Now there is talk of what the older Ladies who get around my concerns get from me, which is rather simple Ė I am expecting them to come up with foolish girls that are my female siblings and will become their icons of equality as well because it is simply impossible to punish the disobedience surrounding their need to handle my person and property enough to deter but apart from that; these ladies are there to take over the jobs of the Men i.e. when I shove them as well and handing it to the younger ones or another man would have been counterproductive. This is stuff that stupid American Democrats are really good at providing as leadership; where there are endless streams of really stupid girls showing up somewhere there is a lot of Public exposure to be me all the time and make some money in the process, claiming that it brings about equality and it seems at present, I cannot really handle them enough to deter as well. It has never really been a problem for me, I have always had it covered, right up to the stage where I can run social media in ways that advocate job losses for them to make me money too - this is not to say I would be rejecting any assistance offered, itís just to say I have always had it covered. It is an old story where people cash into the fact I walked into the City in the last 24 Hours and the outcome is that I dropped out of University eventually, which affected me to such an extent because they did dig right up to personal and family life, showing that if you do let them do it, it will be the only thing they want to do and will do it forever; a challenge that I will recognise running an Intellectual Property Administration business, it does not mean I am a sad story as such.

Itís the same case with that old matter where more time and resources is being spent giving local people a raw deal and overseas people/immigrants an easy ride Ė what causes this confusion is the fact that whilst people are worried that should they get to the UK and spend their time not getting involved with anything that is happening, so that if they want to travel off to France anytime they think they do not like the UK so much, it will not cost them a thing and facilitate ease of integration for them so they can cherry pick and make themselves better off with the entire world as they go along, the question that nags the most usually being that of what kind of a person you become when you live like that. So the Politicians take advantage of it and decide if you do not get trapped so another people might use you while claiming they taught you all you know and then get into a habit of making sure whatever you do is done because you are forced to, grooming you for abuse, then you will stand in that queue in society or in culture or you will stand in it at Politics so they might get to the top; this means they soon start to tell lies and get people on confused about what immigrants are up to and this confusion then holds when they wreck peopleís lives, develop disobedience that ensures it cannot be discussed and will talk about nothing else. They do tell me I mention such things because it is a problem for me and I am out of my depth; I however never said it was a problem, I was only stating facts around how this confusion is created; beyond these facts however, we are looking at a process where you are driving 15 people in a Bus to a destination and you must ensure they do not fight each other in that Bus for instance Ė does it mean that you are in position to do that when you spend your time giving preferential treatments and prerogatives to that lying fool that likes to speak of majority population getting certain exceptional treatment or are you going to by setting out an idea that suggests the fact you are elected by a majority should mean that you are in position to get rich because you have popular support and not the business people who serve others in return for money by products that they invented? They are going to crash and itís not just likely to happen because I said so Ė as for being out of my depth because they are too much; that was a story of how the atmosphere of violent lasciviousness and problem transfer that makes their insults which will be discussed and not punished until they stop, coupled with tackling my finances in the hope of becoming more important than I am someday and facilitates a sense of existence where all they say and do has to be about my tummy to make me make bad smells and so on; it will stop when I shut the Media up at a point where I desperately, desperately need to get to somewhere terribly, terribly important as it were; the easier bits for them to do was the one about shutting down their fucking comments about this Royal Estateís Literary Business Empire more so when I had told them I am always stretched because I do not have a literary agent and each stupidity they invent can have far reaching effects for me. All together itís an old story behind the reasons you should never make compromises with evil; I mean they tell you how you must live with homosexuals for example and it is coupled with things like abusive insults and open secretes about it which create bullying that you have been groomed for because you need to shut your mouth as one of the inferior peoples whenever gigs are doing their stuff as they are far better human beings and more so even according to evolution etc Ė but letís imagine you had also thus decided that homosexuality is their choice, the question really is whether you think they are telling you how to behave towards it because they think that what becomes of their personal choices is actually up to you: - so it generally always looks like fun until you find some girl cannot stop wearing designer clothes to stand up somewhere and ask paparazzi to rip up your whole live and build a replica of it on the left for her so a Girl can have what you have as well, all supported by a handful of secret service fools, then it starts to get serious when it is too late with respect to the fact that these behaviours of perversion are actually attributable to pure wickedness. It does eventually come down to their stupidities translating into something about being able to discipline those they are more educated than and we all know they will live for nothing else, which is why they are always after my anus and like to claim it is due to the fact they also enjoy my reaction which makes me prone to being disciplined whether or not I am doing something wrong and when I am actually doing something wrong itís the joy of it with that big insolent mouth we see at Politics and Media. As I said, the easier one was shutting down those comments about my concerns and public image and shutting it down for that matter too. they get off that sense that they have built up insults they throw at me which has created a reality in its own right which others can live by, while I for my part am working on the bit where there will be series of occurrences until it stops too, to speak of what causes the sufferings of good and innocent people around the world, when we all know itís either their stupidities making use of the personalities of those they claim do not know any better because they have not been party to evils sweeping the land from the left and right hand side to make fame and fortune or another group of idiots on the right hand side doing business when they have not a clue what they are doing, in order to get rich by making connection with politicians to acquire tools and power for grabbing stuff which feeds into causing sufferings to others to get rich quick enterprise and supported by awesome bitches that tell lies and sit on cultures for it all day longĖ so itís like when you defend yourself against those who groom you into a character that can be used to get things done, Politicians will then take up your time and spend money on their actions in order to make use of it a little as well and then they say when their bottom hurts itís your fault and there are threats they issue in your direction which they can actually back up as such.

They love to tell me itís my own race of people that are bullying me because it is such a game but we all know its Daddy is home idiots who really have no reason to build a popularity pipeline on your Estate like some highway people can take to fulfil their dreams but will do it anyway until you cut their own to pieces as well, bearing in mind the number of times you may have told them off, since we all know they continue still even when people have been killed for this sort of behaviour talking nonsense about how racists attack total strangers. The other story being that I am a small man which is precisely the point; since big Men and Women are unable to see that clinging to another personís property to stifle their finances and express your shenanigans over a decade and a half is likely to cause a lot of distress Ė like needs and greed, you cannot shut the media up if your life depended on it..

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