The bigger picture expresses itself at the terrorism issues the best - the bit where we must assess the various forms of disobedient wickedness that men want to engage in and link with some form of money making or the other in order to obtain victims they can practice on. The media ones for instance just want to get involved with me each time they are pricked by my work and wish to provide a leadership at local communities where everybody follows this queue - and these are the ones that need to tell lies all of the time as it were, about how good and moral a people they are, a power to decide which people think is truth with information naturally.

I have however been clear about how I wish to get about my concerns before I begin to resort to measures that can ensure none of the plans, they have come up with operates around me in a way that as much as causes distraction. It is how I get told I do nothing about it save complain like it is the end of the world, which is not actually true - this is a matter of the modern people and at school having those groups where very stupid things can make the psychology business into a multimillion pound venture, when done they are fundamentally out of the league of everybody they meet and become powerful low lives that want money off other people's estates and invent powerful and abusive ways of getting it too.

Mostly they assume they know much about the British but tend to find that is not true when they meet people such as myself and their get all blank and wonder where I am coming from but are still out of my league while wanting money off my estate with a big mouth. The British ones are the reasons we are here because they are always helping me out with royal work as well as spend most of their time making sure I am getting into an altercation with the Americans who have the biggest military in the world thing every time they wish to steal an income from my estate and business; hence politicians do not fancy them so much anymore now that it is obvious and clear that people should be getting into government buildings to spend a decade and a half of my time making sure these fools have habits that can allow them round me up where I am engaged with important things, so as to make me fight for them while they put the feet up and acquire lifestyles scandalously and quickly - everybody is complaining about hurting bottoms these days. They always say I never make use of my own culture and prefer to deploy other people's culture all the time and it is utter rubbish too - the first time such things failed it concerned politics being a condition where people stand in queues so the idiots can decide who gets to the front of it, it failed woefully and the politicians had to intervene, so we are set to see where the one about making use of people's culture will lead, considering we already know that the reason it is happening is that the media ones and idiots with journalist jobs never give it a rest.

They do say I am arguably the rudest thing that ever lived but we all know asking me to share some of the privilege is boring and they are some of the godless things that ever lived too. They do say that antagonising politicians is the reason for all these which is utter nonsense - apart from the need these fools have to boss people around and ensure they suckle on people's personal security while living out a really useless existence which is very queer and usually reflected by the lives that street squatters think they have a right to live for instance but as a whole it's all lies and tales told to ensure people ask questions while I have books to sell, detracting from the main book selling bit every day and we all know that when tackled will lead to that outcome where as they say, fighting politicians really is the answer for everything.

Just like they say I am of the opinion the contraptions I have put together are actually books, while reality is that 90% of it actually are books i.e. the remaining 10% is a matter of opinion about the contents, I am not writing the fact I am a celebrity and I had three children and it was not easy on other people's public image and royal estate and books business altogether, so whatever the contents may be, they are actually real books and the comments will be shut down or they will lead to trouble - it does by the way go beyond the simple nuisance of celebrity politicians and trade writers obviously and that is usually when the storms that to kick off; I mean they will write their life story on my own literary empire due to their laziness and abusive insults and when I write my intellectual property administration then there is a small war - so books do look like this without a doubt; I mean, it is generally more frustrating when it's impossible to go from writer that does a job for which he is not paid and writes a book to spread the job around, to finding a publisher that is actually interested in a writer and not the trade writing bits since the business is already a trade which is impossible to find - when you self-publish and do your own, then there is a small war and people cannot shut down their stupid comments as a result. I do not think it complicated, just think they need to stop being too stupid i.e. it is supposed to be a couple of books to start out with since a best seller would normally pay the writer and then the grandchildren after and one person can only have so many and somewhere at the middle will be the series to keep fans up to date and at the end will be your last hoorah before you had retired - it does go beyond trade writer nuisance and they needed to learn that painfully too, it is not their literary business to extract money from besides the fact I do not need their opinion if they need by books but do not wish to give me the satisfaction of getting a copy of their own.


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