I really do feel as if each time they make out what I am doing on the internet is not real, especially for the purpose of these gimmicks, they need to be in pain for some reason. I now appear to be deploying a Royal Office for the purpose of making them feel happy and comfortable with themselves, while their stupidities have reached a stage where they were making sure I had never shut it down and ensured they could never access what they were addicted to further speaking of the subject of me being dominated and ready to be stepped on however, that was an old case where as long as Politicians are convinced they can screw with me, these idiots can be assured that I will never dedicate enough time to their society and culture stupidities to actually ensure they listened and understood what I was saying to them for my part as well. Their whole lives have evolved in the last decade alone into a structure that says career and work is about me being worse off with what I am doing on account they do not know how to do it, so as to maintain their foolish superiority and the problem with it is that I become cash strapped, whereby it is never true that the US due to its diplomatic alliance with the UK is not able to protect its Citizens from the British, as the reality is more that those who hated the British needed to carry on, so we may avoid the bigger problems of not knowing where their stupidities were coming from next.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland