The BBC is said by socialist idiots to be accountable largely because they love that sort of thing. It is the seat of institutional prejudice and not accountable to anybody as far as I know and did tell them to find a way to oppose parliament and so become more accountable to the people who pay their licence fees.


Its is the place where people think it is fun to bend other peoples career into the kind of information based career that they have, so that it might be possible for them to compete and win such a competition in a place where such persons stand no chance-not that I am not suggesting other privately owned institutions are any different but those are profit motivated, so they have a direction which cannot be necessarily oppressive, unlike the BBC and its talented career pirates, who have also extended their services to other media institutions as well.


for the damages it has caused me especially when they make up ideas doing so has something to do with competition against other media establishments, it is the one I really want to screw up before I end my current campaign, to consolidate my work and earn from it globally.


Currently ravaging my books to create suspense for news that will go on and on and on is their forte, it will neither stop nor have they in their lives done anything about the left over institutional racism that they create into peoples lives and for people, which cannot be explained or stopped; over their grades in school or their market place. All we get when they are finished is lots of noise making and lots of threats, making women vulnerable and becoming the female figures for fascists, to take advantage of children who have been raised with morals, claiming they are weak.


They claim I play silly games with their wives; I rather know my life was about their madness and what I do with those I really get involved with for my part and the things they do for their part to ensure that when people get along with each other, they make a problem out of it because they could not build up pervaded secrete organisations for power and glory with their personal life and then become members of it.


The idea I go after Women that are out of my league all the time is absolute nonsense; very scandalous stuff. The way I love to deal with it is hurting them for all that setting people up whom they can have sex with, while fantasising about me, which they use media to create a link for, so I might feel it whenever they are doing it; obviously they can see it is not a difficult task for me to achieve. If people are not certain they will follow me to Church, why would they want a relationship with me? If people are not certain they will like me when I attend Church all the time, why would they want a relationship with me? Ultimately, what makes people really think I will want a wife outside Church?


For now they are really messing up my life because they have partners and its always two against one because I am single and this will carry on until it goes horribly wrong as it were. After my personal life became their plaything and my global intellectual space became a public matter, they have been the media tycoons that are the ones who should be having such things as I do and it will never be settled amicably; when each time I tell them I dont like them going somewhere to sit down sipping champagne and putting me down, it does not seem to stop. For now they think I should be doing something about the news, so that they can accuse me of attacking freedom of the media. They love to excuse themselves with this idea that people are always making their homes for them when they appear on TV, I have my own excuse as well of the things they do to make me famous without personal security or money so that the best things about my life can be responsible for my death, which is why they locate an Arch Prince that they feel they can bully to settle such things every single day; like angry media and the Liberal enemy: the bloody cowards and whose problems will be settled as it were.


I for my part will never give back that stupid left and intend to build that Church which they will get into and pervade, which people like me are good for when all our money has been taken away and we are made to live on the generosity of those we convert, which I will on a global scale because I cannot earn any money from the things Her Majesty the Queen gave me because people are doing things to me by which they will be able to sit somewhere sipping expensive


drinks, eating expensive food, while putting me down and it will not end amicably by them: what did they expect?


They tend to hate the fact that my female friends know what the difficulties of my work is and the fact they are always trying to help me, by which they breed ideas about the mysteries around my sex life when there is none; as it is all things people do to show me who I really am underneath, of which if I dont accept it and reconcile myself with it, will mean people like them can mess around with my head and create me a mental health record as well because they are planning their retirement; always some evil to lay their hands on and gorge themselves with, always an outlook of hurting people and trying hands on the next victim and it is never enough destruction, always some wicked thing to do and to be doing; while idiots get off seeking top jobs and then trying to have sex like me on it.


Which is how they get off exasperating me all the time and outraging me all the time, to build up and have sex with others while fantasising about me, then create links to it with media by which I get to feel it whenever it happens or generally do it to have sex like me all together; the reason for it being they want to be rich while a boy deals with the issues or they want to be event organisers without fighting for those that are listed to take part in the events and when they are finished exasperating and outraging me with my studies and income, do nothing to help anybody with institutional racism that has taken hold on such fun filled behaviour with peoples livelihoods, which has also become a subculture and then get on public media to talk nonsense at me all the time, about my insolence and interruption of their talk-when they are still sitting on public media having facts about me wrong deliberately, in order to try to use their society powers to determine my temperaments.


The local ones always do it to encumber me with their stupidities which are good for ruling those that are greater than them. They think the great and the good have taken everything and they are excused to take whatever is left, when that never did happen; so I become an outcast that really isnt one but puts up with it because people are keeping it up. The ones in the music industry are just the terribly insulting fools giving me out of control PR, by using my work to get rich when I give my securities to my friends to earn money, when they are trapped in culture, which is how they come round; totally untalented, to take over and build me PR I cannot control because it is too much, which is why I want it limited, hence it seems will not happen amicably. City biblically immoral idiots living off my income corrupting the world and more so sexually especially, while they get help from their Politicians to ensure I cannot even pay my own bills, claiming it is a good thing that solves this problem or that, as long as it is not happening on their income.


Which is where the idea from Washington that I do not get what they are trying to say to me there because I listen to media too often comes from; in actual fact, they started it; when they dispatched these men and their girls to address me and insult me until they moulded my reputation and personality into something that pleased them and my life is changed and all I own


taken away by such insults, while I am bent into doing civil rights and now after all these years of approving them daily, do not wish to live with them anymore. I for my part never mind, just get on with my job while they mind.


They never get it, they dont seem to get it: I dont want to have the babies of those big stick idiots of theirs and they must be the most insolent fools on the planet but it is not getting through; I understand they humiliate me all the time, which they feel tops up their greatness and importance at Washington as well, as though that eventually changes my name. All of them are on some kind of a mission to set me up for institutional racism on my job and studies, for not allowing them work their corruptions of involvement with my world, which does nothing but destroy my finances while they collect my achievements for their children, all the way down to their mistresses and everybody knows that they never help anybody that is in such conditions, while they make up stories about whose equal they really are etc.


I for my part would if I were a nobody gotten an ordinary job and got on but I have this admin authority with which I can do the same to them, which they make out I will not use out of respect for them; which is terribly stupid.


The rest are just fools who want top jobs but have located the boy that will deal with the issues, even if no one would hold it against them if they didnt d it:- like their stupid kids who seek great servants v the liberal enemy who is very good at his job walking around their city as though he is their boss because he has a good aesthetics, all getting together to have democratic freedom and are all of them always getting attention destroying my studies and my job and now it has become a norm and institutional racism is setting in as well.


It is the BBC and now through the BBC Private Media that sits at the Centre of this; for I think deep, write deep and roll deep, therefore media bosses are supposed to have a global intellectual space because they are the ones who do jobs that are similar to such glories (the things they should do with other peoples personal lives and jobs as it were) when they go on air; hence always some suspense after another created with my books, which are then used to ensure I never sell them, to report stories over and over and over and over, which is what people who think deep should be doing to serve shallow idiots who work on the media and serve America. Now they are talking over the Book writing industry as well, telling me what career they want to have with my beauties (as they put it) when they retire from reporting the News.


So now all said; the rule for which they complain about how I hurt them all the time was to do a job, return at the end of the day, spend time with my court and let go, return to work the next day, which was the way it was until they got involved and had things those they were physically stronger than needed to do for everybody, now they are deluding themselves as well; like black people who claim they do these things to force me to care them:- care about club life and fake church, which is the fault of the white man.


I was born black, spent first 20 years of my time in Africa and since then have been ostracised from black society and anything I do to have friends and family means I am building a rival one; first what they got from this was the need to compare my life with my Royal Estate and convince the Queen there were more worthy black men for it, whether she likes it or not with a big mouth, in order to ruin my life and follow me around and embarrass me everywhere I go, to make excuses whenever the life they have ruined gets any better, as though they can give to those who would feed off them in such ways and make a duty of insulting them to desperation as well, to change what I own which has already been owned and when they claim I am building a rival society and must die, then with the glories socialist idiots can gain from it, will have access to all corners of Parliament that they would normally never dream of. They expect to get away with it because in their view, they are dealing with an idiot, who falls for nonsense their stupid girls says all the time; when they feel like making out they are friends with the Monarchy, especially to show when they have secretly disarmed me and are busy telling me to attack my enemies that their evils have got power which I had taken away from it, which then makes them powerful but frustrated because no body ever sees it because of me; except media idiots and their Political goons and get rich freaks that is, for they are the ones who make my office a plaything when I remove fascist from it because it would be a lot of pervaded power for them, to see there is nothing I do can to stop somebody from saying something,-hence my job becomes the scandal of town as I go around ruling people rather than do it.


So the bottom line: the men say “bring it here, its what I have been planning to have all my life” and the women say “hold him down, I am going to have his baby” and their other corrupt goons on the left say “leave it behind as you walk by, that is what I planned for my son or daughter” and the Politicians give them access and then mock me to claim I need to be made to do something about the evils that have followed me from Africa down here, so it does not affect everybody and their friends in Washington do not seem to get that I dont want to have the babies of their idiots.


So they can mess my studies up again with these distractions, then we will find out what I will do about it the second time around.


As for the organized crime and celebrity culture; those always feel that the government always recovers some cost that went into catching them, hence they are the criminals that are financially viable, hence will stock up and fight to the death to save their criminal gains will not leave my books alone still as it were.


I am sure they now understand me but if they don’t, a few more things will need to happen; I am the Author and still own over 90% of this planets economic intellect and they have no idea what they will loose when their older men insolent corruption of involvement continues to ruin my life and my Empire.


My Job involves a process where I must know everything but my competence is a function of doing it only when it is required:- doing it only when things have happened which require it to be done, whether or not I know when things I going to happen and can do it before they do; so the best parameter by which I can test whether or not I am, is knowing where Her Majesty the Queen is. The reason it is the best test is that there is always a track between where Her Majesty is and what people are doing, so I am likely to be correct all the time if I use that as the means by which I get it done. The exception is that where Her Majesty is and what people are doing does not always happen and in such case I must intervene with my own powers, which I always need a second opinion for; hence I pick a Court from the Media; this is why there are men all over the place who have woken up to the things media can do to change public opinion and the things they can do with media to change society in the country, latched unto incredible insolent and so on and it is neither funny or pleasant, although they think the world has seen nothing better than them.


At the moment it is quite so simple to say „lock down the link to Africa and all connection with fascist societies otherwise businesses and the economy is going down which is the task I was given but have not been allowed by Politicians and media to earn from it in a decade but take a look at the details and not to mention socialist idiots getting up to all sorts and telling people they are creating economic progress as well and I now have a problem in the form of the fact every American idiot wants to asses me over it and give me low marks, make out I am stupid because they dont know their level over there, abuse me because he has been trying to use my business to get rich recently to no avail and which is not something I should respond to normally but after 10 years of a war in Iraq that was intellectual bankrupting for me and for the UK and now my books come under fire by them while they pretend they own the world, is it any wonder I am reacting to it especially the stupidities of Labour trouble makers here in the UK, whom we all know their power comes from when others are overwhelmed with work and they can do work based oppression, while their media insolent abusers have the power of conflict zones, where they can attack peoples health and enable their insolent women and children to do what they like with peoples income.


The result of these behaviours, insults and familiarities on public media is that I am cash strapped in doing this job as well, which seems to be to them another security flaw in their favour to my finances; so there is the question of where the media idiots come into the picture anyway, except that I am down and ripe for a kicking-somebody to take their lazy problem out on, which in actual fact was all a lie by their politicians? Now they will not give up as well with a big mouth and think they are the ones that will make money from the completion of this task which will be possible when they are given control of my finances as a matter of right by Politicians which will clearly not end very well as it were.


I do not have a problem with controlling women; all I know about that is that they move right to find male friends and gain access to my life in order to make me know they are in control of it and I move left to gain access to theirs and to let them know I am in control of it, so it is not essentially a sign they are being a threat as such. Except that stupid celebrity culture which I intend to rip to pieces as well like they do my income and job just so it can become just a tiny little bit serious as it were.


It is however essential here to secure the acquisition of the source of the most violent and destructive Celebrity culture source that we have around, so that we make sense of the justification they altogether make of it, which is that they are where the money is and where the businesses want to be and the ultimately the politicians.





United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.