It is never true that I have an inability to say I love my mother; the reality is that old story of tussles between my parents for control of the family which she initiates all the time even when academic achievement and earning power falls in the favour of my Dad and so she jeopardises the family by getting incredibly foolish men that are seeking people whom they want to make their stupid children superior to access to me and everything that exists as the prospect of my life which obviously shows on how becoming a royal prince exposes you to more abuse such that it affects your finances in order that they might make something up and be superior. Besides which she would listen to me if I were financially successful and so sets out to cover her tracks by completely destroying any chances of that, hence financial success is something I do for myself and not her as such – it is an example of what happens when foolish female bullies have grown up into old women. The part about the men and how I am always in trouble and cannot get out is utter nonsense too; the truth is that I have my own life and my own problems that are legitimate to me and the fools that want to express their idiocy around my work are not it i.e. I am supposed to look after my Royal Estate and think about a problem of men conspiring against everything I do bearing in mind my actual livelihood is equity brokerage and trading and I need to be a fundamentally happy person for the companies and business and the Communities they have created and the children that live in it but contrary to writing books and putting them out on the market to achieve sales and to engage with customers and people, what happens is that these idiots have not let a day go by without choosing the books as the point at which to rally media and make out my Royal Estate is their own over some plan to be rich and some intensely powerful greed inside of them that they experience and throw at me all the time like we were equals and none of it is surprising, since we can see that whenever idiots want some of the pie that Bankers are having the way they want to get it is things like Scottish Nationalism and Welsh Nationalism and so on, so they want some of mine and want more of these whenever they claim my royal estate is theirs and they will be rich when I have made it clear as well that I am not a sales man; entire financial structures and systems built on my royal property that I have to account to the government for since it is part owned by it and not to mention stifling my finances in the course of doing so and they want to build entire industries that way too and regularly turn out to talk so much nonsense on my television whenever I have something to say about it which I guess means they are drawing lines on what they own which is something that is way too late to do at this stage as they have already set a precedent here as it were and we will definitely follow it too. So I still expect to write books and sell them for my own financial well being which has nothing to do with looking after a royal estate and thinking about the problems which is what my own problem are – I mention the part they play especially for the information of the stupid American Yank versions of them that cannot keep their filthy mouths to themselves -  I do have problems that I identified with me and legitimate to my activities and they are not it and need to cease flattering themselves - bearing in mind also everybody knows they are fundamental, social and civil con artists. The warning is that I am still the biggest problem republicanism has got around the world and will soon enough had tied it off and hidden it for another 100 years at least; the story we hear all the time is that people like me sit around pretending to be humble but looking for our tyranny endlessly but the reality is that working with Children does not operate alongside being entangled with the problems of men; the Children play with you and you are down and out already, they talk with you and you cannot because you are done already and it goes on like that endlessly while they use media to access anything they want provoking you all the time they do so and leaving you their problems which is overwhelming and then there are the Politicians that will arrange hours of speeches to give which has to do with people finding ways of making money by forcing you to share everything you own in a condition where you have no control of it and then when you tell them to turn out and play that game and give the people whatever they want to whatever end, they become tired of too as it were but until then it seems they must always give the people want they want and get on public places to get confused about it when the owner of the property they have vandalised is outraged to a point of ridicule.

Now the idea that when I say something about their Political leaders I put myself into more of a disadvantage because it is normally instigated to create a process where I keep my hands off peoples white heritage which black political leaders that are famous around the world help with a lot as it were. The truth however is that no such thing gets to happen when I mention that they lie a lot and that they have a flawed sense of right and wrong and that a typical example of it is about the Bible which is all written out and anybody can get a copy and if a Priest reads it he will word for word but when people apply its principles they do their own version. In the end it is when they apply these attitudes to human beings that you bring up the question especially when they have before looked at you with lustful violence, the question of the fact that other people have the right to make their own choices and then they will claim there is no such thing when they actually do control all the choices and then you will have to remind them that while they were, a Mother as we all know these things starts off with women, did give birth to something such as me and you are most certainly going to hate intensely if not worse and then for that it will become a global issue with their big mouth. Another of a disadvantage it puts me in has more to do with how somebody spends time in a dark corner in his room thinking of an idea and how if they can go in there and grab it and get rich with it nobody would hold it against them no matter how much the owner got angry but they had decided they will live out their reverse civility insults and the social and political violence with it in the process of turning up to take my ideas to get rich with everyday and then share with others as well to a point where facts have been established and people have asked questions and people now know those ideas are mine and not their own and they have begun bullying and abuse and culture to brainwash the general public and I have decided I need ownership of that stupid left hand side too, so that anything anybody does with my property will always remain a matter of opinion for eternity; so it has come down to the media hit and run thing since nobody can actually touch me and they can burn in hell with it too; Thus how much of a disadvantage there is in my mentioning such facts. They continue to make those provocative statements that I am one of them and if I am not, need to be, as per there are reasons to excuse a Celebrity taking up herself in Pants and bras and making huge pictures of herself to sell and advertise things which then has something to do with my person or royal property or books, we all know it is bullying and they use my work for it because they do not recognise my fame - like when people ask why I continue to relate with them in that no matter how rich they are all they are to me is people who do violence while I hold down the bad guys for them. The answer to this of course is that they are such a collection of bullies that are also convinced that their egos are a worthy use of other peoples time but it is the part where the low life television ones continue to make out I am one of them and if not I need to be or become, that will lead to serious issues especially when they do it on behalf of the exceedingly rich ones too, since their own is clearly never enough as it were and there is much noise making about extracting respect for lesser people when they are done - it has progressed from financial vandalism and outright bullying and has developed into social menace (for example meet a girl on the streets and she has had a pint or two and thinks you look like a responsible person who should stop her from having a pint or two and other guys will introduce themselves as the kinds of people who stop girls from having a pint or two and she will say she wants you etc; this kind of thing last an hour or two and you go by, unless it involves a celebrity or presenter who takes class A drugs as well and a big poster picture in the City centre for you, at any point in time whatsoever that they might please and of course the reason being they have a television advantage, which is also why I secure a cut of mine since you have not got an ability to deny them anything that they want and they never listen no matter how much you do not want the wicked publicity and even so might everyday too ) 

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