So they say I really enjoy making myself the centre of attention, which I like to think of as cracked up centre of attention all together Ė since it is about people who make me out to be a character they deploy to get things done having their own done as well, now they do not want me selling my Books and the Books will sell the way they want it or the way I want it but it will sell as well like those Music CDs of theirs. The story I love hugging lime light is pretty much the same as well; imagine I was able to follow up my concerns without interference from Media and celebrities and popularity goons who make people so confused about everything these days that when a Journalist is talking to a Politicians you can never ever tell itís meant to get to the bottom of an issue that is of Public interest anymore as they appear to be the same people, the other bits I do with celebrities and Journalists and Industry affiliated will go so well and so smoothly that I would not be paying any attention to it, which is how it should be, that is how it should be except idiots who have laid claims to my property getting away with an apparatus for wealth as supported by European goons playing stupid games that is. The question now is how I get it, and this is what they are actually complaining about.

They do say I speak like that but cannot do anything about them whereas everybody heard me issue the warning I need to put a handle on it Ė so when I start hitting Media jobs each time, they hit my Books we shall see. They always love to claim I do not actually deserve the accolades I think I am worthy of, whereas itís never been about being worthy of anything as it has rather been a matter of the fact if it is not showing that you do not care about your family enough to deny him what he wants by making you get into a fight with those you face the entire world with, it is busy thinking it controls your whole life and wants to make use of you while it knows better beckoning racists and violent people along each time you try to move it on Ė hence you end up living its stupid dreams.

They do speak of my promiscuity of which there is none - what happens is that one assesses items that should be present in the life of another who claims to be a Celebrity and itís all about ones reputation and Public image as opposed to the idea getting involved with me might be beneficial to somebody who owns a considerable House in the Country side and goes around sharing lifestyle and helping people feel good about themselves; so I am usually left with something to be desired in a very violent way because they think they are far superior human beings than I am and should have access to Men that can bring me under control to make them feel comfortable. I understand mentioning it will cause changes in peopleís lives so they can keep striving for what they want to be, but I am not interested really, they are all fucking famous. However I do love to react to every aspect because the US does lead from the front when it comes to the case of people making sure all I can trade in life is sex - it seems that when I react to absolutely everything they do, I become the one trading the sex all together but we all know itís never enough because the celebrity ones who set up this nonsense at my business image have a service to provide to society naturally, hence it becomes complicated and I need to take the matter more seriously.

It does come to insults of how I am more creature than I am a person and that can only continue until I start a campaign about Industry and a processes of forcing them to channel their income towards the natural economic cycles, so that others might not be denied their own incomes because they had ideas before this stupidity gets sold on as another inconvenience that becomes a threat of oppression which takes up my time for no reason and eventually continues that way until it achieves its financial repression simply because I had done nothing about it. I do not think itís a problem as such, they hate my guts because I appointed myself on their case too i.e. when the economic crisis took hold back in 20017 and they decided they had found somebody they would bully to extricate lifestyle having discovered more things they did not previously know about the lives of the super wealthy and regularly continued the same behaviour we see now but in a very dangerous context i.e. ripping my finances to open up sales frontiers and calling the racists to ask them to damage my life too, then going off to talk of other matters about how paying more taxes because they have money is unfair. So, I did appoint myself to ensure they were channelling their incomes towards the correct economic routes and that the National economy was not split up because of their insanity to deepen the crisis, which obviously would have hit me the hardest according to their plans. So, they have clearly started again the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer gimmicks, throwing oppression nonsense and calling me names whereby I was more creature than human and that is why I have set this out very clearly too.

I am aware of the question of whether my Royal Brand has been damaged but it has not; people need to complain all the time go to the Palaces in the UK to see British History and Culture and Crown Jewels, not get about South America especially blabbing about revolution to pillage peopleís lives and property; they always say that it has its uses but the only use we find it being used for is a process of destroying peopleís lives and property when they least expect it which for an adult considering it cannot happen to a child for instance is devastating while those who survive make do with weak democracy and freedom, all so they might secure supplies with which to preserve themselves from work as a means of making money through which they save their health and when they mix with wealthy people who are well cared for, it may not be noticed that they come from poorer background, how this helps the problem of wealth inequality when its whole ambition is to secure itself a private overseas accounts with a neutral Country like the Millionaires do is completely beyond me. Either way, I do not think that revenge of the Stars will ever stop as long as the onslaught of the abuses and vandalism of men grooming others for bottom whipping and tummy whipping continues and more as intrusively and intensely as we see it today, creating the idea they share everybody elseís life and everybody is disillusioned about the fact that their own is not affected by their activities hence a new normalcy that they can feel comfortable with or else (with a big mouth).

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