The excuse made is usually that I never take anything seriously, what we find however is that the really silly men that take over the careers environment think that making fun out of barricading people from going on with their business has something to do with having a respectable job, so that he who does it for malice is pretty much with the same power as he who does it for fun and they can never stop lying – I for my part have had enough and wish to substitute the idea there will be a convention over respect and consideration for others in their scheme of things for a series and series of occurrences that will ensure it does come to a stop. They always excuse themselves with that tale I am finished and a tramp as such, but we all know when I stop civil rights idiots and their Politicians parasites handling my earnings at a global stage this matter will come to an end, just like everybody knows I can do that is less than a year. I do understand most of these people are asked to show up and play with me by others at the Monarchy but unless they have expressly said otherwise, in my view they are all Girls Aloud Celebrity – where all those years of pillaging your public image only added up to a process of seeking new glories for white neighbourhood Boys who seek out careers as security guards and go off to emulate my personality while in the service of wealthy Canadian and American House wives – now they have got money, they will bully me to make glossy magazines and perfume brands too. the Girls aloud one was so disappointing – all those years having taken me up on those activities meant to ensure the Boys were not distracting the girls from their studies because of teenage and sex stuff, it turns out to have been a decade of security guards and media goons working for wealthy housewives with my personality and temperament to get them loving it and telling tales to a point where it makes music at popularity and it is so disappointing like so many others because it was not one of those ones I actively got out to seek or get involved with it as such; it took the step to find me; so that when I cut ties with them, what happens is that they get their media goons to re-establish it, now their tummy churns all the time too and I am responsible for making them tired of fame all together. I mean like the old case where I write my Book of liabilities and it helps people cope with mental illness to read it, the most important thing they believe they should do mostly is make use of my personal space to a point where I cannot taste my own food because my mind is somewhere else and their community croons are leaning on me to get beauty sleep, then tell me I am addicted to sex when I research some pornography into it as well to ensure if I get violent about the matter I can kill them as well, still hard at it nullifying the idea my Books are sale items all day long.

Then they will claim I called people thieves and it’s not the way to go which of course it is; if anybody has been around people who had their homes cleared out by robbers some three weeks before it was, they would understand the events that led up to such moments and they would identify it as activities developed by career criminals which their victims are responsible for when they had made bad smells. I do get told most of it is my fault of course which is all very well but as I mentioned before, it is now up to the Politicians to tackle Church goers right to own their careers and come to a decision on immoral democracy as well, otherwise most of these stupidities are civil and criminal disobedience about which these fools are only important when the Politicians had decided the rest of us need to accept that they are, issuing threats at me – in the end when they screw with what I am big enough to handle, I will screw with their own as well and I love to talk about the sexual aspects because their sex lives for which I tend to get punished every day is usually the first victim when the law catches up with them, talking ageist nonsense at me about which ones I caused or deserved and blabbing which things I wouldn’t say where it mattered while what I say is put to their culture and society so they might hear it any time that those who wish to get me into trouble with them want them to; otherwise they will respect the fact it is called personal finances for  reason that it is personal, stop talking nonsense about which coward I am and stop grooming me for gang violence and racism every day, to blab about which part is my fault when they are fighting for their lives, asking stupid questions my direction the whole time but thinking they are other people’s personal gods continue to show up here to play with me instead of get a Book. It’s an old story that makes these idiots fancy themselves a bully that have something to offer Politicians so often; the processes by which media idiots will not chase their news headlines another way as it were, so they can show up to make me defend myself against whole communities and talk rubbish the whole time about being a coward – in the end it leads up to that old case where I confiscate the means through which that stupid civil rights makes them wealthy without knowing what they are doing or working for it which leaves other people’s lives in a dire mess at the other end due to the fact it’s all about celebrities screwing up my life right up to that stage where they get to tell me I give things but do not give them away and will get beaten up or killed one day because of it, so I can listen to a slightest whiff of that nonsense whenever they wish altogether too as it were. It is as I have mentioned before; at least on media, the Church is no longer the institution that is a direct opposition to popular and celebrity culture but they complain and at the same time have never stopped threatening me too: I do share a skin colour with the black ones but it did not in any way get to mean I know who the hell they are as all together anyway; issuing threats and cannot stop telling them sickening filthy involvement lies.

I understand it is said I am caught up in a very difficult situation but I am not just one where for 7 years I have had to deal with financial difficulties, not because of my own inabilities or incompetence but because somebody else thinks it is okay to get up on media and play games with my personal finances, no time during this period of which it has barely crossed their minds to worry about how m bills are getting paid, on account community croons have been preventing the left from doing their classic perversions over wealth inequality and they have selected me and the victim of their bullying whenever they want to tell somebody else to do something etc. so, we find that the reason I feel myself whenever I get near a top shelve in a shop is because when thought it given to what exactly is happening in this Media editors rooms, we discover it is a world of very abusive and insulting people who think that it is the best way to get rich while maintaining some popularity based power and not necessarily a matter of whether or not I provoked them – hence the reasons we are getting closer to a point where the celebrities will tell me I give it but do not give it away and will get into trouble for it one day as well. They claim that I sneer at it one moment and make use of it the next of course, which is utter rubbish: what happens is that they take a picture of me if I go for a walk or go out shopping for instance and play it to celebrities and journalists and Fashion business people I may have something doing with and so that is usually okay but not when those people are complaining as well, which just leaves the question of why they love to get involved with people that they are thinking of hurting all the time – it is such a clash you see, as the world is full of goons that will show up here to squander everything do without a sensibility pricking them once in all of eternity, thus there is always the state provided security effect where people have hurting bottoms and hate my guts for it but when these other ones appoint themselves to take pictures of mine which allows them make a relationship I have with people stronger the way I see it, I get hurt and those people get hurt too. They always say that in all I have done and said, I am not the one losing money but I am always left wondering if it is money they actually worked for that they are talking about all together anyway, or money that they are currently working to earn for that matter: so it plays out at Industry where they say the way we have lived is selfish and causes them to lose jobs but we all know the Industries have the same dilemma as I do i.e. these are people who show up at the backyard and then work hard to earn money which they spend on the products but what really happens is that they set about ripping my empire to make that money and then ensure their whole small businesses world is run on the basis of beating me down and keeping me down financially, so it has always been a risk they take because the Industries will want to know how you are solving such a problem if you are solving it and they themselves are really good at hurting peoples bottoms but even then, so have I made it simple enough for all and yet they keep showing up here to play with me when I have books to sell all the time, such that the situation that has now emerged is one of large companies on one hand, everybody else on the other and them in the middle while none has the right to feel good.

So now they say their Celebrities teenage are getting the better of me, which is entirely expected naturally, only the risk that has not been calculated here is one where I will start a conversation with them about money again, so that bottom can really hurt some more – the same goes for that old case where they have been grabbing what I eat and how I live at home to make fortunes and connections with which I have mentioned is all very well except when the tycoons and celebrities complain or I have to and then we end up with a problem there as well. Mostly it is something I cannot believe I am doing i.e. find a thousand and one excuses to avoid taking direction action to prevent the second largest party in parliament continuing with what it considers to be a fun processes of squandering my property if at all I want to prevent myself clashing with financial difficulties ever so frequently; such that the main case here is that to add to their bullying, there is a sense that they have signed a contract with me that I cannot be caught or seen saying anything bad about a party that has gone from public nuisance to outright menace which is a threat to other people health and wellbeing the whole time. So it’s all talk usually – this is what they like to claim my response amounts to but everybody knows if I started a corruption of involvement of my own as well, we will find them weeping and wailing and lamenting at the other end, so the best way to start one off is to continue that distant violence bullying that has been developed for them by their community croons who love to persecute young people over sexual abstinence especially blabbing nonsense about my personality being a product of sleeping with peoples wives so that it might like it is at present become something every scum of this earth wants to take part in – then push it off to a big mouth about teenage celebrities getting the better of me as well and then it will start really soon and lead right up to a global conversation about money to see what becomes of their socialist fame and fortune fools bottoms.

I do not think that the matter is  crisis, it’s the same insults that have persisted for years; when it started I was about 22 years old and had to do with a kid that is giving them the kinds of respect that children of today do not give anymore - now it has developed to early morning hours tales of teenage celebrities getting the better of me. Sometimes it’s a problem associated with how some really stupid people on media want to gather their news, other times it is serious enough to remind them that they are aware it will cause distress and need to edit it out but when such abusive insults are thrown around and I am told it is due to something I said, we are heading down a very definite path and I cannot see what exactly thrills people about being the reason somebody else's finances are looking poorly merely because of some corruption of involvement that can be excused by the various ways you have hurt yourself due to the stupidities around you, having continued to run your life nevertheless, which then develops into a blame culture that runs and runs on media and throws around such insults all the time - the sort of insults that cause one to be angry enough to get distracted from academic pursuit, about something I said which makes it all my fault, complaining about their Political party too. I mean going after the party was itself one way of showing they have not got it in the bag if only one of me is going to die while I will need to hurt many of them to stop them which I cannot - a way of keeping an eye of cultural scum with characters that are capable of murder blowing off their big mouth at me all the time and so we get to that stage where they are always talking nonsense about war and will not stop showing up to play with prospects of what is actually very personal financial matters in my life and then it starts to apply the old case of the war that will happen in their Country and on their property as it were, such that if it broke out they would not run and hide but show up here to express the fact they had violent tendency and none shall have shot their brains for them since it does not have a better use as it were.

Now there is this talk of me getting into a fight with everybody while what really happens is still that when people set eyes on me they think they have seen something very unusual and the way to respond to me is to commercialise my whole existence – so, I cannot no matter how uncomfortable is makes me, stop people from making use of the fact that I exist, except that it gets to mean that I drop out of University and have difficulties with finances and get out of bed every day to face threats and abuses from them apart from the fact they have a secret way in which to harm me while they are completely evil and so I end up fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods when they have the evil but if I take it away from them I get punished for doing so over a period of the rest of my life, it is something they do simply because of their narcissism and yet if I were told to dress up and prepare myself and go out to deal with some evil financiers or some evil journalists or some evil Politicians, although they love to brag, there is really nothing that they can do to prevent me from accomplishing my aims. What we have therefore ended up with is that each time people show up to make use of or share my personality with me as violently as they possibly can, it is born out of a process where their stupid community croons have built me a public image they have helped foster, whereby my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives and it goes right back to what I saw when I made decisions in my youth as per doubting how destructive and abusive their stupidities can get i.e. there is a popular culture attraction around the street and the average Cab driver will not stand for it and you are troubled that people will not stand for a fun fair until you are in or indeed those times when they are shinny happy people with a complain about the need to break free and you say they are very abusive and destructive but there is probably no need for somebody to be punished to such an extent, until you are in. just like it is at present where they tell me that my view of the reasons those of them that are immigrants travelled to the UK is very different from the actual reasons they travelled to the UK and yet I am certain they also can understand that when a person does not wish to have sex either for reasons of their religion or for reasons of personal beliefs or for political or for personal reasons, such a need is absolute and a right that they have got to respect, a right that they are mature enough to understand. So they speak of the us being a racist Country which is not an exact science, since it is still a place where people expect to make you deal with work that is not paying in order to convey the fact they think you are below them as human beings go by screwing with your personal finances via incredible insults that Politicians like to support as a pretext for public order but in the end it is still a case of defending yourself from racism in your age group, only to face the older ones who put you back in there every day until your whole life is wrecked by it and the prospects of dealing with violent bits become real every day – something they never understand until you are doing the one that has never been done before as well which involves waiting for them at their retirement, considering that they love to handle other people’s property for such stupid pleasures since you have ever seen them work for enough to provide for themselves and for somebody else, work for enough to give to the frugal as well. The Black people like to blab about the problems they fixed before I showed up to disregard them and it is an old story that gets on my nerves a weed smoking goons that look like characters people want to take jobs and careers from because they are always screwing around, messing it up for me further. In the end they always say the important reality is that they have got a country I am not allowed to be a part of until I scratch their itches and so on handling my work for it as though the Books do them any favours and it all comes down to what the media gets up to all together; where I put up this face that says normal people do not attack the media but the most vicious and completely pointless abuses and attacks that facilitates all of the rest comes from the media, not once or twice, but several times daily. Thus on dropping out of University like I have, it has become a very important thing to handle their case as well and that will be settled when they let me sell my Books and get my finances looking like it did when they found it without their local scum talking rubbish a popularity madness at me and that way they can jump on people’s public image to make fame and fortune and then go their way when they had made their money and allow those they wish to make use of but have no respect for, to move on as well – fancy themselves bullies. And we are not talking about the stupid process of finding yourself in the company of a foolish woman that wants to control you talking nonsense about the glory of the company of men that can beat up people to make them feel safe while Politicians spend money on the very fact that everything she and those stupid popularity boys do is crooked and needs to explain itself by making a show of what I know either – that was the one that got them talking nonsense about war that they think is not happening anyway. Now we hear the tale I am a batty boy which is an old story most of the time – it’s the access you see, the one that makes them so confident if I got all dressed up and set out to settle a case with media fools and city centre idiots who fancy themselves bullies, they actually had a plan that would have stopped me as well but since I am largely interested in stopping the access all together, I suppose it has become a matter of doing right by them all together. They always say they had a plan to stop me but the whole of these nonsense are so annoying because since last the Politicians spent money on them to ensure every crooked nonsense they came up with made sense while they blabbed about the importance of being around violent people for protection and that the only progress that will be made is likely to be one where they lose the money but are quite content with ripping up my personal finances that just happens to be one of their main concerns for some strange reason, as a form of hope instead. It feeds into that whole case where they say what I am most upset about is mainly support from security services which is not actually the case – support from security services does not upset, media appointing themselves conveniently into a position where they are cultural guardians of all that must be done to ensure those who have killed people are punished for the rest of their lives by being made to give up wealth and property, showing up around my concerns all the time to figure out what should be done with moral people, which is the same case as ever of getting those who attend Church stuck with violence so their essence can produce a Public image others may deploy to make wealth and we see it like some port of final word for every stupidity they want to get up to, a panacea  whereby I only needed to have set foot in the UK from overseas and it had begun in three weeks, along with nasty labels placed on me like the ones that suggest I am the really big one, then imagine I need to refrain from foul language thereafter in order to do them favours whereby they were not going to be stuck somewhere along with their Politicians to make a decision on what is to become of immoral democracy when weed smoking goons followed theme everywhere they went along with those mess about personalities that indicate they appear as though they would like somebody to take jobs and careers from them all of the time. It is never a case of being happy for support from security services as a matter of what people do with the fact I wrote a Book on account there is public knowledge of where security services operatives have been deployed recently – so especially for the Americans who throw around their insults as though they were selling the freedom or that if they were, they were actually making a good job of doing so, it becomes so obvious that if they know they can hurt me because these personnel have been deployed, they will definitely do it; same case of imagining 5 black Men with their American colloquialisms in the back of a Truck somewhere in Iraq, protecting the world and seeking out what they can get from it, then imagine the really insulting bits where they own my arse and I am their bitch and then it will become clearer why people complain about me so often as well, since it regularly leads to outcomes where their own becomes dangerous indeed as well. Hence a simple case of security operatives taking residence where they have a footing and working on a network that provides them information for their jobs, generally just becomes something far more complicated without reason unless one is willing to explore and exploit the things that make the lives of stupid people who have nothing to live for and plan to sink other people’s boats for their pleasure, right down to online pornography for instance.

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