They boast all the time about wanting to speak of my writing career being finished and done and its utter nonsense as what happens is that they make use of the services without paying; the ones that will stop me from being Royalty are another story of course as it is clear if I got around it and found myself picking up the security problems their well off neighbourhoods middle class hoodlums nonsense, it will be the beginning of the end of dream world as well Ė we know they can never stop lying and have become consumed with the idea of doing it at my expense and we know they believe they are a threat but itís never difficult for me to set out the business of how they will look like sexual assault thing asking for more each time they chase the career that gets to their heads as well, never ask where I got the idea, if it isnít another one of their stupid social inventions. The others leave us thinking we did not foresee that writing a Book and providing a service alongside it will leave us exposed to people who want to deploy the service processes and the idea I want money, as a tool for equality once I was made to seek approval from them until they were satisfied that I was not better than they were and all together it is still a matter of how the Celebrities affiliated with these gits will mind their business every time they make money and stop stalking people to make a mess of peoples career because they have, same case where their biggest problem is still that they cannot stop handling other people. The part where it is said that I have no idea what I am doing with my Books and make it up as I go along is utter nonsense; I created the career during a recession and my writing style has continued to develop around chasing every problem, not coming up with a set solution Ė as we know the issues with a recession has always been that the ones that will make you happy by investing money will be the ones to find out their costs had gone through the roof, while the rest are market separatism twats who think they have discovered what they did not previously know, upon setting eyes on my Royal property Ė I donít think they are a problem either, I donít like them, I just like it when they make money and spend on products being that they are criminals and if I said so will dig myself into a hole, hence rather better I said they had a stupid adage and I didnít want it facilitated at my expense, same as the other gits who tell lies all the time issuing those stupid threats while making a mess of my academic work and finances, the stupid feeder lies that mean each time I chase it I find myself at the backyards of Industry where Paparazzi and hoodlums get out of hand, do my stuff, as stupidly as possible. The point remains nevertheless that the matter is as easy as stopping people making use of my work without paying and then I can work out what services they need once they had started paying but they had to get off on an angle for their part in the matter as always, we therefore see how completely unnecessary. It all then feeds into the idea I am vulnerable to being taken advantage of which is never the case as itís all about idiots who have always thought money to be made by establishing secret societies that helps them out with which sexual context abuses and sexual abuses will sell products the most, rather than working for their markets Ė it has a glass ceiling over my head, does not give me a moments break every day and complains to the Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible every day with that foolish German influence; has been off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff since and itís not done yet while its stupid children are getting out of hand at my expense already, really difficult still to work out what the problem of the Germans is.

I have no idea why they keep making out social Media is free anyway Ė we know it is supported by very expensive computer systems and structures and according to what they say in the agreement, what happens with it is that the way they have set out the package of the system only allows you to make use of it in a way that makes them profit Ė your job is to make use of it free of charge, their job is to make money because you make use of it free of charge. What we have then being a group of gits that pretend nobody knows every fool that pee, pee, pee creeps into peopleís lives to exhibit sexual violence that will put them in charge while they extract money from market that other peopleís built, knows somebody who works in the building; we all know even Company owners that have a reputation for being a trouble maker are usually made to pay eventually for the customers they abuse and so on, we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch Ė so when they complain about social media people needing their own too, it must mean they have found some mainstream Media to play with as well, moved up from dot com millionaire gimmicks obviously. I mean it is toxic for me as we speak because it can never keep the hands off my profit margins and everything I do just feeds into the fact my Books solve their problems and is very appealing but the way they understand those problems to be solved is that the Books solve it so well that I now work for them, as stupidly as possible, especially when it thinks you cannot handle its stupidities because there is no physical contact on social Media Ė so one has to think about what it is like for very young people who are just getting around normal life with school lunch boxes in hand; itís impossible to explain it enough times obviously, that people are customers who will part with money to make idiots rich is not a theory that is based on reality, as what really happens is that people get into a partnership with them and the partnership for the products they sell is such that people buy and they sell and what they buy is supposed to make people better off Ė it will creep into my life to extract money from a market I built, make my whole life toxic to get what it wants and once done, I now have to bear responsibility for the fact that social media people are getting its stupidities too and we have not even started talking about people being careful with what they put on it and more so in consideration of the agreement they signed up to when they opened their accounts.

I am told my position concerning the EU compromises what I have said here, and it is utter nonsense Ė I personally did not want a Brexit, which is not to say that the decision of the majority was the unacceptable one. That being said, none has yet given me a reason my bottom hurts, as equally as I am aware the circumstances of the sexual violence is all built on the business of making a mess of my personal relationships with other people and finding ways to blackmail me for fun and for money each time they had money problems but none has yet given me a reason for it, whereby it stands to reason that if it has also become an obsession for them, they will very likely get off giving me a closure for it instead. My Books are a typical example; whereby the main issue with it is that I helped them and they found it useful but there is this part where they expected a Royal Prince not to write a Book that helps them do their jobs better but write one that helped them do their jobs better while making it possible for them to behave anyway they liked if it jeopardised members of the Public, so reading my Books while they are off on one of those behaviour that wrecked the economy the first time round becomes such a problem that they had decided, bearing in mind they can never stop lying as well, that my Books work for them so well, that I work for them without pay; it brews up a question of whether human beings really can be this stupid and as the reasons to bear financial complications go, this is off the scale, never mind the fact I am not fighting all the time to save the contents and my company assets while they fight back to ensure it was possible for somebody else to provide the service that I am and itís a story of where it all ended or something like that. This is what I would have done with the EU if we did not have a Brexit; itís impossible to tell what their problem is when it is as simple as buying and reading a Book I had written if it serves them so well, that they cannot do without it Ė I mean I got myself into this condition by writing a Book that they could not do without, if I had to answer a question that a reasonable person had put to me on grounds this nonsense has become a real problem. And we know that it all relies on me while they are planning to attack me for the smell that is caused because it does and if they handle me physically, I shall make my own changes that they do not like too for my part as it were. I do get asked why the EU does this and itís not unusual; we all know the EU is full of Countries that are Bastions of Social and Sexual corruption and when it says my behaviour is geared towards gaining me the exclusive due of the good looking for example, we donít need further explanations when we see how much such nonsense encumbers my person and mobility Ė this used to be the 4th richest economy in the world, then we had to justify it to the Japanese and the Germans and not long after we had some business with China, there was a need for us to be punished, hence the single reason that this is not the 4th richest economy anymore is because of the fact that there is a prevalent sense out that that this is a Country that shares National Interest with other Countries i.e. this is what I would have been doing with the EU if there wasnít Brexit, it needs to get a Book and stop being so stupid.

They do claim I am clearing it all out before I set about complaining of extremists, but we all know I am neither of their Social Class nor am I one of the Extremists and that the business of tolerating financial complications they cause me over their stupidities is unacceptable, that my Books serve them so well I work for them is unacceptable. Then there is my personal favourite Ė where if somebody is trained to drive a Tank, if an enemy has a Tank, it will be blown to pieces but when he is paid, he is paid the amount that another person within the income bracket in another part of the civil service that was not half as dangerous would be paid Ė so itís not HMRC taking advantage of me to get rich, its private individuals who donít want to work for their own money, it clearly does not suggest somebody wants me to shred it for them as well. Itís not HMRC taking advantage of me to get rich quick, its pee, pee, pee creep into my life and extract money from my market private twats who donít want to do any work and we can never make sense of what part the Media plays in this matter anyway, all we know is that the situation is well under control, except the Media builds them the perceptions that then operate as self-fulfilling prophesies whenever the customer caves in.

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