It is said that my views on Homosexuality are not exactly and precisely clear, but they will not be if people have a habit of seeing me walk into a Church and then inventing ideas about me being homosexual or having a view of what it is or should be. According to my position however it is usually a matter of choice; whether the fact somebody else is Homosexual bothers me, considering it is not up to them to invent and make available the strength by which I am able to bear the fact that they are homosexual, so what happens in my case is usually that I spend time in a Hermitage to request help and support and when I get the divine strength to carry on, another group who think I am nave of what evil looks like, will turn out on Media to make a mess of it all day long. The Politicians have suggested that it is the Homosexuals that have manipulated me into the current disposition that I find myself but it is not what does that is their need for corruption and the business of setting out completely innocent and upstanding persons and targets for abuses that will secure a response which gets them grabbing government money for private purposes on grounds that there was so little public respect for them, that it was necessary to do so, hence when such behaviour leads to outcomes where there is increased behaviour towards homosexuality, one must adopt a balanced view; as for the people that manipulate me into compromises with homosexuality however, I will catch them when they soon show up somewhere shooting off insults on what kinds of respect I ought to show towards the Millionaires but then again, we know if that happens the Politicians will be the ones to provide them the greatest support that they will ever get in the whole world, hence much more another question of the idea I am nave of the evils and wickedness of Politicians too. It is pointed out the other case of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge not being the ideal Couple for succession but we know that we have a choices and options in the matter i.e. if The Prince of Wales is willing to perform his duties, just as we saw the unwillingness and mistakes of the past are the reasons for his current problems, that we can either without having to make changes to the law, develop provisions for HRH to perform his duties or we can without having to make changes the Law develop provisions of instability that is associated with the Crown passing down to the next person in the line of succession. The other story of Political instability that is upon us being one that is not based on reality all together; more a matter of Politicians pillaging peoples finances such as myself, which leaves me exposed to culture and society trouble makers, coupled with their ego that Celebrities copy and exhibit all the time, such that there is now a public sense I am forcing people to buy Books from my Bookshop and its a matter that has to be settled, while I am not writing their Books and the business of being famous on my Public image was never feasible, hence there is always one form of ego like this laid upon the other time and after time, meaning that the culture and society trouble makers the damage to academic work and finances have allowed access to me, have now also gained an impetus for the Politicians it is a clear indication that it never gets easier for people to do what they say, such as tackling culture and society trouble makers when they have wrecked the academic work and finances for it. I do get asked what I think can be done to support me but its an old tale of my activities on social media and with everybody I meet being a matter of an Intellectual Property Administration business I am looking after for personal finances and I dropped out studying Law and Economics thus want to get back into the academic system and finish the same Course it has always been this simple. The culture and society troublemakers chasing me around however they say is instability itself and yes, it is; but I have facilitations to handle them which means they are never a problem for me i.e. I have this sensibility now whereby they have access to me in every way right down to their imagination in my bedroom and it is all in the name of a processes that help me manage the fact they are always building some form of insulting pressure for my body parts and yet while they do it, should I build Publicity for the Royals, the outcome will be a show of the fact that what they are complaining about is a job that has already been done.

I am aware most of the instability are a matter of overseas influences but they are, as it is usually assumed by creeping into parts of peoples lives where you got to extract money from market they have worked for and build them a reputation that suggests they were characters who never get paid for work, while you were a practical joker who speaks of poor getting poorer and rich getting richer in the business of profitable insults that decide which is inferior and which is superior for the public to associate itself with, you had ended up controlling them and more so for your own incredibly insulting and stupid ends; once they discovered they are always stuck somewhere complaining about their culture and society because of me, their Politicians take up a disposition that suggest the one dream is to see their silly children exhibit the same forms of insults driving expensive cars they buy from entertainment money, like the Americans and Germans have exhibited but most of it are just insults that beat the imagination and showcases an opportunity to express how stupid they really are; it stops them discussing their problems as a matter of my rights and privileges and stops them fighting for my civil rights before I was born or blazing my trail (creep behind me to extract money from a market I worked for is not how to control me, of which they certainly can afford the Royal personal life and Public Image so as to control me in the first place, besides the question of why I need to be controlled at all being that I wrote a Book their stupidities cannot take advantage of to get rich quick and set out structures that allow me tolerate their insults being making sure they cannot damage absolutely everything they got their hands on at this Hermitage and so I needed to be controlled, as stupidly as they can get).

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