So it is said that I had no respect for Political authority when it becomes clear that lobbying Politicians was merely a matter of how much people would earn on their current resources with ongoing Government Policy and the reasons it is pressing enough for them to share the wealth with Politicians that might help make that Policy – the problem with these goons on the other hand is that they had a pathological fear of work but would not settle for a living wage if it was a gift, their abuses last for as long as stupid is good because they had not met somebody that was just as willing to go round and round the circles of insanity at their expense. I do get asked if I think they are irrelevant but it does not matter to me if they were – we see it all the time when Politicians are not busy making excuses to suggest the point at which it was up to me to decide what the law says on how I should be handled was when I was complaining about them and when they showed up at Parliament to discuss what should be the financial consequences of my so called attitude, it’s still me complaining about them; I will rent a home from one of their idiots and end up dealing with insulting abuses all the time and a process where they showed up like representatives of a higher power to check up on me and account for me, sometimes to ensure I am safe and other times to ensure they got what they wanted off me – which they do know is racist naturally as they have not got a buffer for that as well, enjoying their insulting practical jokes to any extent their stupidities wished for the time being and telling me damage to my career is not a big deal. Hence I understand I am targeted in this way because I have wrecked everything Nationalists have built for themselves over years of work which is not really the case as involvement with Nationalist matter would have been a security risk for an Arch Prince to take – what really happens is the way I punish them for damage done to my career due to a Country that exists in their imagination and a decision I must make about how far I was willing to go with the Punishment. So in terms of what I really think of Political authorities, we know there is a minister for every aspect of relevant social and public living and that all these ministers answer to the Prime Minister, so if there is a minister for work and pensions and there is a minister for education, the Prime Minister is the person you want to meet when you go to work and when you take your children to school respectively etc; what really happens being that they wanted to be able to take what they want from others without being nice and need exists for the consequences of their personal decisions, so they decided it was a matter of other people’s attitude towards the political system, same way they think I am harmless but I rather think that it would please them to know that my version of disrespect was more a matter of the idea I may do whatever I liked with their interests as it’s not really a risk that they are likely to take up National service; Scottish Nationalists were more the ones that got away with it and are now some form of major contenders in Parliament. They do suggest that the sentiments held in the business communities have shown the reasons I am hated and to what extent but it is irrelevant to me what they hated; this nonsense about others suffering because they were business people, of which none is putting a gun to their heads to make them and then all hell breaking lose in other people’s lives because they cannot go along with the Law, meaning they were business men and criminals, appears to be something they do very well with their German friends but I have had enough of the insolence here. I do get the message that my fear is an all-consuming thing but I do not know how that matches with claims of having located the reasons I am hated and targeted anyway; what really happens is that they want me to be afraid of the people in Uniform and whilst I may think it’s not a crime for others to despair about the way the Country is run, what we end up with is a relationship they had established between my fear of people in Uniform and what they want, while the other goons at culture tell me I will die if I messed with their culture (reality being more that I am the real thing and they are not; I have equally asked them how having women to dispatch where I had done the best work for my career added up to a stupid culture or indeed how the way culture and society asks the question of how far you go on either terms of doing the right or wrong thing added up to this sort of lifestyle - and of course we see them bay for war all the time while we cannot say we have seen them being overly nice to anybody on this planet).

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