They do love the tale where I am always trying to take on famous people when I actually cannot handle them but we all know that the Terrorist attack of 3/6/2017 is another example of how that works Ė so that what happens is when Celebrities fancy a security guard that thinks I should be at the receiving end of people climbing the social ladder and likes to think that security guard work involves selling my life to celebrities and Royalty to climb social ladder as well works for some people but does not work for other people because of which we end up with a situation where they have a need that seems to be endless, to build some form of public condition where they are busy setting off the idea people hate me at the Monarchy when itís all invented by them to tell me they will copy the way I behave and seek my Royal Estate as well when I stop them getting famous on my public image, looking for trouble all the time. Hence itís exactly the same things they did when there was an attack on London 2 Weeks ago Ė doing everything to avoid a process where the fact that the rich kids who do terrorism have the money to spend on the weapons that they recruit the poor ones for is the reason terrorism happens, they say I am fighting for my life because I try to handle them when I cannot while this is actually what they do not wish to have mentioned because it will encumber their fame and we have not even started talking about the things they do to provoke the rich kids who are not white within their income brackets which cause some of the terrorism either, what they are doing to hide that is mentioning such things as the fact I know a bit about what is happening in some areas is an indication of how I have contributed to it and itís that need to play up that fear factor with Politics and Media endlessly that bakes their bacon all the time, whereas it was always easier to realise that it is just as difficult to think straight when people have died as it is to blab about people you are going to take care of when there is nothing you can do about them, ultimately of which they are fond of a behaviour that they prefer to cling to peoples livelihood for when it has resulted in outcomes whereby somebody has lost their lives. In the end we hear that itís a matter of the fact they want a republic and not a constitutional Monarchy but it gets lost in translation every single time I mention their notorious social and moral corruption which means that if they had memories back to their childhood it will lead right down to the point they drunk themselves to death or took drugs, so they can show up on Media to seek other peopleís lives and rip up the finances and livelihood all the time creating this wonder if it is ever going to be important to them that when deadly terrorism has happened, a persons have lost their lives; putting the problem off to the poorer people who do the suicide bombings and have no way of tackling the problem the way it really is, while making it as complicated for the Police as they possibly can at the same time.

They love to say my tummy is nothing to write home about at this point which is an old story but everybody else can clearly see that if I stop people using my personal and public life to run the difficult parts of their celebrity existence, while doing nothing else in public places save invalidate the idea my Books are products for the market from which I earn a living, the tummy problems associated with their insults will go away too; otherwise those stupid threats mostly associated with being too fond of their ruffian image and the idea it is impossible to shut the media up will always open them a whole new kettle of fish, every time their big mouth has been set off in my direction. I do get told I am interested in taking the law into my hands which I am not; itís as I said i.e. yet again something I said and did has caused terrorism so they can preserve their neighbourhoods but it is the wealthy ones that live it who raise the funds that facilitate the recruitment and terrorist acts of the poorer ones that show up to kill people. I would take some responsibility as a human being and the general idea we are all responsible for each otherís actions as human beings, even though its media fools ripping my finances to create a version me they think the Public should take to, which then stirs extremist behaviour in my direction but I will not on this occasion i.e. we all know Saudi Arabia has a massive Terrorism rehabilitation college for example and we realised they had one somewhere between 2010 and 2012, while they have always had had it long before we did.

I mean we all eventually are aware the road leads to the air people breathe only if they are making war on the Media where real men and big Men, real women and big Women discipline lesser people to feel they are culturally in the right place to do things which agree with their totem; I on the other hand have been through 8 years of hell because I published books that made them uncomfortable, now it seems my Books were working to protect me all along from what the years of hell were meant to achieve i.e. a totem that shouts me down with media when it handles my work and income margins alongside their very stupid friends, so one can avoid those lesser disposition that means one seems to agree with terrorists obviously, which is completely unnecessary.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland