Now they say I claim Liberal America and its friends are intolerant and I need to explain this disposition but I wouldn’t know anyway – we all know it’s not as simple as tolerant or intolerant, it’s largely a matter of the fact that whatever they are complaining about is completely avoidable and the main reason they complain is that I am an Arch Prince who is being rounded up with media like sheep by a group of fools telling me how to exist and seeking to control my financial wellbeing for their own ends, hence the structures for operations which hurt them are those I have erected to ensure whatever stupidities they came up with was suspended for the duration of anything I am doing and the fact they are always in need of money was always completely irrelevant. They do speak of some security I get layer upon layer but I have never thought it a complicated issue either – we all know that if I do not appear as if I am about to drag Celebrities into a Law Court and get money off them over damages or some form of compensation, I will be the one giving them money because they took my identity from me, once I am done being sued. I wish to ensure they understood every complain they make is avoidable as every 24 hour can pass peacefully with a sense that I am a writer with some Books to sell being what most people know about my daily concerns, not a case of meddling, extracting money, putting labels on me, building crowds behind their stupid selves and calling me their brother for all sorts of media insults while they are not sharing the salary that gets to their stupid heads and then telling me that what I am doing on the internet is not real while my social media profiles are followed by multinational companies, only for me to find them get around trying to grab some career that clearly does not belong to them and a back breaking work for me that I can clear out in a matter of weeks and months which is not going to pay a penny – all completely avoidably.

The Celebrities are a typical example of why it has to be this way – the rest operate on the basis by which I am asked why I think people do these things all the time I.e. about the fact they are evil and some of them are trying to say that in Africa or Asia they were the secret society gits with powers that can drive people into mental institutions when their needs are not being met by those who have got it, hence my case with that is as simple as their stupidities letting it be the fact that I am a writer with some Books to sell, every 24 hours, if they wish to be free of what they are complaining about as well. The Celebrities however are the ones who would on seeing what I am saying is significant, spend it on themselves to express the power they have through instant media and how they find such stupidities amusing if I continued to resist them, they have always achieved this other stupidities that concern building communities fools who discuss plans of doing things to me all the time and will not shut it down, so it has become the means by which they ensure I smell like my loo every time I step out of my door as stupidly as possible, telling me if I bandied around the fact they were fucking famous in public places I would get into trouble for it with a big mouth. So they love to select self-improvements from what I am doing for a living to top up personality because they need the fix,  and have become accustomed to telling lies on media and to show me who is really important as a cover for doing so, as stupidly as possible and I want them to vacate my space, not spend time speaking of what they complain about while I am off on a trajectory, with a big mouth.

So it’s an old case of a people who have no wish to work for their own incomes and it is always criminal activity if people are not paying enough attention to it - they say I would not gather up tools to make a big racket in a place like Hollywood for example if I am putting up with 11 years of financial complications while they have needed to top up their personality and are always in dire need of what I do for a living without paying for every moment with their stupid media because they could determine what I said and where I could say what I have said. So it goes without saying they claim whenever it goes away I switch it back on because I believe myself to be very tough but what really happens is that each time it ends provocatively, I am so blinded by anger I cannot concentrate on what I am doing, I will get it back on as it were, perhaps unto the day we meet, makes sense of how they can control what I say and where I say it, if they find it impossible to keep their stupid selves from my Books and vacate my space. They always say I have no money but we all know it’s been a 15 year onslaught of a process of handling my person and work to seek out the market value, then set about gimmicks that will see me grovel for money, I have tolerated it long enough and quite unnecessarily even though I can track the equities involved, so I suppose, it goes without saying, that they need keep away from the Books if they have no wish to buy or read them. What they really do with their time is practice these behaviour on those who are not aware it simply does not work to get out there and chase money to be successful, you must come up with a plan that helps you live and leaves something you can thrive well on when you are a pensioner - so they build this Publicity for me that puts me in the same category because it means when I defend myself they have a crowd that can make me pay property wise and financially on account the crowd is needy, then sets about needing my career every day as its special thing for being famous, to tell me where I would not say what I have said, until it ends up hopefully with a case whereby I took the risk to do so all together.

They claim I encumber their career while no such thing has ever happened, what happens with this gits in my case is that they want more than one career at a time and mine is just a really good one that people can ascribe to them as something that will show they are very important and then make them some money later on whenever they felt like it and we know they can never have enough, it’s so important to get it that they are always setting out some process of giving themselves public place promotion on this garnished with lies that suggest it’s all my fault until the deed is done and finished with insulting stupid threats that question the theory they are in need of civil rights. Then we find them claim that I am disrespectful when their insanity was in possession of cultures and societies that help them churn my tummy and hurt my bum to stop only when I co-operate with their needs and assume the threat of destroying it if I got my hands on it was a bluff – whereby they say the world is much bigger than just myself, which has nothing to do with the fact that this business of needing it happened the day before and the month before and many years before this year, indicating they understand it is incredibly stupid but enjoy using it to magnify their personal importance as a means of earning money I have worked for and looking after the state of their personal conveniences but will not put a stop to it because they believe no consequences will come forth from spending my time on themselves. The Celebrities are convinced that  am done for and finished while there is nothing to suggest when Industry people get together to give them money and buy them expensive entertainment kit, that the theory they were famous was one that was supported by fact and yet we know that they understand the business of showing up around my firm to need my assets in order to secure acting and music roles is not necessarily how acting and music roles are made but have rather convinced themselves that I am their new victim instead. So they do claim its racism and we all know racism is practiced by social outcasts and they always make themselves social outcasts for the purpose of targeting those who come into the Country afresh, what then happens is that when I have my own disposition, they work hard to take it from me because they are very important and in a decade and a half, never have come up with an answer for the problems I solved by having it, so I am going to take their own as well, especially the need to get their Celebrity and popular culture women and their media gits weeing on others literally. The bad things that must be done to people, so they might understand how the world around them works is never really bad but they never do it to themselves - likewise the position I have placed them and that stupid media celebrity culture is not negotiable; we have seen that what I do about them does not deter as much as the importance of those who have jobs on media is to ensure that it is seen in terms of what Media has justified, in order to keep alive the prospect of grabbing my fame even when I am a Public figure, making a mess of everything around here while expecting to keep their own stupid careers alongside the carnage. The entire time they tell tales of distracting activity from my Royal attitude but we all know the Industry aspects were the biggest problem and tells most of the story, never mind following me around to ensure I existed in a condition whereby those who had more muscles than I did had the advantage and I had no exit, that gets me spending the security systems they deploy keeping an eye on me to sell my Books and have no wish to build publicity for myself until it is under my control, much the same as they are never important to me unless they were doing some war or tackling some crime, while at the time I had developed a mind that wants to target the younger ones due to incessant bullying that ensures all I have exist in a condition where rules do not apply and I am a character they can hurt and wish to attack all the time - such that in their view, showing up all over my concerns to make statements about my fantasies on an internet that is never real except for their nefarious purposes even when they see hundreds of people get involved with property Asset Equity brokered with me by the Companies that have employed them, while their children run around speaking of somebody who threatens the careers of their parents by endlessly claiming he is familiar with rich people, it would have added up to a behaviour that people exhibit to express how much they do not wish to be disturbed while engaged with their concerns.

They do claim I am fed up with mundane living even though I have no wish to accept their sermons on modern living – what really happens is that once I am done writing a Book and they have decided I would be carrying the weight of the world over my shoulders because of it due to their greed and stupidities and I have gone through great expenditure of time and energy to build a Bookshop, just before I start trading, I must protect my Clients again and again and again, then it adds to the other part that is not so circular, whereby I think of what I am doing at a Hermitage because people either show up to get me seeing they could not catch me as a child or over money issues or because I needed to find employment, so they have built up this life I should be living which is now in the hands of Celebrities and Media and I could never recover it and ensure their stupidities around my concern gets to secure a response and make me look like a petty character while they seek to extract money from my Public image, soon after which we find whenever a bunch of goons have jobs on media, they lend it to these twerps who then set about using it to show they have stolen my career, churning my tummy all day long. Still the central issue was that they are all so abusive and insulting they want to make use of my personality for their beauty sleep and to feel good about life, such that I can never get peace and quiet to write and sell Books for a living while I have a Bookshop to look after and the neighbourhoods are always hell - soon enough which we find they are hurting my tummy due to the anxiety showing them I am suffering tummy ulcer all together and they wished to make an announcement on that endlessly and to punish me each time I push back, hence they never listen and each time I lose track of something I were doing the stress goes on for Hours and the abuses get worse because I am not peaceable enough for their stupidities to get what it wants from the personality - to stop me completing an academic pursuit for what happens to be a personality that they will abuse to fulfil their dreams, while I had decided I want to take the culture from the culture ones as well, the society from the society ones as well, hence they can fight but it’s never enough, while I want to take the business of getting women to abuse people over celebrity and popular culture from the Politicians, which ensures they can never cover themselves from the abuses thrown at them successfully as well, so that it ensures I do not have to do that much to protect myself from the business of seeing them follow me around to fixate me at that point where I get to drop out of University over and over and over again as it were. Hence since I am now becoming a character their children feel free to bully, I want to crush their celebrity culture to ensure this becomes a trend they can really make something from as well but as for the business of their disobedience showing me they have had enough of monarchy; what happens is that I seldom put up protest to seek redress for the abuses and insults and vandalism or raise publicity for these matters, so they have gotten so used to it that they have made a sub culture out of insulting me while the media ones want the fact their ability to get their services at home not being affected and their families being none the wiser these are the things they do at the Office while what I do at my Office is tolerate it year after year, right up to the point where they think that those clichés they brew out and try to enforce adds up to the business of making their own Laws, yet when I detach them from it find them depend on me for the rest of their lives, which then sets it out as something I do not wish to change – so if there were a revolution, there is only a fat chance I will be governed by them in hell, so that the business of showing up here to count pennies until the magically made millions on my Public image that then adds up to a success of naivety that their Politicians find respectful may get completely out of hand, especially since it would mean that making stupid people rich used to be a problem but now we were living in a world where stupid people governed the Country all together, making us all into a stupid Country.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland