At all times these guys always want to put up a means of making money close to my affairs, they want to play football close to my office, want to do popular music close to my marketplace and we are not talking about seeking to touch my work all the time and then going after the book sales every single day. Some things I do suggest I am not okay with what I have but in actual fact the real problem is that they decide what I do with it which is intolerable, so we end up with one of those conditions where idiots and their wives push me really hard and think they have cleared the air and space around them to do business and I bottle neck the market, I think the time for celebrity and their back stage idiots ones is at hand too, especially the women; those think they attended schools of insolent discrimination and convenient segregation but this is my property and we will see as well. I still remember how much trouble the idea criminals are the best men being thrown at me did create, so imagine my glee with an opportunity to deal with them again and for the money. I will hurt them seriously with that female back stage media school of discrimination and the vie for fame and fortune for their stupid children with my earnings, using a process of sucking me out of my shell everyday - I know more about it than they do and yes they will hate my guts again but this time on the money too (that stupid fame and fortune as it were).

I mean I don't think it a major issue but if the process of seeking wealth and money next to my work and office and the handling of my income and stupid sexual perversions to that effect as well does not come to an end we will end up on another case that is related to money which has to do with claims I make to things that belong to everybody on account I will beat it all out of them again while they cannot touch me in anyway and I therefore seem to have everything. I have never seen the idea that when I discuss what I wish to do about it I lack the strength to thereafter save anybody yet. I do not have everything as they say, I have a personal life in which I do my work and books I put out for sale and I am currently studying at college and I want that process of finding money around me especially the fame and fortune to be cold dead or I will kill it my way, more so if it actually does come from those that are related to me as they continue to claim that it does. I mean things like the comparison between the sex life of a fictional character like 007 and that of a normal man we never hear can be the reason another person has to look over his shoulders everyday over his business, whenever they complain with that stupid media and those things they do which show they can do anything, along with those who buy them to express the fact they can buy anything too. I have always been given the impression that black people are always poor and that it is the reason we depend on the white man so we can wind them up; when it comes to enough money to get to vandalise my Intellectual space and empire in order to secure superior futures for their stupid children whereby they are connected with rich businesses and they turn up in places of power to abuse me where I cannot see them, then they are top dog and it will end badly too before I see any improvements. Of course they have damaged my finances for that purpose, everybody knows they always want to lead those that are greater than them to extricate superiority at financial areas with their stupidities and I never did give permission for that, I do not mind being said to be fake and disingenuous as equally as I love my shell and do not like to be sucked out of it and more so on a daily basis with their big mouth.

I mean the number of times it emerges that in the sense of the right to be and let other be too, I am doing my own stuff and getting around with my own friends and how many times will they go out of their way to ensure their plans for stupid money affects my finances and business directly and physically - when they say I screwed up the culture and now I am off to the money side as well. That stupid Moms side of your relatives rubbish where people act in ways that suggests the prime purpose of all they do is to get you to hurt them severely, then set out to cover their stupid insolent tracks as well and I do not think it is a serious matter either itís the way the Labour socialist party in the UK likes it Politics. First, they claimed the obsession with stalking me to wreck my livelihood is about making sure that my Mum is the boss, now itís about telling me itís meant to ensure they pull me back when I progress too far for their liking with those stupid insolent party and club life in the US rubbish and I had enough of it as well. Hence the wrecking the culture and going after the money side of things as well matter.

It is not true when I speak of breaking that thing socialists do with capitalism I am on my way, itís already done, we speak of it because people like to think they can play around with my books and earnings enacting this sense supposing I was finished and left only with my reputation that is what history says is an example of what they can get away with. The reality was to set out facts around confiscating their cultural and social madness and deploying them to locate what issues surrounding Intellectual property there were and author the books on the facts thereafter but because of their insults I want to write and sell the journals instead of distilling any facts. We are here because I have had enough of Mr Obama consistently setting out those regular points where he talks nonsense about the rights of black people and tells his idiots they can confiscate my career if they wanted, usually with that allies are overrated foreign Policy that he has got meaning he needs to set out a case of something I have done which he can pick up from and it is an abuse and violence from his pop villains I have no plans to put up with any further, so I am going to go down the route where he will have to hate my guts like he wants to as well. Itís not a matter of strained relations with the US anyway either; itís a matter of Mr Obama's sense he is so powerful I am supposed to live like a civil rights activist who knows things he should have known whereby his idiots can regularly confiscate my career or aspects of it whenever he gives a go ahead and it will never stop, especially for the violence and sex based abuse that they deploy to make me ugly and offer themselves self-improvements until he is in a place where he fundamentally and intensely hates my guts as well; they do make that noise it is the richest economy on the planet of course and I would say they can talk until I break it but there are friends in the Country as well so I know what I will do to the black scum to improve the situation yet - they need to keep talking: I mean these idiots determine what I do with media as we can see, they say itís a matter of reputation and what my office means to the public and how they control it to their own ends, a matter of how they would feel comfortable if I were a Politicians and so they need to create a sense that is how my office operates to do me the favour where they do not go insane and do something they would not have otherwise done and we see those insults all the time happen as if I refuse to respond to it not because I am able to fill their stupidities with violence so I can rule them but because I am just tolerant.

Eventually they come forth and say my life has been ruined which is utter rubbish; we all know when they are encouraged to do the stupid things we see them do, media and Politicians etc, for some strange reason it works well for the victimís products all together but the case is that because I know that I tend to do other things that ensure it is never boring for me while they must struggle with mental illness. It has always been a simple case of coming to a decision when somebody blockades all your route to work so you must call your employer and inform them while at the same time being told calling him stupid will get you into trouble with that big mouth they have got as well. It is nothing serious at all Ė just a three part problem where the media ones and celebrity ones hate the idea of Royalty that passes down positions of power and importance to their children because they are desperate to be counted, the culture and society ones on the left who are always finishing off peoples finances and resources right down to the health and well-being by means of incredible insults and of course the Women thinking I am so different nobody will ever notice when I am being bullied by them Ė we all know they would do nothing if I asked them to shut their mouths as they are not relevant, we all know they would do nothing if I drove their incomes and resources to the ground and they have not done anything since last I cut up the part of civil rights that supplies their stupid insolent Jezebel characters with violent power. So, I am sure they are not setting me an ultimatum to consolidate a relationship with a Princess within a certain time as such currently, because if they were, I would relish such a challenge very much. Itís a matter of putting up with this nonsense for a decade while they find various mess they can make of their lives which is then alleviated with my public image which will mess it up to issue stupid insulting threats at me from media all the time as well, so have I warned them about the whole thing degenerating to a process where I cause them pain and suffering for each time they make those stupid comments that are about my Public life and mess around my Books in the process; this is an example i.e. getting from the bit where access to my Court leads to those complains the waylook at people makes them wither while they are trying to report news for a living and encourages all that anus and penis violence they have become fond of on account they are narcissist enough to set them up and find a new one with lies like these all of the time Ė telling me where I am supposed to be, which is usually on the left with that big mouth that tells how their own is as well, it will develop to a point where the question every time they do will be that of why they have those stupid media jobs and then it will get a bit better with scum on media telling me when to keep my Royal Estate or not. We see them at it all the time; rent a home from somebody and he will want to set up a clique of landlords which means you are always in paid on account they have seen you naked before considering they have filthy ambitions they have no idea how to fulfil Ė I have allowed it take over a lot of things because I want to see their dumb students who do well in school get stuck between the Books they wrote and the problems they resolved to write them too as it were Ė Carnivals and Music Festivals. I do not speak about the matter in the way I do because I am securing some affinity with them either; I do because they are not going anywhere from here unless I said so; they do say I have lost a Royal Estate without knowing it which is utter rubbish, they have invented all these stories where a certain section is the Monarchy and a certain section is the Army and a certain section is the Parliament and they have decided daily insults amount to a process of being able to tell me a Royal Estate will be confiscated should I not let them peddle my Public image to get rich and their stupidities have grown from there ever since Ė I personally have no idea why people pay attention to it anyway since it was anything to do with commoners to begin with, apparently, losing a Royal Commission would have been the bit concerning the section that is Media Monarchy all together taking it away Ė the same that passes around those insults that will make me untidy so when people at the Monarchy have a business I will be a weak link that is the source of problems. They do speak of people doing up my tummy while I boast but itís an old case surrounding everything I do and say at the end of which it is nothing more than idiots surrounding me to make up of my personality I do not get to enjoy anymore because they are society and have needs that will be met to reward their insults, after which selling my personality to celebrities and Political idiots follows and soon after I have to deal with the bit that pleases their community croons the most and helps them cause those bad smells to happen uncontrollably but then again we do get to see what it is exactly they can do when they make those smells as it were, along with those stupid community croons fighting battles for cowardly men and their marriages are battles as well meant to keep in check Men that would have killed me all day long with that big mouth we cannot be free from Ė the Muslim ones got punished, the blacks had expectations that were not met, the whites are just inventive and the list of ideas the idiots have over the use of my personality goes on like that endlessly. They do say I work hard to ensure people do not consider me a threat so I might attack when least expected yap yapping naturally but we all know it explains away most of its stupidities by what I do to write and sell my Books that are not doing its insanity in Public places any favours all together and that it is blabbing because it has found some new confidence that it cannot actually account for.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland