media fools, who are mainly piers Morgan characters that make people feel like putting a bin bag on their heads and beating them up so they could never tell the police, ripping up my finances to brag on National and public media about ways that if I am thinking about it their stupidities were talking about it with a community, showing everybody its big mouth before it goes badly wrong, when it is not boasting about being one of the wealthy and powerful people in the Country. So I believe that when they were ready they would start the fight already and see if I am not going to get away with another clash between myself on one hand and the famous idiots, the society narcissism and the local council scumbags on the other. The real world is one is which for instances of my teenage years where I read some unusual Books and picked up amateur espionage fantasies in the process, nobody’s child is entitled to shower me with the insults from what is really an entertainment contraption that exists to help their stupidities avoid the jobs market, which purpose is to measure my career and career publicity in terms of an effect and a shadow cast, allowing them to say that an environment has been created which made it possible for them to make money by working show business – to avoid trouble, this nonsense is their favourite insults that puts them in charge of my affairs and it needs to be shut down; the strange aspects of all these, that those who wanted privacy from their stupidities were racist and now, what my tummy does because local council scum gets every low life that had nothing to lose into a position where they were able to share my personal space is going to cost me everything, with a big mouth. I am told I do however get along with the entertainment industry and I do – Celebrities are people who took the bullying issues to such an extent that they had arrived at a stage in their lives where everything that had to be said and done about the bullying issues had been said and done and all they can now do is be happy for the rest of their lives, so whenever we think we wanted to handle society abuses we liked to think it was the place to spend the lose change – these idiots are a completely different thing, a bunch of fools who became famous because somebody bought them equipment and venues to engage with a crowd and it makes so much sense to me when I am responsible for the fact they had such close relations with the other industry twats who pick up peoples income margins, part of favourite insults that puts them in charge of my affairs being peddled around here, each time they spent time fooling about at the boardrooms and thereafter wanted to please shareholders for pay day – my next response will be the finale, it needs to shelve the favourite insults, keep its comments to its career and cease interfering with my clients interest for the stupid finance fraud fame gimmicks it was obsessed with. We have seen this nonsense play up all the way to the High Streets where the stupid shop managers ran people down for shopping and so when people turned to crimes, being arrested was an opportunity to same something important to a Police Officer. I think that if I had mentioned how nobody child that could afford some private security was entitled to pass insults at me in an arena where they cast light and shadow on my personality to create an environment which facilitated show business gimmicks as would be profitable, normal persons would have viewed my words as a warning. I mean even now it would be said I had played into the hands of the ethnic minorities which I have not – same case as usual before the last murder arguably worked for me: history is that of German influence idiots fingering my bum until I dropped out of University, Italian influence gits marrying people who always had to run other people down to show they were Royalty at the Monarchy, to get on my nerves with finance fraud fame, expensive homes and cars in South America, the Oil money Muslims that tell lies all the time and dream of other people getting killed, the incredibly stupid British because of whom my whole life had stopped on account I did work in the private security industry that courted the interest of the others, the blacks who are always picking up a fight that they lost at my expense to show up talking nonsense about American power as well: it is now working me for homelessness and this was the main reasons it shows up near my Bookshop everyday to continue for one more day what is already a 20 year career mess that their stupid interest in my affairs had achieved. Their stupidities have now been complaining about people losing their lives over me, to cling to my finances and express insolent narcissism, whilst the other idiots from the local councils and their friends at the Monarchy suggest these fools were fighting my battles because I was too much of a coward to do it, that there was not a way that all these was my fault but its favourite insults and a need to issue threats alongside, will be its undoing. We know I am well within my rights when the facts which show that there was no ways to handle this nonsense without a healthy dose of narcissism, was one in which they were supposed to have paid for a copy of my Book in order to engage with it in the first place, especially when they claimed that contrary to the idea this was about robbery, it was really a call for help.

Now we know their useless persons years have been spent on this and if they can no longer handle me, they will face desperation and yes they should from my point of view, if my privacy parts and internal organs are not free from the soreness associated with their stupid interest in me soon, I will seek ways to control their activities, anything they did between their neighbourhoods and the city centre, instances where they lost jobs will help me feel good and it will go beyond the current complaint about men coming into harms way on account that their insults and abuses set them out as the people who should be handling overseas business interest threats, alongside their gits from the local council. It is never the case that we leave the matter festering and then show up to save the day either, at the heart of all these nonsense is the destruction of simply friendship and consensual activity, to arrive at a stage where they could devise the abuses they wanted and then seek out which tough persons privilege they were going to earn for the purpose, as stupidly as possible – so I left it festering, so that that a clear contrast was drawn between instances where Government operatives did not require body guarding security at all times and the kind of civil environment that their stupidities was building and it does claim it was due to the way that the weak were in charge of Government and needs to fight its corner by its date of birth instead of mine, if its stupidities was at least able to make sense of what the problem was, whereby it complains about the causalities of doing so, whilst each time I want to handle those causalities, its stupidities must have borrowed the means to do so, but had not been able to figure out what was wrong the whole time, only the big mouth on Media. It loves the boasting that I did not know with whom I was dealing naturally and needs carry on like that as we can see this was a matter of running my finances on a low key to sort out matters at a Trust, only to lose the finances completely and end up in a scenario where their stupidities had seen me pursue something with a sense of urgency, so living on Universal Credit became the problem itself, if only their stupidities could separate me from my Royal network, whilst it got around with its famous idiots to work me for homelessness, it needs to stop badly, stop badly from a process where my career made sense of the fact others were bad people and an atmosphere resulted to steal my social life for show business, up to the point of interfering with my client interests and stalling my Bookshop sort of stop badly a sense that these activities were not assessable by verifiable fact, never mind interference with my personal relationships to which effect my finances were affected because women were out of my league and the next instance year date 24/9/2024, where I have Media fools and famous idiots explore my so called history of failure to an extent where it was also being picked up my public transportation pricks, considering the need to cling to a history where I had not responded to their stupidities as a method of changing the narrative on harm they were doing to others via the press, which was by the way was the cause of all these, they will start my own part to play in this story too. It does speak about verifiable fact which implied that it was comfortable with me thinking that this was all a waste of time, clowning around some more at my expense on a stupid media. It is a process of spending whatever is left of the stupid society for each continued unusual interest in my Books, to ensure it continued to unverifiable fact, cling to my earnings and build communities that will finger my bum.

I am told that I am described as a cursed individual which I understand completely except there is no real curse except the parental narcissism that my career should have better been the property and possession of white Labour MPs, anything I did about the difficulty this caused would be the property of any black persons that were bigger than I am to make women feel safe, whilst getting student loans for University meant that people tore up my career, their children turned up to finger my bum and lecturers joined in until I dropped out, all of this had been set out for me once they found me trying to find my first ever job but the curse itself was the outcome of thinking I could pick up where I left off, as soon as I am done hanging around somewhere looking like I owed their narcissism a debt of affection. It seems we have arrived at the stage where it seem done with the idea of screwing around with security services at my expense, need to keep of handling my Royal order and fight its corner in life according to its own date of Birth, especially considering they now know I am a fan of the favourite insults. Eventually it comes to a sense that I am not alone and there were people who thought my literary work mattered but I know of this, it is an example of instances where it was not necessarily a matter of women who behaved a certain way to cater for the men in their lives but a matter of those who wanted these gits out of the way they grew up with friends were racist and now I am about to literally lose a Royal order over what my tummy does – they were the problem and they were the incredible intolerance at the same time, as soon as they appeared to have adopted a position in which they were in charge. Their friends at the Monarchy run the gimmick where I am not an Arch Prince and maybe I am everyday, where the decisions of the Monarch about me does not matter and maybe it matters everyday, now they also claim I had failed to make sense of the fact that most of my problems were a product of communist interest in me, after ripping up the assets to get me doing the bidding of famous idiots and getting us into trouble for every security they provided, I had ended up with new difficulties associated with their stupidities fighting my wars – how does those who want to stop them by talking, talk to them and how far can those who want to attack them to make them stop go? They eventually claim it is still a cursed life which is due to the laziness as all those gimmicks back at University is now making sense to their stupidities, that people should shut down a business that is not making profit and do another venture if they were still interested in business, not leave it for those who deserved more money and do seek out something else, considering only a god could in such circumstances see their late 50s living like that – their stupidities had now arrived at a stage where as long as a person was born on a birth date and another group of idiots can read astrological signs, they were entitled to handle or access my assets, it is the part where I am sore all over all day because of what they are doing behind me which is then taken up to the media that has to be progressed from eventuality where it finger my bum and I hurt its own, to face down a whole community – it needs to progress to the part where each time I faced down a whole community, they lost a job.

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