There will always be a trendy political ideology for fools that have lost the battle for spiritual domination of people to make fun of leaders and try to get rich with - this is a fact that will never change; what it therefore does not in itself get to change is what a bullies and villains are.

It is important therefore to stress consequences that will follow if at this stage it is still not clear how important it is for there to be e general respect in society for the fact people are born somewhere, grew up somewhere and are going somewhere and have the right to feel that at all times whether or not they are practically carrying out any of these three activities.

I understand the great case of Politicians and some intense need they have to work discrimination on me that is successful in favour of young people Ė in their defence they say I rejected them and accepted the Monarchy, in my defence I say I was already exposed to the dangerous aspects of Politics plus my religious faith and the fact I was unemployed at the time was going to contribute to insecurity so it was never a good time to get involved with Politics if I needed to keep my heart pure and remain holy before God. It does not in any way bother me; itís an old story of opening doors of the Country to let in migrants, then wrecking my finances to help them to those state of affairs about how I do not need millions because I am a Child and will live in the UK for a long time therefore they must be priority over me when it comes to jobs and so on and now that they have ended up with a problem that means they are small Politicians in suits and cannot handle big powerful violent guys who want things they think each time it happens they are supposed to pretend their names are Politicians in my view that to that extent I owe them some debt when I donít and they can handle my finances and book sales to make themselves feel like leaders, when in actual fact none of it has anything to do with me and I really should not be distracted from a process where I pay attention to those who want to beat me up and grab mine, which does nothing to diminish how dull they are when they think behaving in such ways will make me fight for young people. Their Media and popular culture fame and fortune fools do speak of the part where they want their culture and society back but it will never happen around here first of all and the chance for it to happen somewhere else will never exist until I make my millions selling the things they do to creategood life for themselves and their offspring as well Ė so that their mothers can get them to set themselves up as the men and women who have the characters of physical features that can be used to get things done, instead of letting them get about annoying and then setting up those that will do them as well. If they were devout Christians, they would have understood what the dire need for Holiness feels like.


These days they say my view of popularity people and the left is quite wrong, which is not actually true; the reality is that the intrusion of their Community croons and endless bullying as well as persecution to prevent people from abstinence on matters of self-corruption and sexual corruptibility, coupled with an intrusion on their part to make sense of their insatiable desire for money and riches, which is usually garnished with a condition whereby any small success earns them the right to stand up to parents and challenge their parents all of the time, added to how it somehow plays out that challenging me for a religion I can clearly not practicing in their personal lives works together to provide them a public statement and a preferable lifestyle Ė this intrusion is the only source of financial hardships I have because it does nothing but assume rights to punish me, which causes me to punish them as well and wastes my time but above all continues so intensely and insolently that what I do for a living is set in obscurity for as long as it is able to continue and of course the two sources of access are still the same as ever i.e. Media idiots telling me what to do and how to live so they might be comfortable, their community croons coming up with own explanations for the nature of what my personality and the presence of God around me is. My view of them I have to say really is one of the most accurate that there is.

We are not talking about the bit where it becomes difficult to a point where you are sick to the stomach, to accept the sad bits of your life when you notice them or when you are a sad person most of the time, to accept the happy bits without being purged of what you ate. I mean it is easy for us Royals because of HMís leadership, but we are talking about Economic Leadership concerning myself and Royal roles of my own here. They do say I along with some others have no way of handling the mess that will come forth from Brexit and that I do not face the realities of where it is leading but itís absolutely untrue, since as they say; it is one of the most expensive divorces in History and we will pull through in my view, when there are no external Solicitors such as the French who tend to go along with everything. I mean for instance The Elegant Class of Vehicles are a certain Type that exist in every single Vehicle Bands approach to the Market but only the Germans are perversive enough to brand their entire Car range the Elegant Class like they do with Mercedes - the reality of Mercedes however was that the Models were way ahead and far more advanced and better built for purpose than all its rivals, so it was colloquial and therefore perfectly okay; what we see the Politicians do however is round up all of Europe and set about imposing their version of how customers should be appreciated on everybody else, which means they can do this as a form of existence economic and gain unprecedented finance mobility for it in each wake of which they leave others in absolute carnage and muscle into absolutely anything theywished, along with their socialist Women who serve as Industrial escorts becoming more abusively insulting in terms of race than ever before; so Brexit is an accurate decision for a Population in a Country to have made, in these kinds of circumstances. they say I advocate to have unlimited power for the US which is an indication they have no wish to provide real economic recovery for their people all together i.e. when asked to work on Central Banking culture, what they do is round up the rest of Europe and make everybody fancy customers like the Germans, so that German manufacturers can do whatever they liked - the Americans however will have to secure previous economic interests and nurse new emerging ones in the process, which if the Obama Administration had done, would not have allowed China to tear up Asia like it has done; besides which the complaint right across Europe of Germans grooming people for punishment, to make people work harder and more efficiently started as a result of action people like myself took to prevent it due to what current market behaviour had revealed, so the more we prevented it has become the more the grooming continues and since the need for punishment and bottom banging took off, it has not looked back since - this is what they need to talk about not the powers of the US or who is advocating it. Much the same story with every goon that loves telling people to fancy Europe like they do i.e., when you do not want it done, doing just that becomes a main preoccupation for no reason. All that nonsense about inequality is all very well, we all know their insults in my direction causes other Royals to avoid me and this impacts my finances and makes them feel important - so my penis and anus hurts, and they will get into some serious trouble especially the Black people, before it stops.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland