Now it is said that I will continue to get attacked until such a time as I responded the way people wanted me to when bad things happened to black people and I understand entirely but bad things happen to good people all the time while they on the other hand are a parasite. What really happens with these people is that their existence is so evil its purpose only makes sense when people are better off by destroying everything that appears to be a good thing around them – this mean the people they claim are racists hang around somewhere and when they show up to suggest others had destroyed their interests or financial prospects, somebody will point to the one they destroyed as well, what we face is a condition in which they are starting to build their own on the left and on the Media as well and I don’t think that is a problem either, it is just being done in a condition where they have become quite accustomed to hurting me and are planning to exclude me from any security that has been developed from it too – the outcome are realities such as seeing them fight the Police because they do not want the Police to protect me from them and scenarios where an Office commits a crime and they got killed generally meant that something had to be done about the Police force. The output in real terms of this business where there are people the Police will never protect from them is that I had settled a way to secure my interests from Industry trouble makers, City centre repression and quasi neighbourhood criminals without aid from vested interests and sponsors, so they really enjoy ripping up my career to make money while pointing to the last person that damaged their financial interests who was about their size. It cannot make me do anything and I am certain it understands what I mean when I say I have endured enough and had enough of its stupidities.

They claim that the Police is concentrating more on them than it is on Police work and I have never seen a time when Armed Forces operatives preferred to get tangled up in Civilian business for my part either – so I have to assume people can see it makes sense if I said there was corruption which was running rife, such that it applied in terms of work that Police Offers should do, hence the reasons we see them get involved with civilian concerns. I do get told that what I have said recently indicated I had an agenda and yes I do – it has become a sermon of recent time and again, week after week, every day, that they needed to stop hurting me and needed to stop handling my Books; I mean they say I smell because white people who solve this problem by attacking them were working for me which facilitated the various forms of abuse that will help churn my tummy and get together relevant socially developed spiritual powers that can make people rich to beat me down until I suffered schizophrenia, then ensure every single public appearance is associated with a need to be me while it gets imagination up my bum to violate me without requiring physical contact, blabbing about making me respond when bad things happen to its stupidities. The reason they target me have always been the same story about people who have gotten services from my work and wish to read something I had written – so I developed it this way because there was an economic crisis and the willingness of some people to give people free things towards progressive economy was the most effective way to recover but as we can see, the gits will take and take, they will cash into this until there was nothing left justifiable in their view by the fact they have got penises. So I do have an agenda, as it will not stop hurting me and this is likely to develop into an outcome whereby I had a personal problem with everything that allowed them perform their concerns in relative safety and I was backed by State provided security; where we find them blab about trouble if the bottom chasing issues happen but the bottom chasing issues will always happen when they cannot stop hurting me and State provided security thinks they needed to stop playing with me.

Some people have said I am unable to tell who my friends and enemies are and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that it is always a constant battle here to protect my Assets and I have never seen stupidities like it in my life – involvement with a fashion model means what I did was available to all fashion models because people had an ego and were in an intense search for privileged and exclusive lifestyle, involvement with a company meant my property was available to all over companies for exactly the same type of reason and the battle to secure my assets and just ensure people are walking into a structure when they get involved with the Bookshop tended to mean that when all had been said and done, the finances had evaporated. Then there is the part where they claim my literary empire exists only in my head while they were trying to get rich with it at the same time, feeding into their social attitude that involves breaching my patents and expecting me to keep the secrets while they made penis riches. The big one being what happened years before at University as they constantly showed up to chase money on my public image once the business of deciding what my personality can be used to help people achieve at popular culture was taken to a whole new level and when I dropped out, it was their biggest achievement in the whole world. What happens of recent is that I am not afraid of them partly because there are people like them who get involved with me all the time, especially the ones I don’t trust who basically think when I had started telling them how to exist, it would have meant that war was coming, hence I avoid anything which looks like that by any means obviously. I don’t understand why their most prized pursuit has become a business of making me feel vulnerable either but I don’t think they will ever achieve such a thing as well – we see that businesses get set up and when those businesses operate in a way which harms the community, there are fat cats in those businesses and other people whose interests are damaged when the community is harmed, who will think that the person making such policies needed to pay for it, what then happens is that they engage in a systematic process of tying the hands of such individuals behind the back and ensure Communities degenerate into extreme crime and poverty where wealth in being exchanged, so that it might be possible to make themselves popular through it like the spawn of the devil and then they set about tackling people because they believe themselves to have bought products from those companies and therefore contributed to the wealth of those who own it – I have been through hell with establishments run by utter idiots who then set about the usual processes of pillaging peoples earnings and livelihoods to make them comfortable, instead of driving them back to the customer base and what is now clear is that their stupidities are a product of Political leadership which is the reason there will be no end to ill feelings when it is being discussed – what matters being that they had stopped handling my Bookshop and stopped hurting me as soon as possible.

I really am of the opinion that should defending my position lead to an outcome where they were driven off me and into poverty and obscurity, which will also encumber their mobility, I will have performed a public service.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland