I am now told that I am messing around with important matters while there is a social crisis in the Country, but I do not think that there is one for my part or more I don’t think that existing social crisis cannot be mitigated to such an extent that we needed to draw up a state of emergency. What is really happening is the expected process where quasi criminals have been tackling me to link up with the world of men and draw up a sensibility that gets them to deserve being paid some money for doing so – for some reason Celebrities had joined in and made it far worse. It’s not a crisis because the way to get around it is usually a matter of using the public image of Celebrities to fix the public problems that they have created and the result of that will be that they begun to pick up other people’s better public careers to make money time and again as though they were living on foodbanks since people can now tell that they don’t produce the show business products that we see at the market and that they really only have the single role to play of acting in it and getting paid but always rather chose to use their disposition as a tool that helps them wreck people’s lives over an inane and insane need to make a million or two every time, then hang around somewhere pretending it was all a form of amusement or they became a threat when they thought the victims were capable of standing up to them i.e. closer observation would show that they have always planned to deploy the lives and work of those they target to make themselves famous. The reason I tackle it in this way is that they generally never stop showing up in public places to express the idea they are a big deal by making arrangement with random people in order to make me work for them, this adds to the business of leaving the dirtiest aspects of their lifestyle and career right next to my business in public and on social media, such that when I had not worked for them they created enough public problems for me to respond to and it fed into the idea that I had. Secondly, if I tackle it in such ways, the same quasi criminals they ally themselves to will be responsible for collecting my work to make them comfortable, as equally as they will be the persons whose activities I used Celebrities public image to tidy up all the time – so it always comes through at the other end to show up as the result we are accustomed to i.e. tit for tart Celebrity financial vandalism of other people’s livelihood. We see the media do the same as well and their own has no reason or purpose, it just picks up from the activities of society goons and never stops complaining about having more problems than everybody else while its family is blissfully unaware of the nonsense I have to put up with every time they get to their Offices.

The process of it usually starts out with stories on how my personality may be used to build popular culture that makes peoples financially well off and then it will develop with all sorts of wickedness expressed from here to ideas on my diet, my loo and what I did when I stepped outside of my door which their stupidities will have controlled and it is at this later stage that most people tend to recognise a problem. For my part I believe I had made myself clear on how the activities associated with the mess they make here with such nonsense giving way to an outcome where they had to save everything that prevents them from smelling from me as well and it was very likely that I would have had state provided security to back me up too. They do always like to boast that it would never happen and I would fancy they got off the Hermitage and engaged with the Books when they showed up here, as for the city centre bully in nice clothes stories, we know they believe they know me very well while reality is that the same way the quasi criminals in the ethnic minorities never give it a rest, they spend their time on feet crossing practical jokes that feed into their need to be successful at Market and when this plays into the other gimmicks about my diet, my loo and what I do when I step outside of my door which their stupidities apparently control, we can see the full extent of their wickedness thus displayed – in like manner have I made it clear it will be the beginning of the end for their case as well when that stupid immoral society that wrecks my academic work to hang around at Parliament petitioning politicians about my attitude insultingly, showed up to challenge me for showing up at the City to sell my Books on claims I was an Arch Prince – blabbing about me fighting my own battles, this will have been a case of me taking the initiative on the way that they will be saving everything that stops them smelling of what they ate from me, state provided security is usually there to look after the success of the state most of the time as it were.

The reality on the ground is that this is not really a crisis needing  state of emergency as we can see that the goons above do not make personal decisions for members of the Public who can easily get involved with this Bookshop to read what I write, now make a mess and show up somewhere looking like they had a feeling that there was a problem – cannot be trusted to buy Books when they handle a Bookshop but can be trusted to build publicity that saddles others with a sense that there was a social problem all the time, hence if there is a social crisis, I am happy to let it fester to my satisfaction first of all. We are not expecting the Germans to comply with this sort of case where you handle people’s livelihoods according to the purpose it was intended either, the same way we keep an eye on the idea that they control Europe.

The other story being that I negate the part Muslims play in it, about which I must try to keep the Muslim hoodlums and criminals off my case, much as I must try not to be seen picking up the criminal problems of Islamic society. Their own is a matter of claiming I have played a part in what soldiers have done in the middle east and yes I have, apparently what happens being soldier does his duty, Terrorism overlords build up a sense the soldier will be killed one way or another, soldier thinks if he does not die in the course of his duty, these are the sort of problems we end up dealing with, as a government we think an experienced soldier is better than a new recruit hence the reasons we get them out and the reasons these goons see my activities are a major impediment. What they then do with this is come up with ideas on how to stir public dissention and either destroy public wealth or move property equity to the middle east in the hope of future points of dominance and time and again, I will scheme through the internet and come across super car grave yard, which is what the gits are doing with my Royal property and any customers that have expressed intention to get involved with the Literary Empire, facilitated by Germans and a Public that knows how to inform leaders they had a feeling problems existed but will not be caught dead reading something I have written or getting involved with this Bookshop for the purpose it was intended, blowing off that big mouth on media for it all the time. Then we hear them blab that they think I am an arse hole who shits over everything but as I mentioned, it starts out stupidly enough with how my personality can be used to make popular culture and ends in an expression of their extreme wickedness with my diet, my loo and what happens when I stepped out of my door, all of which their stupidities claim to control.

So, we can see where celebrity complains that I get social troublemakers showing up all over their careers fit into the matter; the vandalism wrought here is about to develop into something of me building a public image that helps me run this Bookshop on their case. Putting my academic pursuits beyond their reach being something I have only recently accomplished. Here they will say I think I am won but I don’t believe anybody wins against Jupiter in the night sky and fighting tyrants story in Britain, it’s just not possible – what happens here is that these goons have a behaviour issue complete with their idiots at the Monarchy ripping up my finances to beat me down on the radio waves all day, a behaviour that only improves whenever everybody has got a thing going on about it, right down to Taxi drivers, and they were hanging around somewhere singing Queen music with Freddy Mercury. They claim I should have been physically attacked to make me pay more attention to the problems of my own race and people but they were never consistent – before then their whole lives had to be developed on rounding up the guy with public image that can be used to make popular culture like sheep, ripping up his career and keeping it damage until every GCSE subject he studies was understood, the way it would be used to serve them settled, now they are so well tangled up with me that their stupidities think I should be off somewhere paying more attention to the problems of my race. It’s the story about immoral society, their gimmicks concerning exotic dinning, the social corruption worked through it and the business of using the outcome to make sense of my diet, my loo and what happens when I step outside of my door which they must control, issuing threats for the smell the cause to wreck everything they have not yet handled – we see the same with their need to have somebody they can pick on such as myself, through which they create those links with the world of men and draw up a chain process from doing so, which will ensure they appeared to have deserved to be given some money – we see the same when the Celebrities get involved with any scenario in which quasi criminals built up my concerns somewhere so they can tell me that my life is over, to throw public support at it, spend money on it and encourage people to do more. It is apparently a Royal Hermit here as it were, and I do not believe they are seriously nursing the idea that they would win if they did not let it go.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland