I am aware that all threats to my career and book sales comes from older Authors and their stupid youths and Politicians and the Media. The idea I am finished and there is nothing beautiful about me to desire any more is a handful of nonsense for those who pick it up. the prognosis of who is finished can easily be settled along the lines of thoughts that there is something seriously wrong with them and their Politics and those stupid games they play all the time. It seems that they spend their time doing nothing but trying to make out they are part of any group of people with whom I am doing business to run my own affairs and it is always done with conviction based on some transferred aggression operated violence as if I am their equal or something and then they interfere with everything like my Publishers and even people I have published this website with to get more violent and make out ideas I do not know the difference between them and those people, so when I get through great expense to normalise people’s lives on most occasions they turn up to take things away from me with their insolence as well. The outcome as it stands is that when I stay indoors, they are always doing something to create me a cash flow crisis and push me outside and except for them there is no difference between 12 noon, 12 pm and 6 am in their world, they do it all the too by the way. As a result of which when I suck into my shell they are out there making use of the fact I get protection from the Highest Authority in the land which is really provocative and true to nature because they have plans I cannot make friends because I have the protection of the highest authority in the land, I cannot sell books because of that, I have no right to earn money because men have plans looking for trouble and somebody really important to bully and it gets more and more intense too because they are really stupid and really love to seek attention that is doing damage to the finances of others due to their desire to be disrespectful when they want to bounce back and enjoy the high life and therefore see me as a tool for this with a big mouth.

In retrospect, I would say nobody knows what or why Women who are mad about money and the feminists theirs or not feel that the answer to everything is their insults; that because they have problems they have the right to do damage to other people’s property - however the only thing that is certain is that when you are a man vulnerable to them for these things because you do not do things to them that other men do, clearly when they do those things it sets a stage for a new imaginative way of mistreating women to solve a problem, which is what I am most concerned about because in actual fact there is really nothing that either they or their stupid children can actually do about me and of course we all know there has never been one such.

As for the part where it is said my activities have nothing to do with the Church however, I do wonder what people expected anyway - that I will not have planned for a process where they are off on a tangent where I will be stuck with community croons building a reputation for being sexually lose while their stupid children get on media to acquire a reputation for morality even when they do not believe in God? They speak of Church stuff and it is up to them as it were - all I know is that I am a Christian and the fact I talk about these things people do to wreck my life on account they want to have sex especially communities linked with their stupid fame and fortune popular culture is not to say I have forgotten how I live my life all together, unless that is they can enforce an otherwise situation which I do not see how they will on that stupid media as well. And the matter of serving women who are above my station that I get involved with like I should be of course an old matter of some women consistently making themselves a threat to my freedom and nobody knows what they are complaining about with their foolish feminism as well while they are at it.

They are always about something that will see somebody bigger than I am have me beaten up, always about something that will see me in a difficult situation while I run out of money and it is entirely compatible with the wickedness community idiots are enabled by Politicians to channel at me on account they want to have sex as well and what I do to them in my view is always entirely deserved too. I have never seen the condition as one that will lead to major political or social crisis, they will do everything to get rid of the controls that are there in society to limit their behaviour and they will play it off against the one I have created for my personal life all the time as well, this is a forgone conclusion. The realities of this question therefore will have reverted back to the matter of me changing my position on women which I have never done or said I have - these sort of women understand the reason I find women that are older than I am physically attractive is because they play with me all the time and there is something there they want to play with all the time as well, hence that case notion of he is just a kid is entirely wrong and dangerous; the men however are something else and have no sense of right and wrong and it is a simple case of making sure when you have enough, you are no longer punished by them for their own limitations and failings otherwise it will happen for the rest of your life; I have not changed my position on women nor do I feel punished, I simply think that considering what their intentions are and what they are trying to accomplish by their actions the reciprocate response from me has been the accurate one - they have no sense of right and wrong and if they have one it is flawed as well.

At the bottom line it should be noted is the fact I have authored books about these matters, and nobody is buying them. It is largely suggested I try to tag along with Royalty when I am nowhere near their league but in actual fact everybody knows what the goons that set such nonsense up wish to do is get away with this destruction of my personality and then my Company and then every Royal Property that I had thereafter in order to make these things valid, however which they would have been successful if they did so in secret and controlled when it got out into the public domain which they have completely failed to do. The reality is that with respect to the generation my age I am arguably one of the safest pair of hands in the world and this is what my status entails for the most part, it is not a position of less importance and by the way this is what every One is talking about these days - that I continue to let poverty creep up on me by behaving a lot less important than I am and the whole situation is getting worse and worse, however which the vandalism that these goons have wrought on my work I will punish for it happens like they can give to the frugal if asked.

It goes too far all the time; where we see greedy evil fools who are American but must think the Australian ones are different or else on account they are not American and then must think the Japanese ones are different on account they are not Australian and must think African ones are different on account they are not Japanese etc and it seems the hatred for me is that I cannot think of them in that way and they therefore have no means of escape; so they can wreck everything down to my personality to make a point about trying to rob shoulders with royalty that are out of my league when reality is that I was there before they noticed I was there in the first place but do enjoy these games of causing others intense distress and making up excuses to enjoy the violent side of their stupidities. Apparently if they were to have succeeded in all these things, they should have ensured they did it out of the glare of the entire world and then controlled when it got out which is something they cannot do, only a big mouth on media all of the time.

The challenge forming the reasons I have allowed my finances to fall to ruin in that way was that the purpose of their stupidities was a familiarity with me that they did as a matter of entitlement which ruined everything and means the distress was a sign they were getting justice for oppression that sees them work hard for a living and that the end result was to be that of claims I make it easy for people to successful in other people’s country which is not what the countries really are and that being laden with such accusations mean I can never escape to achieve any form of financial success, enforced with media.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland