On the work that mistresses and the socially corrupt Celebrity and Media world has been doing for civil living, It is said that I have created the impression that my websites are British Government websites while they are not but I am usually left wondering if that was really the impression or what they were interested in, is the abusive disrespect about which they will soon have consequences to complain of, all the way to lifestyles they hoped to adopt when they lobbied Politicians. The point of it is that I am aware the Literary Empire I built is big enough to raise me enough money for a Royal Hermitage and an Arch Prince’s Public image and if my work, International reputation and property does not appear like it really is publicly and financially, they will never be free of me and we are about to progress to the part where their families got a feedback for it regularly as well.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now, since I have been talking a lot about the what they believed they were entitled to whenever they lobbied Politicians and decided how others should prioritise their personal finances thereof but I am not involved in the Political process and their stupidities need give me my space. The bullying associated with the way people should see other people’s personal finance disposition was their invention, I only took them up on it.

I already got away with it, should the question arise; Patents have been put to the fact I have already set in motion a cluster of events which ensure that should any fighting occur, they would remain British, so would I and if they had taken anything from me, it would be up to me to decide how I felt about it and I do not plan to take anything from their stupidities - the same applies to the all my interests on the Global stage..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland