There is talk of course about how much I am unable to understand what people are saying to me at the Monarchy which is actually not the Monarchy at all but the campaign of a collection of goons that have always been keen on developing something that will rip up my finances and keep up the hope that they will become me someday and so it is really stupid and generally continues only because I have not been running my own campaigns about their case as well, especially the bit where they cannot be seen staving off messing up people’s lives by spending time with their own mates. It feeds into the question of what is wrong with Politics, which answer has always been that of the greed of the Politicians who think that being elected by a majority population should translate into using the majority population to get rich and famous but since it is terribly innovative and incredibly stupid what we have had instead of complains of hurting bottoms on a global scale. So that we are left with the goons that are always telling me to sort out any problems associated with what I say which has been classified by them as a complain – which they say is something they do because they hate me so much but I have always understood as something they do because they hate me and hate me because they are the ones I have punished. It wants to share what I have in a condition where it is better off than I am, this means it is still keeping alive the dream of having something that belongs to me before even I had enjoyed it in order to simulate the sensation I have been dis-virgined by them, translating into paedophilia and developed into a condition where I have a talent that can make me rich and must be denied human rights so they can share it too, worked at the bit where the men chose whom you get involved with and have no respect for peoples personal and thinking space, ultimately passing through other mess making for people and ending up at the one where they need Politicians and civil rights movements to pin me down so they can have access to my work instead of ask, which then gives way to threats which are linked to a process of showing up at my livelihood to damage some and spend some on themselves, then blame me for it and tell me I make it so good everybody might want to do what they are doing, which is all supported by a corruption of involvement that means the guys want to compete with you on who is such a manly man he must spend time with women lest his actions are counterproductive and develops into a state of affair where the lack of respect for you and your personal space is giving rise to the need to punish you every single moment for failing to make contributions to their incomes, while they strive to take up residence in areas of the Country where there is unfettered access to fame and fortune through celebrity and popular culture and have never really paid attention to their jobs if they can dream of it and hurt me for their dreams all day long: - there is not a soul on earth that wouldn’t punish it but soon it becomes so stupid it enjoys issuing those threats at me and telling me I am drawing problems from the left and the right because I think I can handle them when I cannot even handle myself, of which I have no idea what makes them so worried about me anyway – the first stage was the punishment for flirting with torture at my expense, the second was the reasons they needed to hurt my bottom because they were doing so without one, now we are talking about what will become of the need to get involved with my concerns, never buy my Books but spend time wrapping their stupid selves around it and moving off with something on their minds a service they have not paid for, which whatever excuses they give will not undo the truth that is usually found at the accounts Books at the end of the trading day, the truth that tells what they are really doing. So the fans of this nonsense usually love to issue their stupid threats of violence on a regular basis as well and all I am doing is shutting down their mobility too, so that when majority population votes for government should translate into wealth, they are not going anywhere as they do have a responsibility to stay back and face the music which is what is happening here; the rest of the blabbers are blabbing what they cannot do as it is obvious they need to pay for the Books they use or stay away from my livelihood, not talk rubbish about me getting taken advantage of by those who hate my guts for all various reasons applicable – this has always been how they do it and has not changed in centuries, no idea why they think it is worth their effort against people who will shut down their celebrity and popular culture and ensure they cannot defend themselves as well anyway; there is no getting away with bits of my Books and writings and journals and equities that end up in people’s heads, whether or not I have been denied human rights so they can share – they need to pay for what they use or stay away and stop complaining about the consequences, which is not unlike their fellow private security Industry friends. I have to punish it because it is incredibly stupid and extremely nasty stuff.

Eventually it’s the story of what I cannot do that always bails them out but we all know that they have not been walking into shops to see themselves being portrayed by somebody else in very stupid ways on glossy magazines, after years of passing insults at me that amounts to the situation that provides them with energy to face the day and that there is nothing stopping me from ripping that up for them as well; all I am saying is that my readers have time to read my Books taken from them and the presence of those who do it around my Public image and my Books needs to cease occurring to avoid the problems they are complaining about. Their response is usually that I will get into trouble of course which I never will with insulting prepubescent scumbags anyway; I just want to grow out of this stuff not create situation where our parents on either side will get together and decide what our future is to be. It’s never really been difficult if I tidy it up properly the process of making sure I am in control of the lives of the society and culture ones that are really good at squandering peoples fortunes, the women who bully me because my personality is so different nobody would have noticed having the violent aspects of civil rights taken from them so they can complicate my life from there and of course the idiots on the left that are always getting important staying here and never having enough money to play up ‘talk to the hand’ routines at me; it is quite impossible to keep saying the same thing to the same people for tens of years without consequences. I also understand I am said to be completely inconsolable at this point, which is not really true; what is true is the usual stuff i.e. it is a corruption that is fundamental and does what it does to see what you are going to do and when you do nothing add a new test and then another and finds ways of making it financially profitable to do so as well, hoping you will let its wickedness get away with everything it wants to, every time putting up those behaviour with see that says they find it quite impossible to keep off my Books and stay out of my Public image of course, when asked why they do it of which the answer is usually that they put their cash in the Bank and withdraw the interests later but have no idea how it works and therefore need to be seen doing something to support the system, thus labelling me the cause of recessions when their friends at Industry are the buffoons that refuse to return to and work on the business empires that get to their heads every time they bother people with it or there is an economic crisis, now having located some exit for the years of neglect and the fact they have no future in the form of an Empire I will lose so they can cut it up and spread it around to build new markets for their own where people are getting employed – which is why they also like to make out they have had it anyway but is not actually true since if they did I would have assessed how much of wealth distribution with their type they are doing again and they would have something new to complain about, hence the fact I am not inconsolable, simply will never lose an Empire to a bunch of busy body fools on media setting themselves up as the means by which people can flush my life down the loo with money and media – the first time these idiots came up with something of sort, it was making a mess for everybody with an outcome whereby since they had the media they had the best mess, it since progressed to outright evil that we see their American counterparts get more proactive about in telling people it is freedom to practice witchcraft if they so choose, about which in a short while we will find chosen victims fight for their lives in the neighbourhoods and has now settled on a two life system of showing up around my concerns while telling lies to work a media job which cracks them but leads to trouble for me because there is no reason they should be cracked up for a kid. In the end the big problem is always that others are not working for the right people in their but we all know that although the system of getting a loan to run a business has always existed, in the past the bit where those who have one would be working for them lasted only a few months, now it lasts at least 5 years for the luckiest persons and they say it was the level of Global debt that was responsible, which debt I apparently caused in their view, since refusing to let people ruin my empire to distribute wealth among their own mates who have not been as successful and not the process of taking and taking and taking and keep taking even when they find they are taking personal and family life, killing the goose that lays the golden egg. About which I also think that they do love to boast about the benefits of involvement with government whereas the only thing that will come of it is a process where government gives them money when they had none and then we will be worse off as a Country – nothing more than that and they do say no aspect of my career is safe too and it becomes undeniable what they are really doing being stuck with their insanity and no future, is what the accounts Books say they are doing – of course my career is safe, I simply have to do what I do to control them and protect property in terms of calculating the half-life at a minimum of 200 years and then the effects will be greater felt when I get abused and attacked to a point where I do it every week; stuck between the problems I resolved to create my Books and the income I should be earning from it, of which nobody knows why they are so stupid and so destructive anyway, we all know my crime is interrupting their conversation as they set themselves up to be the means by which people flush my life down the loo. They do speak of how I defend my career just as people are about to take advantage but that would be support for ageist bullies when I defend myself from because they think they have customised a social hierarchy or getting Politicians to arrange an original provocation for them on which laws are made in order to achieve some privilege of injustice that secures them the energy to face life at other people’s expense by and we are not started on talking about narcissist happiness trading that want somebody important who can be publicly ridiculed and attacked to create sales like the reasons people get killed in genocides which plays out as idiots who know nothing about business getting involved in it and later wanting money from other people by power of government on the right, while idiots who want to be famous but do not have background that can facilitate it do it on the basis of using people’s lives to make fame and fortune on the left – the part where they are incapable of happiness but for some reason are always found near sales, which I intend to handle by create an environment where those stupid individuals that appear in those adverts will have some kind of neighbourhood arrangement with me so if I tell them not to do it with reference to me for any reason either way, it will feel as though we are talking about it over a cup of tea. The case of being forced to trade in anything I do when it is impartial to society is exactly the fantasy that it is; there are very few things I do which do not amount to what I want to do in this world and my parents know this, they know my parents know it but it’s always a good idea to start like that. What happens is that society wants to play with peoples livelihood all the time and makes excuses such as people grabbing all the attention by taking their religion too seriously, later on of which we see them colonise the religion to attack those who do not believe it for instance – so what I do is set them on a path to correction and threaten them with wealth inequality as well, which is not to say I am unlikely to make good my threats since they have not yet explained to anybody their behaviour and I do not see any reason an explanation should be required of me for mine as well; normal human beings do not fundamentally set out to consider peoples livelihoods a Toy like they do, Politicians need to ask them about what they are doing first, then ask me, reason being that even when they are financially better off than I am, I am still the one being targeted over wealth inequality for instance. The story of my position on society being unbecoming for a Royalty is all well but I can always help any who wants to sell my personality to Celebrities but cannot guarantee they will not come to harm or hurt themselves in the process. It wants to hurt people all the time and better still if it can find an excuse that lets it get away with the process or blame somebody it feels should be sacrificed for the good of all, every single turn of events, as stupidly as possible and that means it wants to decide what is done even with the Church as well and relies on that distant violence to ensure it does not get questioned but then again which leaves its victims in a position where it is not amusing again and again until they find that amusing in itself with a big mouth.

There is that talk naturally of people on the left saying that I am stupid, which is quite a concern as a whole since it is obvious that if you were building a mansion and one of your contractors burst a Watermain, you would be absolutely furious, except when an idiot gets on TV to cling to your public image and sales margin every day, he says you shouldn’t call him stupid or else, invents ideas about how you should exist and calls you stupid for not complying – such that once mentioned like so, then we see it start to bring out all that nonsense from inside its mind that ensures it can never have a proper conversation with a person. It feeds into that other story about how I am everything except in name whereas the fact I am an Arch Prince and I write Books to make a living from my Estate was very clear – the rest being the result of their constant abuses and the idea they seem to nurse without fail that they can mess with anybody they wish, even so, saying it of which will indicate I have respect for some things and therefore have things I will not claim for myself, which is obviously going to wind me up. I hear also that my position as an Arch Prince is being threatened as well, which is not actually true; what has happened is that these goons have been chasing my bottom and it’s been violent and I have perverted their own as well and they are cracked up for it – so they wish to teach me lessons with the connections they have at Private security Industry that takes contracts at the residences and business premises of Royalty where they go to climb social ladder – it should be mentioned however that even as they complain, stepping outside of my door continues to feel as though I live in Sodom, while my Bed Chamber does because they have wives.

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