They have become quite accustomed to this nonsense; the resurgence of their culture at my expense - the Men through corruption of involvement and lots of abuse supported on a Global stage by Americans and probably Russians as well, the Women with a need for privileges of Injustice supported by the same two group of people and perhaps some Europeans, Africans and South American twerps and before I could ask what it means I end up in a corner with their stupidities fixated on my Public image and property assets repeating their insanity endlessly, respect, respect as they do whatever they liked issuing threats - cracked up out of my league showing up here to blow off their big mouth so all of the time and making a stage for themselves for it with International Media.

I am now told that I have this sense built up of people knowing what I can do and an understanding I will do it again, which I think adds up to a process of intimidating people but I would ask if this is what people thought I was doing when I deterred them from handling my Books and Public image if I was not aware of the stupidities of Liberal USA building up a version of me that does not really exist and doing some much damage to my academic work and livelihood with it, that it threatens to gobble up the real me all together and so with respect to the question of intimidating people, I am left wondering if people are intimidated when they spend their time doing such stupid things to others. It is the way it was meant to work i.e. they make stupid people rich, then show up to handle my work and property extracting all the market value from it, which when deployed to make them money adds up to a leverage that makes them superior in the sense that they owned all the money in the world between them and the stupid people they manufacture into fame as popular culture canopies of narcissism but I have no responded to it for years because I wanted it to build up to a stage where it justifies the reasons I have to crush those stupid media lies that serve an excuse for making their disobedience profitable so, a case of being intimidated would largely have meant that I took the business of them lending publicity to society and culture fools who spend time claiming they have grabbed my career until it became a self-fulfilling prophesy, so seriously that I begin to work towards a stage whereby we met in person, this is not happening, so I am lost as per where they think they are intimidated all together; the part where they claim I am not in control of the matter, regularly get attacked and bullied by culture and society trouble makers who report their deeds to Politicians will be the part that really expresses the facts that they were evil when we first met and now since that has been spent, are stupid all together because it depends on me, such that when they add up the evil and the stupidities they have all the power in the world, telling me my problem is that I run a business without Capital, while there seems to be a link between running a business without Capital and not being disturbed at my work in this Hermitage, such that it is leading towards a future where I do not place Capital on their stupidities like I have seen anything like it in my whole life before and then expect profit from it, feeling intimidated by me they are. I do get told I am not really the victim in the matter and yes I am not the whole business of having fantasies about me running a livelihood and an existence in a condition that means my academic work and finances wholly operated where somebody else had more muscles, has now given way to an outcome where I am deploying those private security industry nonsense to ensure they were relaying my messages to the Politicians who are stupid enough to listen to it all the time, building up a sense from it that people had gotten a warning from me before I acted whenever my work and property is damaged such that I act on such assumptions endlessly, then deploy the Publicity for the purpose of selling my Books goes without saying when I get hold of the culture and society, they really will have to live up to those stupidities we hear them blab off all the time by the time I am done with it. They have complained that the way I work and what I do exudes frustration that affects others, whereby I have no idea which is more frustrating i.e. that I leave University and get stuck somewhere reacting to the stupidities of society and culture gits, which prevents me from keeping jobs I get, at the behest of Politicians and Media fools or that I have set up my business in a way that offers them a choice to mind their own and keep out of it or get stuck with bottom hurting sex as well but then again which we can see that it never listens especially when it is an idiot that got elected some time earlier. So it feeds into this sense that I am weird and it puts people off, which really does not tally with the other claim that I have a lot of power that they want to be a part of, whereas the reality is that I write Books from the parts of those stupid ideologies of theirs which none should explore, showing up here to do me favours and get away with abuse all the time, so Liberal America decided to build me a global stage history for being the person that makes a living from bad ideologies as a process of facilitating and guaranteeing their stupid fame, before they started to think of whether I was worthy to get some Books sold, the result being that they are about to have me beaten up because I smell and I think they have not got the fucking guts for it, feeling intimidated because they are good at telling lies. As for the other business of the power people want to be a part of, I am likely the only person in the world who writes Books that Politicians are obsessed with but which get to the highest levels of Government where the sales are killed off like something the Nazis had failed to invent. On the whole its still the same old gimmick; building communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me and when I clear it out they build another one and tell lies on Media where people think I intimidate others when they wreck my academic work and finances and set about making up their own version of what the public should think I did to deter them which did not have an effect because doing so was good for their self-confidence; never listens, will not get out of it if it will not stop complaining either.

They always say all I do is hopeless naturally but it has always been a simple matter of the peace and quiet I need to write Books at this Office, concentrating on my academic work and sorting out the needs of those who have bought and read my Books, if I am unable to get these three things every 24 hours, I will work towards an outcome where they cannot get their services at Home and their Families were well informed of the nonsense I have to tolerate whenever I get to my own Office everyday - so whatever carnage I am going to build from all these things to continue these processes of deterrence, the outcome will be to ensure I get into my Literary Empire Office and work in a peace I have created away from idiots who are always trying to share it and its earning margins. The story of me being disrespectful is not an emotive one; what happens really is the Men with their corruption of involvement and the Women with their search for privileges of injustice, so they always appear to have this need for my personal life and my concerns while their foolish children chase and seek to own my Public image, the point of access being the religious faith which will help them develop this sense that I am completely unaware that they are purely evil and then their involvement will ensure that anybody who wants to get their fingers up my bum in the imagination can always do it, which is where it starts to get real while their children claim I need give up religion because it is a bad thing as the popularity narcissism gets completely out of hand - so, the Muslims for instance have got their own sorted out in the sense that my involvement with their religion will produce the same effect and I will be murdered for being a heretic and an infidel and we find the same thing is happening with white people who have suggested there is something wrong with the idea of Muslims living in the UK i.e. I really do think the story of disrespect on my part is really past its sell by date (we know that once they had built up the communities of goons that will see them as victorious characters, you can never tell when it will strike which is why there is so much violence in their cultures and societies, never know when it will strike, for instance done something strange with your food or claim that it has along with the Community it built claiming the same too). I am told that people like me never integrate properly, so we end up creating problems for others, while we know its never about integration and that it is all about money and the only people allowing these insults by creating the idea I keep their own and keep some popularity their stupidities should be having, is the Politicians; the same who complain about the consequences of this power all the time because they think I should have in some way accepted responsibility for it - we can see that because my knowledge range is a bit wide, I have had to deal with big brothers stifling my academic work and livelihood for 12 years because they want to know what I am doing with my whole life and get there first using media, stifling it like we see their idiocy give the ones they have to the frugal and relying on me to do nothing about it; now we know their stupid celebrities want my career as the special thing that works in terms of a fix that makes them feel good about their stupid selves all of the time and the age range of the idiots is getting younger and younger which is rather controversial. They have always suggested it a matter of my shame and a certain problem which is utter nonsense -what happens is not my shame but Fashion gits and Celebrity fools spending my Public image and personal life on themselves; might think the nightmare on the high streets due to their relationship with glossy magazine outlets was the worst of all but its only the tip of the Iceberg.

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