According to the usual manner of picking up my Books and extricating the privilege of reading without buying it to play up Political power; they have sent out their media fools who tackle those that act in ways which affect second income sources to tell me I spoke of the absence of Global Terrorism in one of my Books and now have to face evidence that I am wrong as a result of the Manchester attacks of 2017; which is never what will likely happen of course as we all know there is no individual of all the persons that got killed and maimed in Manchester, who earns anything beyond £60,000 PA, whilst they get bombed when they attend concerts, they do not run the expensive clubs and bars where these individuals who later become terrorists and recruit the poorer ones to become their mules, go to enjoy class A drugs and find out they want to be part of a suicide bombing squad somewhere in Afghanistan for instance at a later date – it is the parents of these terrorists that earn the same as the Politicians and media goons and it is the rhetoric of the Politicians and Media goons that causes somebody who would normally pick up a gun to shoot people because he has been bullied all his life over a state of affairs, only for a leader to get elected who proved that he was right and more so in some occasions, to realise he will make a statement if he blew himself up and killed others in the process and found affinity with a terrorist group in the middle east while doing it, it is their global terrorism blabbing that causes somebody to get up from Asia and suicide bomb people to share in the world that terrorists in Syria live in and they always say I am preserving myself which is utter nonsense; we all know they grab my Books and toss it to terrorists because the high blood pressure will kill me and make their superior stupidities wealthier in turn when new markets are opened up by making me feel insulted and stressed which is the only form of happiness their stupidities can have to bring about sales, and what the terrorists do with it and find out they can have new Country – what I am talking about is the fact that every time we make progress on terrorism and more so after people had paid with their lives, we face the same behaviour of these fools doing some beauty parade and then sending out their media fools to tackle those who act in ways that affect their second sources of income, now they speak of global terrorism that does not exist, to dump the problem on those who have absolutely no way whatsoever of tackling the problem i.e. he attends a concert and gets bombed by somebody who is as poor as he is but it does not mean he runs the bars and clubs where the wealthy terrorists who recruit these desperate poor people and buy them the Bombs go to enjoy class A drugs and find out they want to be terrorists at a later date. Eventually I do have to face that other case about my attitude naturally; which has nothing to do with the fact the problem is a matter of Mr A who picks up a stick to beat people who have not offended him on account he is frustrated about a personal problem but if I have a solution or I provide leadership that does, his idea of having that solution as well will have to do with Politicians setting out an equality terms from above to force me to give him what he wants on account that when he asks he and expects a positive or negative answer it will make him feel inferior – so the mind had started growing but it became stunted and likes to assume that should amount to a problem that others have to deal with because the Politicians encourage its stupidities to do so and of course I can always start having my own problems with peoples 3 to 5 bedroom flat and 2 Car garage arrangements as well if I wanted, I am only pointing it there is nothing wrong with my attitude.

As ever it does not bother me as much, as said before; they have always been very sad and stupid people who need something I value to make contacts with me by in order to play up their stupidities that have to do with narcissism associated with reading my Books without buying them to develop a happiness that will create sales and canopies by which popularity fame and fortune is possible; it is the sort of leadership the Political fools and Media scum who facilitate it want to provide at the local communities when it is not required of them, which creates this problem and wish to put an end to this business of my livelihood serving them as that contact point as well; no such thing as Global Terrorism.

They do claim I am not important but rather completely obsessed with an illusion that suggests that I am but it’s an old story where they do my Half Priest Office in that way to hurt their bottoms but when I do their celebrity ones as well it’s their bottoms that get hurt still – in the end I am happy to let them go but I am not convinced it will stop people pretending that years of abusing me with profitable disobedience amounts to a process where they have decided how important I am or can be which yet again is a tool used by Politicians and media when it’s nothing but public and social absurdity as such, Politicians and media who complain later and set about bothering me, blabbing their own to obscure my Books as well because they are really full of themselves while the Public complains about their incompetence endlessly. I am not certain it will end a process of going off to play around with structures owned by my publishers in order to read my Books without buying, then show up in public to possess something valuable to me as a means of securing my attention and make sad idiots fame and fortune by narcissist happiness that brings about sales alongside stupid popularity canopies that make music mocking those who have their hands full with public concerns as though I were a great man that was also a servant to them with that big mouth. Hence it is clear that it will never make the money on my public image and move on, so it needs to stay here, and I will not let it go lest it gets around blabbing of how I have been stalking it when I work on my Bookshop.

The Cities story has become one whereby we hear my actions have led to a process of permanent changes to the media which is then coupled with how I spend my time screwing around with rich people. Reality of course is more a case of the fact we are in such a situation because the Media simply cannot stop the insults that are usually followed up with threats regarding poor people who have nothing to live for and watch them all the time in the third world for instance and considering that they could never tell the truth if there is no money involved in it for them or that when they build up their confidence and ego for it by telling me I am not an Arch Prince they tend to believe it as fact, it is getting far more serious than just saying they are never really out of pocket if they had stopped setting out what to do with my finances in order to spend it and destroy it and delay my access to it – what we know is that it is so perverted it is like planning something to do with other people’s wallet which means they might as well share people’s Toothbrushes and shaving kits etc. as for the playing around with rich people bit, that fits well with the Hollywood agenda issue where it wants to cling to my books to get cynical and get me trapped with society troublemakers while its stupidities go up to be a big star and returns to assault me sexually maybe in order to get back to nature when it wants with a big mouth, so how it has played out is a process of messing up my Books to get off somewhere putting up money as leverage to bottom whip and tummy whip people and when I make it clear I want no part of that it has a real problem with my financial wellbeing and cannot stop expressing its big mouth all over the place for it with a cover-up that it now does for my convenience, especially the Americans.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland