They do claim I had ended up in a situation where my career was in their hands and it pairs with others being concerned I might spend my entire life that way – my career is not in their hands at all, just famous idiots who have so far wasted 6 years o my time, to say I learned something from the private security industry and ought to use it to make them feel safe, as something they were entitled to, which ensured that when I had forged a partnership with Clients and incomes were boosted and were to arrive at a stage where a new lifestyle meant that what I was selling was in demand, they will destroy instances where the Clients tried to engage with my products – so the other part where I am likely to spend my life like this comes into play here, where each time I engaged with people in Europe they liked to suggest that I was better off not looking like I was in control of anything important, so we have reached the point where it got to take seriously threats I issued about popularity insults being used to run me down whilst I am at work, so their narcissists who feared their insults but loved to take advantage of victims, could make the most of my social life but we have a new issue which have recently emerged whereby before or around 9.00am they would do something with Media to change the public perception for my Bookshop agenda, leaving it for sex workers allied to idiots that are always fooling around with peoples careers, to blame the victims for what happened when they missed out of an important thing concerning their 18 to 65 matters, which gets serious when they issued the stupid threats, to make the most of my public. It is never true as suggested, that I thought I had been beaten down so badly I had become Mr Pathetic, these are people who have had their fill of my need to stuff them with information which changes them endlessly as well; what happens is that I pay rentage and then the person I paid it to would share my personal life with hoodlums on the streets and put up a twat next door, whisper a few things to get scumbags banging doors at me, supported by a community of fools, spending my personal and social life in a different neighbourhood, crashing everything in this place, to tell me it now controlled my earnings and I can have it if I did something to get into trouble with the Police. I mean I do get to that stage where I think about the prospect I might have overdone it, since everything about these people who think that their lives would not run properly if they did not get involved with me in some way, is so loud and disruptive for me that it makes me sick all day but then again it should have become public knowledge just as much as the reasons we are doing this goes back to a need they had to follow me around and conduct abuses that got me dropping out of University but in the 7 years leading up to 2022 when I wrote this piece, it had progressed to a matter of their stupid children seeking to drive around limousines in Hollywood at my expense and showering me with insults as they did.

They speak of aid that Americans will provide them naturally but it is an old story where people who lived in glass houses should not throw stones, as it was clear the country most willing to conduct economic abuses on others was the one furthermost to the west. The question raised at Parliament was a two part matter of how I allowed the Celebrity mess occur as I am known to possess enough talent and intelligence to handle it satisfactorily, the other question was one of the nature of the problem considering I have been doing some of the best work with respect to public control. So the second question was a matter of Celebrities making a mess of the public control, since none asked them to do it and they are now complaining about the way I have failed to take responsibility for the fact that they did, it seems that progress for me will only come when I attacked the famous, if not effective, began to pin down an unusual interest in me and which neighbourhoods they got to spend the proceeds – the yobs on the other hand were good, its inability to ensure all its interests in me were restricted to reading a Book I had written would mean they played with everything and when I did something concerning the 18 to 65 issues, they would lose out and issue threats later on or maybe not do so all together. The first question was more a matter of the celebrity mess that actually does not exist I.e. if somebody got famous because they entertained a crowd of 10,000 persons during a festival, with equipment paid for by their Uncle and venue secured by their aunt who curated the festival, they are likely to think that my wealth equity public image was available to their entitled stupidities, to play with my career and product publicity, suggesting I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and leaving it for the gold diggers and narcissist when finished, I love the way that they had to pair up the effects of taking naked pictures on my public image so that their society twats would finger my bum, with paparazzi chasing them for a piece of the fame pie, which sex workers usually view as an opportunity to get rich fast as well, hence I seldom take direct action but we have arrived at a point where they secure my attention by damaging my property and this is not their lives – the other part would be something I had a little say in, where a Royal Trust decided to pair me up with some people who played a part in a big entertainment product and so such persons became famous, while the background was the campaign against bullying which was fundamentally tied to my Office and Estate, these were therefore real celebrities. They do claim I cannot do a thing about my career without picking on them or pushing back at them which is utter nonsense; my career does not rely on them in anyway as creative asset broker does not mean people got to pick up career and product publicity for narcissistic fun and games which made them their own money, when I think I am doing too much being unable to tolerate their popularity and fame, my failure goes back to my family and the money they make at my expenses goes back to their own, neither does intellectual property administration from private asset equity mean that I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, so every idiot wanted a conversation about the way I picked up a career that was too much for me, in order to secure their own quasi well dressed, plays with my career finances. The issues have now developed into an advanced level at this stage, considering the fact that I did not just have one or two Clients and even if I did, they were multinational clients, therefore I should not be living on unemployment support if all I had to do was get into some clothes and meet people over career work considering my years of endeavour – on one hand with had the real Men Muslims with a need to tell people they liked to be conquered with a sense that by the time the men who always wanted to decide other peoples lives got through to their unusual interest in me, they would have gotten away with their crimes, so on the first day I go public with a lifelong career, a business empire will have been split up with some quasi criminals – on the outright British side, it has since turned towards a question of the exact relationship between the broadcasting community, my livelihood and the central banking system, running off every day, relentlessly, looking like their stupidities were victimless, no prospect in their minds that if I get my hands on their jobs as well, they will never see it again, instead we faced that big mouth saying it made a mess of my career because I am a twat who is no Royalty and should spend his time trying to become a famous git.

They do claim it is said that I am a joke at the Monarchy which is understood but what I am doing is a time management process which takes into account the fact when I am working on something dirt and grubby I get no attention or even commendation, once it becomes something important which it should be if I had made it successful, hell breaks lose and I must have done something that somebody else was worthy of doing. So 9 years work and on career publicity during the 10th, this happens and I am cast back to another 9 years of time wasting to teach me lessons for not knowing my place etc, so I have taken into account the way they were likely to do it and grafted the process into the way I ran my career. The rest were the usual social idiots ordering my steps, so their case is as abusive as it is a method of making use of me via insults because they had money to pay for the Royal public image, especially when they ran my life with social activities of criminals, claiming it bore through to their Harry and Meghan + Beatrice and Mozzi gold digger gimmicks about which insults and labels channelled at me will not secure them a toxic behaviour associated with the gangs and criminals as well, that their stupidities had cast a spell on me and it is such that I am blessed to such an extent that the problem will turn out to be the communities where they spent the proceeds of the mess they made of my personal and social life, sharing my privacy with people on the streets, building communities that think about my private parts and running my life with social activities of criminals, of the type where they have got more hence the insults and do the abusive behaviour because they faced problems, so they needed to face more problems and I will end up tidying the streets using their personal lives to do so. In the end it is the one problem where I have business with a company and they build themselves support groups that gave their stupidities a public platform to do everything about their stupid lives by making statements of the way I picked a career that was too much for me, I since left it to run for some years, having they paid their bills and secured a social life, have popped the question about the gimmicks, so it now needs to stop or it is set to stop badly all together, question remains whether they were there, had enough money to pay for several lifetimes back to back, so they made trouble for me because a response on my part would only waste my days on earth - generally it is fun and games, so intense and so invasive that my career and finances stops, it now has to move on and if it does not, I will make sense of it in terms of cramming work I should have done in a decade and a half into the time I had left before my retirement years, with an intent to ensure that the University degree was completed, the Bookshop paid for it and I was in a good financial position to start a family which I now had and I will ensure they end up in a lot of pain for the process.

They do claim I had gone completely insane and it is utter nonsense - it simply is not buzzing at the background like something that reminds me where the prison service is located anymore, it found a way to have series of conversation that bore through to my personal life, social activities and finances and has been creeping up on me on an involvement basis, in the meantime, academic pursuits, career and finances lay in ruins due to years of the distant interests. They even now claim the problem to be that I spoke the way other people spoke which was going to be a problem and the matter has been running for years as well, no prospect then that extremists would get involved with any part of it - I am the one that can make sense of the society and the Celebrities, always having women get around my social life with a men getting their own booby fun somewhere else gimmick and they were the ones who had the way they spoke stolen by me, so I suppose they could keep the theory then but we should be allowed to enjoy seeing the last of the complaints too. Eventually it will all come on to suggest I liked to pull people into my difficult life from a weak position that I passed off as a position of strength and also that I was fed up living in the UK, both of which are utter nonsense as it is not my fault, since I cannot run a writing career from the career publicity of another writer unless I was doing something as borderline Nazism perverted as their famous stupidities were engaged in and they are all of them not Book readers, therefore, the fault is not with me. As a whole however, this gimmick where their interest in me was no longer that of a community of idiots having wishes of doing violent things to me, so I thought the strange things my tummy did was my fault and saw it a gimmick that buzzes away at the background to remind me where the prison service was located, instead evolved to display its stupidities as a showcase of abusive activities that wreck peoples lives to create the public problems we hear them complain about all the time, picking up my career and product publicity to play up money market gimmicks so that they and their famous fools can make money without doing a day’s work for it – so it is also now about to develop into a clash over access to the Households at the markets and I should do my best not to win it when it shows up here wrecking lives, finances and career, to employ criminals in the neighbourhood and do something with the banking system which will get us using Bitcon as National currency.

We hear them blame State provided security endlessly but it rather existed to help me get tasks associated with my position completed and to overcome instances where others would otherwise have overcome me, their interest in my Books and finances creating results where it will have to assist me there too, seems to be the kind of success that we need, so the gimmicks continues – intellectual property administration meant others were fashion designers who spoke in cliches, so they pick up assets already deployed by another clients to make their own products and pursue my income margins because they were taking candy from a baby and fashion kills, whilst a bunch of entitled idiots that wanted to work for them picked up product publicity to play with me and by playing endlessly, make their own money.

I. Uno I

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