I really am at a loss over the matter of incessant complaints from the male population especially regarding how my activities push up people's stress levels - it makes me so disconcerted: they are not all royalty, so nobody knows what their business around my concerns really is, since this is after all how it really works i.e. one waits behind to assist a government at the office and the public image is run by people who fancy the renaissance, court members royal, court members for work who are at media and various other systems, completely unexplained how people's stress levels are raised if we omit the case of their profitable disobedience which they are quite obsessed with as a whole, difficult to determine how it has anything to do with them. Even now, when I set out a social media system where I pick these people up and they give me feedback especially about growing enterprises, nobody seems to understand without explanation from me, which effects lasts only minutes before the problem shows up again, that it is a system for deciding and administrating what everybody is getting up to and what they want to do with what systems and what handle and yet they are the ones with a spiked stress level, which makes it so annoying. Yes we hear it's a matter of everybody being cracked first of all before I set about explaining what is really happening, while any normal person can see that asking others to share privilege with you is a very boring thing to do and people can get out of being cracked after to get on with their lives by not being so boring. Not even the part where people at the estate help me to my public image on a regular basis is supposed to have such an effect as means others end up with an increased stress level. Even the talk of celebrities getting involved with me is a matter of a job that they want to do, which largely concerns silly men chasing people's private parts at culture and society and tends to mean they had a background which was similar to the sorts of silly behaviour we see dumb students that do well in school and get into the world to decide what should become of other people's lives to make themselves comfortable exhibit all over the world from Africa and the us to Europe, I cannot make out what has put their stress levels up around here.

The talk of me handling my own fame unexpectedly and completely and without warning people is well understood but while I follow people's social media profiles, I am still at a loss as per why they cannot follow mine as well anyway but expect to get involved and let me know and then inform me about what they want to do with what handle and which books I have written they are interested in at some stage all together as well in that way. I handle my own fame when other celebrities around the world and popular culture goons make trouble for me as the British ones become obsessed with getting me into a fight with their counterparts from countries with larger military which is supposed to have been a persistent and incredibly stupid behaviour that is not necessarily unpredictable. They always claim I bring it on myself because of the way I behave but we only need see them on the streets to understand the reasons - the day of this update on this page for instance, I walked two bus stops from where I live, picked a bus that drove down only 2 stops and somewhere at the traffic an idiot walks down and sees me and gestures mockery and insults to look at his watch the way I do and walks down muttering something like bum and I wanted him to stand and finish the story whereby he moved on and packed his own in on the right hand side, a good time to do so and more so at my expense, then two bus stops later and I get out and walk past another bus I had not taken and the driver slimmed the door and it showed everybody the daddies wanted to teach me a lesson and there was no way I would be financially comfortable if they were not millionaires etc - nobody has actually advised them to do these things to a point where it is a sub culture like we have seen and they simply now have to live with the fact it has to make basic assumption to think that each time it happens, it benefits them as a collective - I do not consider myself responsible for the effects my actions have on them.

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