They love that story so much, where people think I am tough when I am not; whereas what really matters is that when I act in public context I explain myself and when I do in political context I explain myself and when I do in Royal context I explain myself; itís a show off and people cannot do it save they have the intelligence and the energy alongside too. The rest of the story is just the bit where they are incapable of being happy so they must create a person they love to abuse and mock, who cannot stop stepping into one calamity after another, to create narcissist happiness that brings about sales and fame and a process of being nice and is usually accompanied by lots of sexual harassment; they would rather do that than get involved with your concerns in a condition where they wish to go along with the rules or just pay attention to the job in hand. They do brag of how I thought I could handle it while it is mostly a matter of having to deal with unhappy Crowds on my doorstep all the time because a media fool thinks it would amount to all I have mentioned above - it leads to the same story where you do not make compromises with evil because everybody around you is confused about it as we can see the Media no longer puts lifestyle gap between me and them but helps to facilitate violent contact while they cling to my public life all together. When I put it this way it does tend to look like the end but it really is not - they know it is not and I know it is not; itís the old case where the only thing that will make an Arch Prince feel more important than media fools and Celebrities is an end to incessant and abusive involvement; so it is what they want to do with their time, the problem begins when they take up my time and I wish to talk about the job they have in hand etc. Then we hear what provokes them is that I claim to be an Arch Prince when Arch Princes only existed in Russia but then again, so am I am Arch Prince and there is nothing they can do about it Ė same old case; the racists have gone to Church, and they need to go away.

So they say I am happy for high taxes because I am against hard working people but itís never the hard work as a process where somebody makes money in ways that makes him run faster than the transport system for example and then goes off on road rage in which he hospitalises somebody else should we imagine he was strong enough or somebody will make money for the purpose of picking three Cab for a journey and by the time he has done all he needs to do to get into his three Cabs to travel with, gets them flustered and sweaty and detached from a lifestyle or somebody knows the temperature of the city never rises beyond 20 Degrees Centigrade but since he last travelled overseas shows up to make money and live as though he was in a 40 degree Climate; the point is that it all amounts to the having two jobs phenomenon where one job is never worked on because it is there to prevent others from having a job while the other is the one they create trouble for others by because they have to work on it. The part where I cannot make it in the real world being that the first time I had to stand up for myself in a big way was far back in morning of 11/9/2001, whereby doing so made people feel they needed to get out of their big cars a lot more lest somebody with bigger power walking around like a nobody gets the better of them like that again Ė it earned me support at the City Centre and alongside the problem of boo boys tackling the guy that City Centre makes friends with because Middle Class is White; so it did get me caring about the effects of my actions, worth thinking about when these goons blab about not being able to make it in the real world thus spending time dreaming of higher taxes when people have two jobs, one for making a mess of peopleís lives while the other is for maintaining the idea people do not have a right to employment. Itís not really a big problem for me as such; itís the old story of people making use of my Tidy personality and personal space Ė the community croons to make their beauty sleep, the stupid children of the Community croons to make the fame and fortune that should have been the possession of their super star selves and so on; the only way to stop the atmosphere of violent and abusive open secretes lasciviousness that facilitates their distant violence and transferred problem abuses being to shut the journalists up and for it I can see a future where I will be running my Book shop on the basis of the patent margins because of which Journalists are weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth but for now I am dithering a lot on the matter altogether.

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