I am aware it is said the most annoying aspect of what I do is that I do them at the security, social, community expense of black people, right down to what they do to work in security industries which involves renting homes and looking after them etc. The reality is that every time you make it clear you do not want a thing done to you, it becomes a Media phenomenon instead; the first five Hours of moving into a property is okay and after that it is hell for years even after I had left the property - the women do because I steal a woman's beauty which is so on account they have no respect for my career and it does not matter what it is if they feel like using it to do things, then the husbands will turn out to assess me and have friends they tell tales about me to creating environments of conspiracy by which to make fame and fortune and feel like business men all the time - this is a behaviour I deeply abhor but the reasons for it not to happen are never good enough. It generally is a matter of whether or not they have desires and that tends to mean when I refuse to stand up somewhere singing stupid culture, they get some stupid kid to do it on my behalf so they can have their desires anyway, to wreck everywhere here and chance my profit margins every day on media so white media idiots can do what they like with it too and I might be said to have a problem with racism. I am trying to move this matter on; finish these books and get them circulated and then we will all move on, and I intend to spend that time going after my academic work again and if they cross me again thereof with that stupid insolent inconsiderate golliwog mouth, if they do dare cross me again like that.

The talk of how I build a spoof of a life from the history and glory of rock stars is another big nonsense that is intolerable in this matter; I mean a person wrote a book from a political position of office that is concerned with how people make a spoof from and pillage the physical appearance and aesthetics of other people’s creations to a point where they carry gun and become rebels and claim the leadership stole their leadership style and stole their stuff and so on, another person would get involved with such a career if he were a rock star over excuses made but I have nothing yet which shows that if you wrote it from a monastery there is a reason rock stars should become concerned about it so to a point where pieces of my books turn up on media when I have not elected or paid for them to be there to meet peoples ends while they ensure they never buy copies of it all together and so they look for trouble in such ways all the time. Then we hear talk from some of how it happens because the same way I handle them is the way they do me, what it really means is that areas of their culture which I have tied away are things I must now release or else and I have no idea how that will ever come to since it will mean that what I do not do because I am a Christian, I release for others to do because it is their freedom - they will never see any area of a culture that I have handled ever and that is an end to that one. I do not create a life out of making a spoof from the history and fame or anybody and by the way which their provocation is such that even if I wanted a Celebrity style fame, working with the British Royal family would mean I cannot have it and yet even if they did allow me, the fact I am a Christian and write books from that position would mean I would not accept it if offered; so why do I have to deal with media over my book sales everyday such that I cannot earn a simple living - I guess it means they are pillaging Royal Property, so I suppose it is apt we have this conversation too as it were; by the way of which I never made mention of foolish women talking about being victims of one thing about another and turning out to make threats to my freedom talking nonsense about owning me - for them their alternative status quo to the laws of the land can be implemented on the life and existence of everybody and some are convinced when it blows up it will like it normally does in the United States here in UK.  I am rather happy to keep the consensual side of global economics and globalisation and they can keep the part where they take what they want and more processes of taking what they want by taking this as well will deepen their economic problems even further, especially for Americans and their stock markets. The part about Politics that they like so much is of course nothing but the bit where you are the small pretender that goes up against heavy weights like the Russian and or US President which you know is unfeasible but suggesting it means you are setting them out as a plaything for people; so that when you do not, as long as the White House is occupied by black idiots that have silly daughters to save away in the White House that is their personal and private property as it were, they handle your books and career to do themselves favours with hence you do it anyway.

It is never true in a social sense either that I do what I do to serve anybody; the reality is that these individuals and their society largely think that wrecking people’s lives and property is sporting and we are getting to a point whereby what happens to items that turn up on the market place is determined by those who consume it and not the daddies doing their version somewhere. It does not mean that this serves the media either, like the previously mentioned, when they take these activities of vandalism onto the media it creates enough distance for it to happen over a period of time undisturbed and then it gets more subversive and more intrusive and then gets more violent in nature and more demanding but in the case of the media it is largely a matter of how they get into my life to mess things up and then find problems I have got and create those for themselves and then get on media to seek decadence that will make them rich by making me solve to problems while they inspect and ensure there is not a slightest bit of it left and then once done over a period of time it will also apply that they do not wish to have or see any of their own problems around on account they think they have me wrapped around their little finger and see me solve those problems in my life, which is why they think I will be jobless and homeless and will never sell my books if I do not besides which when I get troubled by the fathers I am still serving them anyway - so we have continued to live in a world where they explain it away with my books and markets to buy time which does not tend to create anything that looks like fact in anyway and I am no longer as angry as I used to be when I was younger and decided I wanted to ensure my career does not push me down a path where I can avoid a plan to meet them and punch it up, because of course if I were doing it I do not see myself doing it 24/7 for 12 years running whether or not I were doing it either to a person or a thing.

One does understand that his racial decent is the biggest problem his arrangements especially with those who live on a Public life tends to encounter - the reason those who create those matters come forth with is about one of their own spending time with them and something they do to fight for what they see as a right of theirs being they become used to the idea that people deserve to ensure all sorts of nonsense from them but when it comes to this particular mode of thinking by itself, the reality is still that Africans do not particular appreciate celebrities - the very idea that they are not entitled to something because they did not prepare themselves that way which is what patents give to those who create products flies in the face of everything they stand for, since you should be entitled to anything if you speak to the right person to speak to as far as they are concerned; so how One tends to be one of theirs can never be explained but it is worth bearing in mind around the firm products.

Of course, there is no other way of preventing a history of being held down by African idiots ruining your finances with involvement of their stupidities and lots of abuse, which is later deployed by them for financial reasons and therefore encourages them to continue such activities, except the usual complains we hear about their inequality and Economic ruin. At this stage were are at the point where they are the source of every single evil thing people do in my direction due either to access or some common ground on the basis of skin colour I share with them and everybody knows that beyond those tales of things they have done with me in which they abused me and have built history to clear their stupid lives of all that makes them inferior or ugly lies this reality and I am waiting for their next move as well but will continue to try and kill off every history they have created with me.


The idea has now been developed that I have spent most of my time building the sense it is better to be White either in the UK or the US while it is rather difficult to tell whether that was as true as the fact racism is a matter of whether you were being targeted or the postcode you lived in whereas the nepotism, insults and discrimination of the ethnic minorities are a daily affair. The main problem here especially with stories told of the origins of what I am doing is that I built myself a Court of Female Journalists and they are all white because only white people were interested when I was building it and these goons do not get to tell me what to do – bearing in mind of which I am sure they were superior enough to understand that when their stupidities had gotten people dropping out of University, they had done something serious all together. So we see it get serious enough to show up at University and rip up the academic work so it might then run off to play up some busy body opportunism that blows out at Politics, Media and Stock Market insanity, garnished with the need of employers to attack and bully me on grounds they are important people, then show up here to pretend it does not know what a behaviour others might find insulting is, to pretend I keep its money and its stupid popularity and claim that I have made out it is better to be white in the UK. What I have said then will soon have had an effect that means making some white boys or other discrimination busy body ethnic minorities more comfortable, since it does not imply I am referring to them as well but we know their part in my botched academic work was one of showing up here to talk about my body type being good for violence that will protect them, adding to their community croons tackling my God blessed Christian personality and wanting me to exist in an entirely different form because they were not comfortable with it, stirring up racism and crime that they can follow me around with everywhere I go, so it’s another example of how they need to be told of a behaviour others will find insulting and the whites especially are not complaining enough, so everything I say about such things are set to make them comfortable therefore I say it’s another start as it were. I have no idea where these idiots got these theories that they were superior to me from anyway; we all know they have never been on a Throne in their lives, we all know at the time I was selected to do what I am doing, concerning which a small amount of pressure from it is what gets them complaining on a global stage, HM whom they claim has selected somebody inferior to them for it, had been on the British Throne for 50 years. So it does make out it enjoys winding me up, either by moving into my right hand after building years of insults or by making strange gestures and rolling the eyes whenever I say or do a thing on Public matters, which it then claims adds up to its civil rights, looking for more of what it is complaining about, especially now that it has happened for so long and so frequently that it has become a part of them, I want them to commit some crime already, they want an exit for it and since I want to see them suffer and get punished for it, no personality I had cultivated at a Hermitage and no Public image here shall be availed for such nonsense – I do not keep their popularity and their fame money, looking like they want to kill people’s children because they do not have access to such things around here.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland