They say there is a new wealth distribution around and itís about having a share of what the wealthy and powerful have which is utter nonsense; itís the same behaviour that made their parents what they are and makes them hate my guts so much too Ė i.e. everybody can see how difficult it will be to chase up a person like me and rip up finances and academics to make homeless and sell personality to celebrities to feel among and find out if that will result in fortune but it is what they want to do and we need see what they then do when they realise they have been to sucked into it they failed to work out how to pay their bills and we have not started with how they got to live their existence in such a useless form that there is really so little I could have done about them all together as a whole, what we know is simply that it is always more important than a day job before the Politicians tell the lies for them, hence these are the younger ones that will grow up to be the same things while those who decided to get through and be financially successful ensure all I do comes with intense suffering associated with being loved by them. So, it has always rather been wealth distribution to provide security for those talents that can help other people around those who own it, their theories and ideas do not half scare any rich and powerful people like they think it does reward them financially so. It is much the same as the issue with my thought pattern that they love to get involved with and lean on to feel good and sell to celebrities too, while I am being trapped via lies and accusations of sleeping with peopleís wives to attain it wherefore if I didnít know what it was, knowing there is nothing wrong with my thought pattern would not have been enough to save me from clinical depression. They always say I have no idea what the challenges are but save a process where the same issues I handle with ease is the reasons another personís life is stuck but if he recognises my right to control my own work and asks me to share it will make him inferior, so he keeps that problem, uses it to make a mess of peopleís lives and the Politicians along with media goons persecute me for daring to have what they have not tasted before and tell lies on their behalf every day while they engage themselves in barely criminal stuff that is financially rewarding and service people recognise their behaviour as similar to the problems that need solving which come in human form, then others who are completely unconnected get blamed for it Ė I am sure they have other challenges but blowing this one out of the water this is entirely their fault. The rest of the time itís about inequality issues where it grew up in a farm and because of the other stuff that the Country adds to its talents and personalities, makes a game called pumpkin squash, makes a lot of money from it but has become quite fond of grabbing mine and tossing it to the dogs to feel like a real woman Ė so I am working on getting total silence from the media over my products and concerns for now, we will be talking about the system as the problem persists all together. It is like they say it is easy to make me use swear words, but it is rather a matter of that claim I need the gym which what I need is a process where they keep their godless hands to themselves and try not to keep making everything they do and say about my tummy. Itís like they say I cannot be satisfied with anything while the very strength by which I do it is based on the fact that I do not need it all together; swear word comes from the whole gimmick about how I do not have sex with people, do not attend the Gym and spend all day pushing around those who want to share my life to make their own better while they will not be caught dead buying the Books, to a point where I cannot taste my own food or the feeling that I am in a home lasts only a week each time I move into a new one; hence am always dealing with an issue, a shame they cannot use the swear word since I have already taken it.

So of course I hear I am never honest about anything but we all know when it is black it wants nothing else except securing an exit for the way it has lived out its stupid existence by means of building a crowd that will ration your public respect and leave some for him to make fame with but when it is black and not liberal it wants to finger your bum and control your every emotions in order to have power over the aspects of your activities that make money Ė then there are the whites with endless ideas for playing up some inventive stupid gimmick but then they all band together and if itís the monarchy that prevents them from controlling me their activities will get there, same with Politicians and same with celebrities Ė ideas to get rich all the time that involves your bottom hurting all over meaning itís nothing but extremely stupid scum who have learned from you to boost their income and have no respect for you, usually when they are not complaining about what has happened to their insanity that they claim to be some form of freedom based business; so I rather think I am honest about everything, since it is obvious I am being hounded over the selfishness that does not want people to peddle my faith and does not wish to apply himself to prostitution to make money and help less well-off people of his own race because they can do anything, a need to show I can do anything as well: I do not want it done really should mean they do not get to do it, let alone create an obsession out of insults that tell me where I am supposed to be and how to exist so the white man can describe a golliwog all the time.

They do claim there are similarities between me and President Trump which there arenít Ė the only similarity is that it is the same money mad and completely insane goons that are making trouble for him that are making trouble for me as well and it has begun to affect the value of the British Currency at the open markets, the fact they do not feel like working their insolent casino banking with their almighty US Dollars anymore if doing it with the British currency and passing around insults that will add to threats and abuses and allow them get away before anything is done about it is the preferable choice. I for my part must rely on signs to make decisions, such as when I have been labelled the character that everybody must discover secrets about to get rich Ė it usually means that my anti-industrial espionage measures are exceeding expectations but for them other methods will rob them of means to cling to global mass media publicity.

I. Uno I

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