Naturally HH fails to see what occult idiots that businesses who want to use his products without paying for them employ in the advertisement industry to look like they are his competition, by which they can find money from somewhere sell another products with it, get richer than and dominate him with the idea he is the occult that won the competition with them bearing in mind they are the ones who have all the authority and power in the world and also in this so called new power, has to do with his business.

He also fails to see what another set of stupid women who make up ideas about being Her Majesty the Queen's tool of power and domination over him in order to usurp his fame and importance and just to use it to get rich and make out it is some kind of future for their children, who abate abuse of privacy for people as an obsession they were raised with especially when they are females have to do with it too.

One also fail to see the idea and point the socialist idiots that fight for these things for them after all the damage, with politics created in the form of the notion the Government in which he is a Chief of staff have a Police force that enforces it's laws but the Police force does not have the right tool and equipment to deal with hooliganism and violent protests, while his office does, which is something One can therefore impress One's friends with as it were, has to do with it.

Nor does HH see what point is there in their idiots and the desire to start a business by first having the desire to get rich and starting of businesses fighting people against whom they can never win a fight in order to feed their desire to be cruel and violent to somebody that is just right for it and the law cannot protect from anything, after which they will become rich socialists as well, since he already has power over it and they have not learnt to lose gracefully over a fight they had no right to create.

If people do not want to play by the rules of big business One does not have a clue why they get involved in the first place: if there are 1000 persons with a good enough idea to create businesses that have branches all over the globe, how then does Mr 890th in the list suppose he can steal the business of Mr 920 for example? Maybe those who cause these troubles have bought shares in other people’s company, which of course is always precisely the messy point. The way they do theirs as we know itis create small businesses with which they steal people's equities and perhaps peoples markets to get rich with then squander it and start all over again to feed their wickedness, applicably HH wants them out of my life and out of simulations they create on media of getting involved with him by which such intrusions are possible, out of his business and not make alliances with media idiots and get on public media talking nonsense at him all the time they feel like too.

Naturally for the purpose and evil competitions they will not keep away from his property after they had worked it all out before he was then made to compete or they attempt to make him, HH  tends to have the best personal and private life around here anyway and if their best Politicians and best power and best social life and best society attitudes does not cease to form the reasons for attacking or laying hands on HH's finances, he will begin to protect this my record with a habit on and with their income as well.

So is The Arch Prince worried about it in a long shot, worried about all things that exist in this form? Of course not. He is a prince that goes around the internet picking up pieces of things to work with people and try to sell books he write from his half Monastery half Chief of staff office with and he encounters incredibly stupid people who take photographs of a city for example and copyright it which says so much, while they and others still complain about the exclusive nature of the treatment and care the world gives to some people, referring to people like him. Does it bother him? No.


Most of them do not realise HH is a Prince, and they are not one because they are more stupid than he is to set out in description. Some people will take Photographs of a city and then copyright it with no regard for the fact another person may stand at that point and take those same Photographs as well, then complain about the treatment and care that some others get in the world which is exclusive for example. The big issue for most of the time being that they get paid from a job and use the job they have already been paid for to get on places, especially public places, to usurp another person’s job, in this case that of a Royal Prince, at such a time of which they are having fun, hence never something serious whatsoever or they just pretend it is theirs in order to have a certain feeling. This behaviour in the process of working in an office and releasing equities from an estate to raise needed funds stops One from getting paid for doing his job while they develop self-improvement scandals from it as provocatively as they possibly can, a job which they know has equipped him with defences against them as well, gambling absolutely everything to see who is interested in their masochism, while their Politicians set up and mess people up for them, then sustain their complains as well and they will run advertisements in no other way or appear on public places for no other reason.

So, they can tell the rest of us to spend more, boost growth and pay off the deficit; which will most likely continue until it gets so bad they have to borrow to feed and then when they get a job later on and begin to pay the debt off, all shall be revealed. Until then the insults and masochism and the games they play among themselves in their little families will continue and HH for his part here is talking only from the consumer point of view. They on the other hand might probably be talking from the producers’ point of view as well. One for his part if he is not trying to make himself the man who preserved the economic success of the UK in the world, in order to bring their insolent selves problems from his inferior race by the way, will say that what he does for a living is write and sell intellectual property and they can continue messing with his income, as doing so will create them no problems at all on account they can tell lies. What is surprisingly provocative is that they fail to see all the time what is the difference between Intellectual Property belonging to a Royal Prince that is a Christian and all the secret society nonsense they get up to; except of course maybe the day when their parents loose the business they allow them play those games with One's property with preferably at the Law Court and it becomes a lot less insolent and abusive-complete with plans to get away with things they have copied while wrecking HH's finances and a lot less fun thereof for them too. The rule is largely that they have some millions and because they want respect from a Royal Prince which will then have nothing to do with making more rich friends at his expense to have the right amount of connections for such insults because they have money, which makes no sense, so they set their businesses up and send out their Children to ruin HH's finances and copy his Intellectual property and begin to express cultural rivalry, which will enable them replicate his property according to the temperaments of the Children or wives and after causing one as much damage as possible getting rich with creating him enemies because they do not want to stop selling things hurting him and using his energies and temperaments for a good day at the market, then have it after killing off his right to sell his books, so they can sell things and trade by abusing him over his faith, which his property and Finances from it prevent them from doing; it never makes sense and they can only stop having such fun when they lose the source of HH's problems.

Naturally, the usual story is wrecking my life and setting me to a difficult task of finding my own money my own way without any employment and there will be retaliation for it too. It is not my opinion contrary to what is popular that some people have the means by which to ensure department stores that had tried to be everything to everybody fail to do well financially; I simply have not paid a lot of attention to it because I think the Politicians have got this one right i.e. what they seem to have planned to do with trouble maker shareholders whose destructively competitive children are set off and given the chance to travel the world in order to compete with and win a competition against other people’s Princes which is a fabulous use of my time while they save their own to get rich with, are able to travel to the UK to meet their UK friends as well as their UK friends able to travel to developing economies to meet their developing economy friends and what will follow this naturally in the long run is a process of making it easier for developing economy trouble makers to travel to the UK as well, I mean I am aware of this because I made it much easier for Policy to operate in this way.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland