I could never develop the imagination to conceive by myself that all those booing and cooing the community croons who want to see young people having sex and being modern and staying out of Church could lead to an outcome where I cannot work in an Office or write my Books or complete my studies but here I am and its mainly because of the fun leadership media fools and Politicians want to provide to make it so as well; it becomes a conversation whenever they tell me that resisting them leaves me in a fight of my life which is not really the case – we all know it does that to people stupidly all the time and then when it has happened to a person for decades and the person is about to kill them I get forced into conversations about what the unprotected do for me, which opens my business and financial operations to criminals like it should to show me its morally and socially corrupt and then it wants to do it right to the stage of making me out to be a coward if it is convinced it can bully me with its liberalism cowardice that wants an easy victim to beat up and cleanse its loser image by as if its life depends on it, leaving us to witness all the time the character of a scumbag who is a criminal but also a victim of crime in his own right. In the end especially the bit about wrecking peoples academics and finances in order to cling to their lives and go off to fight a racist that is stuck in a corner looking like he wants to be punished claiming it is fighting for my civil rights that I will have to pay for, makes such a stupid Country and when people say they want nothing to do with it evidences such as dropping out of school to show for, they are supposed to understand not play the role of peoples mothers and talk rubbish about the discipline aspects of their insanity and kids in the fight for their lives, looking for trouble – we all know it moves only one way which involves pushing back and whole communities being informed you may have picked them up and threw them around and broke their backs which is a worthy use of your time and this nonsense affecting my finances and academics and livelihoods is going to become a real thing pretty soon especially with great sweet talk about cowardice from that big mouth all the time like I have to put up with to add to what they have already done here so far. They like to say the children work in the military which is an old story; I started noticing scumbags walk up to me to blab about a relative in the British Military and secret service around the middle of 2015, so I guess this was the time their stupidities had been teased enough to take up jobs in those areas; it clearly does not know how it is done and will not leave it as well because it has a big ego, it does what it does because it thinks it is giving its life for the Country and will carry on until civilians are using their own to do it without training or weapons and then I will be scared of it as well that way. The Politicians of which are completely insane, so they think I should end up in the military when they are already tired of the updates I provide on where I am in case I magically vanish; supposing being captured and tortured to death while keeping your secretes would have been sufficient, never mind returning from the Mission and finding the scumbags are still at it all together as it were. It does get to this stage where what you do is personal conviction and people telling you what to do may push you in either direction as it were and I am not actually interested in their throes and problems, especially the one concerning the fact if they had stopped their stupidities their depression will take over and they will be unable to keep their media and celebrity jobs; I want it stopped or I will stop it.

They do say I have no respect for them but that is not really true, we are here because I am being taken advantage of on account they cannot have a simple conversation with others and I am randomly respectful; the reality of what I have found however is that these guys think I am one of those people that may hurt somebody and still pick up his career after but the truth is that they have been putting fist fight back into government operative and nobody knows if they expect a political correct fist fight from it, so we have to start with the Office bits bleeding people and that means I am actually going to get away with it. It’s an old story; the bits about them that should have been spent during study and the processes of their career is still in there making trouble for others and that is because they never ever do what they are given to do, always select something else – poorer ones like popular culture as the main concern at other people’s establishment when given a job to do, while the Media ones like peoples  public image and the top end of peoples careers as the main thing to spend time on when given a job to do and because it targets me and does that every violently all the time, I now need to ensure they have that aspect of their lives fixed, make them work for their money and supervise the outcome. As for the respect issue in its own right; they usually say that if everybody did this, people will not have a strength left to chase the careers but we all know they have a problem with my thought pattern because they think it is amusing to make use of my personal space and threaten me whenever it is not available as abusively as possible, then ensure the whole purpose of their stupidities is about sex too and keep holding me down to find their insanity funny and I want them off my thought pattern, the community croons and everything, so we can see which lack of energy there is when people do job career when they are given one like this for instance, so that others can get on with their lives too, instead of generally doing these things and expecting only those who know what it is such as myself will escape mental illness, all the while carry on since their own is attached to a career everybody can see and therefore iron clad safe in their view.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland