It does get suggested in my direction I do not deny, that my respect for Law enforcement is an example of one of the biggest problems facing society today; this has never been an unusual issue either - I am only aware the primary prognosis of law enforcement behaviour is that they are there to protect Women and Children and the rest are tough enough to look after themselves; so everybody have to decide how they want to stay safe and half of them will decide civil disobedience and alternative lifestyle designed to bother law enforcement is the right way, while the other half will decide gangs and crime and hate for law enforcement is the right way. I for my part am notorious apparently for messing about with people’s lives but have had attention seeking idiot rip up my Book sales and my business every day for the last decade and a half and it is therefore ever so difficult to decide the prognosis of a problem when it is a person with knowledge and understanding and means of communication that is a reason for it, to ferociously and intensely and without reason save their excuses and cowardice and need to exhibit themselves, which is the cause of it (cracked-up out of my league sort) - hence a need to extricate the success from them and their lives, in order to make sense of it and their endless quest for privileges of injustice with Media, which says everybody should understand I mess with people’s lives on account, I do suppose, that they are obviously really stupid people save when they make plans to get away with such things and are determined to. They do claim I am abused by Women of course, which is utter nonsense; common sense says that on one hand their case is that one must fight racism without money and a job while racists get jobs and have money - on the other hand Women take advantage of me when it has been going around doing my stuff like she was a Man all together. However which it is not a difficult case to resolve either; it’s usually the two part question of whether Politicians are going to feel men when holding me down for these fools to have a pick at or Politicians are not going to feel me when they do it - the main day to day story then becomes the question of why them Media idiots get involved at all if not to say that they have got the power to; its sex for the Arch Prince with them every moment of their foolish lives - cracked-up out of my league. Like they say I do not get along with black Women, whereas the issue had always been that of breaking that profitable delusion that Liberals and socialists look after our civil rights when it is actually impossible to locate the starting point at which the twisted Satanic bastards started to develop a habit of insultingly telling others what to do, in a way which makes public sense; so if nothing I do is right because I am not having sex, nothing they do will ever be right unless they stop having sex and I am not the one wailing about my civil rights talking nonsense about violence which makes others think I am bluffing all the time as it stands. They do say Women bother them with sex all the time as well, which is just as well since the biggest problem is that they know much and there is no way I can possibly find them insulting - so it’s not just the old story of ignoring black Women until it is physically painful but also a matter of asking them if having sex before a job is not paedophilia, so they might tell me it does not happen to old scum such as myself and I might make them complain about all that is wrong about this world as well; so that we tend to make sense of the fact what we see at the Shopping Malls are absolute scumbags, same with what we see on the streets and then of course the Media ones are dressed up in suits and have a go at others while they are at work or doing their business livelihoods because they believe they have gotten assurance from another group of scum that are not showing their face, which says that they have got the power to.

Hence I have always pondered this matter of why it is that Society People are so vicious that One can suffer completely unwarranted and unexplained attacks from nowhere because they guard their Jobs with great tenacity – especially when it is paired with the fact their most pleasurable past time concerns ripping up other people’s lives and finances and livelihoods all together; I mean there is so much physically and publicly expressed pleasure and fund from it considering the afore mentioned fact. So the reason has to be that they know Criminals but in their own small world of a conspiracy of evil refuse to report that to the Law – especially when it comes to sexual abuse as well, which is why those who practice it fundamentally feel they are above and beyond any kinds of rules and Laws and victims are ever so powerless.

I hear they say I get myself stuck with problems I can never get out of but all I know about it is that they say their behaviour might be disagreed with on account I do not like popular culture idiots scooping my Book sale earnings with music CDs while they tell me I am poor trying to be Royalty of which this desire to control Men at my Finances and the corruption of my Government Provided security is the start of a fight with the famous, the first one of which led to getting the Books ready but this time will be about the Money all together. The reality is that there is none that is wholly right and there is none that is wholly wrong; I am a Christian as well and they do not teach these stupidities at Church too – they must live with this or will find me setting them another conundrum. I am very well aware that they are struggling Financially as a result due to vengeance for the fact they enjoy seeing me struggle and have made it into a habit already that they carry out for sport; they need to be informed that I am when they blow off their big mouth, since the appearances they keep up does tend to suggest I am not done nearly enough yet as it stands.

So, it is said that it is the shame of the idea that I am the Boss and more so in a world of far more modern, better, better looking and superior people which is the problem here. I wouldn’t know for my part anyway but I do know that it is usually the best possible indication whenever they blab and it develops around the idea they have had all the bad things they want to do in order to get by set up along with a scapegoat that will be blamed for it, that those environments where people murder other people is not as their Media will want us all to believe, a condition in which people have been provoked to a point of insanity but a world of psychopaths where what happens is a function of their notion of superiority to other persons around them, hence completely invalidating all that nonsense we put up with especially at diplomatic circles, that such things happen because somebody was far provoked enough to lash out a suggestion that it may solve a problem if it did – that other stupid world where other people are responsible for other persons actions no matter how grave the results of it still, even in the Law Courts. What I am saying is that the notion that this bothers me at all is built entirely on delusion.

The point is that we hear I have no way of appearing in public places without falling apart these days of which nobody knows how the smell constitutes Royalty; half the time of which it is never true by the way but half the time whereby it is true, the case is largely that of the need for evil and wickedness killing off any light that there is – hence anything constituting presence of God around me is to be filled up with publicity that facilitates the fantasies of twisted community croons, wanting to replace it with incredibly filthy evil spirits and so on, which will facilitate a process of moving me out of my faith to occupy it, after the white ones had failed to do so and then the Men will be the ones that steal anything concerning my public appearance and processes of addressing Crowds and that will be the end and people’s eyes will be fixed on my tummy for the rest of my life with which they can ensure I am unable to do anywhere and they are able to get away with any wickedness and evil they want and then they will win. We see them take it so seriously that they turn out at Buckingham Palace to make trouble that people will kill them for and thereby create even greater problems and the other idiots on the left can always therefore have opinions about religion that is practiced in their fucking personal lives which is therefore violent but does not solve any of the problems, if they wanted. I can always prepare myself to appear in public places if I wanted and it is preparation that can only be dashed when they are still able to stalk me, especially black Men and we all know it is an environment in which absolutely everybody is insane. They do claim this is so because of people like me dishing out punishments all the time but we all know they can take up 12 years of your time to practice an abuse on you every day which will amount to an evil they want to practice but have taken time out to make themselves immune to, like homosexuality for instance which is a function of the fact they want to ensure those who react to their vandalism by chasing their private parts would only be doing what they are already immune to and it is the same with a need to follow me around into academic institutions – it is largely to do with making them immune to any claims others may have that they are the ones chasing careers and lifestyles they are not qualified for, while they then get about doing it, all of these things of which proves that others are stupid leaders allowed to lead in a Country which has a system that is wrong thereof, hence I am unable to present myself or appear in public places in their stupid view. I mean we hear them make out they do it because they Men and their Women need to feel privileged all the time, no idea what that makes me, but they can go along and mention it again if they have the fucking guts.

As for the Royals that hate my guts, it has always been an old story where they have a Royal Estate of their own, which they can grab whole environments in which everybody is insane and play games with but will not do so, if they can do it with mine instead, all the way to Buckingham palace in an assumption they will not lose theirs as well. This is an example; nobody actually asked them if or not I was capable of appearing in Public or addressing crowds without giving off a smell; we would  never have been in this position in their first place, if people simply kept their hands to themselves - the need to peddle all effects of me when I step out of my door has never really met an opposition but they have stalked me to rip up my academic work at three separate institutions while my tummy and anus now hurts as well and then we hear that it is the Muslim ones that hate my guts too, which is pretty much the same sort of evil; do nothing about it and it will grow into that cultural thing where whole families are evil and the Women are after Men that steal Women's places in the world and I must not step out of my door at this time or that due to the cultural happenings otherwise I will have my head cut off, so now that I know what they hate am assessing myself again, so Politicians can talk nonsense about respect for culture and diversity while blabbing about the evils of religion which has no foundation on any form of truth whatsoever at the same time. It’s still the same strike three and they are out routine; they have taken everything save the health with which I can work for what I want - anus hurts three times and I have their fucking guts too

(it is so easily resolved i.e. as long as I feel good, then the absence of opposition to their usage of my property does not have to become a reason they hate my guts, since it’s a business run by a Christian and they were always insane and of course it is a Business Empire which is actually not their own; they do claim it’s a matter of damage I have done to their own of course which is utter nonsense i.e. they claim they screw around and get away with it because they have the power and not because the Politicians let them but half the time need to know about my schedule, create problems while clinging to my income, that will make me work many times as necessary to extricate conveniences they can trade on because a business Empires the owners have become more concerned about somebody else's own and therefore have not touched or worked on for the best part of a decade is supposed to be successful in their stupid view). They do say I need to show them some respect of course and I can understand what they mean as well - respect that is, as per the bloody idiots they set up on Media to squander my property trying to be famous when they know their backgrounds can never let it and the fact they are always showing up in public places to try and be me; I wish there was a different definition of their stupid respect myself all together most of the time. The respect matter has never really been a tough one anyway; it’s a case of being at home on weekends but as soon as weekdays begin, the stupid games they want to play with the income of the small business at home reached unprecedented levels because there is a racist that will be happy if they made me work many times as hard for what others get free of charge and conveniences that can be extricated from my Christian personal life to feel good about the effects of the fact they are dunces with - the blacks always claim I am suffering the effects of inactivity and I always like to think they need to put their money where their mouth is as they cannot let be other people’s children and nobody is making me have sex before I get a job and even the Americans are unable to question me about how I handle them on that too.

They do say I am Homosexual but refuse to admit it blatantly but I do not think it is true anyway - what I know about it is that I wanted to get to the bottom of the Female inequality thing and they got off to brew various lies and gossip and violent lasciviousness by which they can claim I am homosexual and make it talk to people in a sensible way through the spending of Money, their complain being that they cannot work out exactly why I am so interested in the Female inequality issue anyway but have rather been spending all their time claiming things such as how I have come round to their Country to create a sense that it is easy to be successful when people live in it, never mind all over lies and abusive gossips that amount to claims I deploy other people’s lives to live mine especially when they are White etc but whilst they are unable to survive one bad relationship in their lifetime that has already killed their dreams and future prospects as we speak, they follow it on with insults about claims they are better leaders and better human beings.

I do get told I have feelings of daring do like some mental illness which is utter nonsense; what happens is that I have watched their stupid practical jokes around me grow into a statement about how I will have no money until they were wealthy first as a whole society and planet. So, I could have acted when it was still a practical joke but didn’t in their view because I am a coward. The Media ones said that the Media jobs were their dream jobs when it first started but now it is the most prized asset in this nonsense as a whole, where I also get told that I am at odds with the Political system while they will not stop doing it to people who are already aware of what they are doing, then get about cutting Police numbers and then blabbing at me which empire I do not have but will lose so that their companies might make money while they held government Office; so stupid that this tools which are used to prevent idealistic goons taking their dignity while in government affairs are now spent on me when I am seen attending Church. Then I get told that I took it upon myself which is beside the question but is relevant anyway i.e. I took it upon myself which I did of course since it is clear it will never stop and will never stop telling me what to do so the deviances can pay attention to me and yet when the deviances grab its stupid heart and break it to pieces in order to run off global popular culture that does well at corridors of International Communities, we see them engage in apartheid and civil segregation which then affects me as well; incredibly stupid and with a powerful disobedience talking nonsense about leading all the time to play with. It does nothing with its time save make a mess of my bottom so I shame myself over processes of doing what it wants and it I hurt it bearing in mind what it means when the vices pay attention to me, they will say he was too big for me to hurt, while the Politicians spend everything that is usually used to control criminals at Government Office to ruin my life when I am seen attending Church.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland